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Blyssful Lies The Blyss Trilogy #2 O interfere Travis has everything to lose should he decide to step in including his life
 It's opposition at its finest – freedom versus control as Nick and Julianna face the ultimate battle of willsWhile Travis has the uncanny ability to manipulate her with a single touch Nick struggles to conuer her body mind and soulIt's every man for themselves as each have their own secret agenda including Julianna whose plan is si This book is erotic romance suspense very intense excitingOh boy what another amazing book you've written JC This book picks up where book one finished and certainly does contain the most epic cliff hanger so be warned don't say I didn't tell Warning cliffhangers good new you can find the other books are already releasedBooks in The Blyss Trilogy should be read in orderBook 1 Blyss Published September 14th 2014 Book 2 Blyssful Lies Published December 16th 2014 Book 3 Blyssfully Undone Published April 24th 2015 pleas gimme I'm on an adrenaline adventure with thisHighly recommended to those looking for something different and fresh from the usual story lines

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MOBI Ï DOC Blyssful Lies FREE Ä J.C. CLIFF ↠ ➚ [KINDLE] ❄ Blyssful Lies (The Blyss Trilogy, #2) By J.C. Cliff ➤ – Learning how to survive in her new world Julianna has no choice but to play “The game of Life” Except it's Nick's game and his rules apply Captivity drugs and sMple surviveThe Blyss Trilogy An Adult Dark Romantic SuspenseThis contemporary erotic captive romance book is full of suspense action and adventure This is a dark erotic thriller that will have you hanging on to the edges of your e reader as you wonder which alpha male you want to fall in love with Will you be team Travis or team Nick?Warning Mature Audiences Only This book is intended for adults of mature audiences only 18 Make sure you read book one Blyss before you read this book as the story continues in book twoI was captivated by book one which had me reading it in one day Thankfully it was the holidays and the next day was spent reading book two I seriously could not read this book fast enough Gripped is an understatement for how I was feeling Edge of the seat and heart thumping kinda read As much as I loved these two books I personally would have preferred to wait and read all three as I feel these cliffhangers are killing me I'm putting that down to the emotions and feelings I got while reading them Having said that my impatience will not be taking any stars away and I gladly give this book a big fat five stars Looking forward to getting my hands on book three

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Learning how to survive in her new world Julianna has no choice but to play “The game of Life” Except it's Nick's game and his rules apply Captivity drugs and submission are the cards that are dealt and it's a losing game Biding her time as she waits for her rescuers it's far from smooth sailing because all too uickly the rules abruptly change as Nick takes matters into his own handsAs the drama unfolds and hesitating t ★★★★ Blyssful Lies book 2 of 3 Heiress’s goes from captivity to captivity Who is behind it all what do they want? “She’s not safe with me and she is not safe without me; she’s damned either way” Books in The Blyss Trilogy should be read in orderBook 1 BlyssBook 2 Blyssful LiesBook 3 Blyssfully Undone In Blyss book 1 heiress and Junior College student Julianna Oakley Jules was kidnapped Master manipulator and head of the Blyss operation Nick Palcini had taken her to be kept as his “forever” Travis Jackson aka Stonewall Jackson was Nick’s right hand man and tasked with training Julianna in the art of BDSM and becoming a compliant submissive and mate to Nick The story went onto follow Julianna as she adjusted to a life in captivity They used Blyss a revolutionary drug cocktail that turns woman into submissive nymphomaniacs With Travis and Julianna spending time together a bond was formed She was torn between lust and hate while their connection cast suspicion Soon they found themselves in a dangerous situation Blyssful Lies book 2 picks up right at book 2’s tumultuous ending Julianna has to spend time with a volatile Nick and learning the hard way of his depravity and instability Before she knows it she finds herself in danger and must put her trust in Travis But is Travis any better? It’s a carefully organized game driven by much bigger and darker forces Their whole existence is built on lies drugs and her captivity yet Travis and Julianna are falling hard for each other Who’s behind it all and what do they want? And what will happen to Travis and Julianna when the truth is revealed? Eight words to describe Julianna Oakley Jules Stubborn naïve independent reflective feisty conflicted impressionable and immature Eight words to describe Travis Jackson aka Stonewall Jackson Private conflicted misguided loyal enigmatic blunt commanding and caring Eight words to describe Nick Palcini Determined unstable volatile manipulative irrational fixated depraved and relentlessBlyssfyl Lies is Julianna’s continued journey and the unfolding of a mystery It packs a punch; betrayal suspense deceit mystery villains triangle sexual tension smut and much That said story was a times a bit too long winded and detailed As for ending after some startling developments we saw the hints of unraveling leading us to book 3 Untitled where everything should be explainedComplex and original plot Two sexy and ruthless heroes Sexual tension danger and intrigue to keep us on our toes Travis’ rating 4 stars Nick’s rating 4 stars Juliana’s rating 3 starsSexual tension rating 45 starsSex scenes rating 45 starsSex scenes freuency 4 starsPlot rating 375 starsDialogue rating 4 starsStorytelling rating 4 starsStory ending rating NABook editing rating 5 no edits spotted NAOverall rating 4 starsWould I recommend this series YesWould I re read this series Maybe laterWould I read future books by this author Yes ARC provided to me by author JC Cliff in exchange for an honest review