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Free download From Fake to Forever é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ü ➺ [Reading] ➼ From Fake to Forever By Kat Cantrell ➯ – Bride Meredith soon to be co owner wedding dress businessMarital Status Victim Vegas wedding mix upAction Reuired Divorce ASAPAfter one night of teuIble businessman Jason Lynhurst She needs out of their marriage but to become his company's new CEO he needs her as a bride Let the newlywed games begin. I haven't read the first book in the Newlywed Games series but I was uickly caught up in the story Meredith and Jason had a pretend wedding two years ago They both felt a connection when their eyes met in Vegas They could talk to each other like they had met years before They decided to marry to act the part of grown ups Then they went the separate ways each believing the other had destroyed the marriage license Somehow and we never find out how the license is filed and they've actually been married this whole time It only comes to light when Meredith needs to have a clean slate before going to her father to ask for a loanProbably good that Jason found out before he married his current fianceI wanted to like this a lot than I did Meredith is a bit of an airhead but she's apparently really really bright with regard to running a business Jason is cold no he's hot nopecold Whiplash abounded for both Meredith and me For her part she still thinks he's hot and everyone she's been with in the last two years just hasn't measured up Yes they have both had some significant and not so significant others since they left Vegas Since they didn't know they were married I guess technically it's not cheating Still didn't sit well with meThere were a lot of leaps of faith on this reader's part Jason needs Meredith to spy for him in the other half of the company that his family used to all own together before his folks got divorced She gets a job immediately in that half of the company She meets his sister immediately Nothing seemed to be hard for her either And she's brilliant at everything she does Jason kept backtracking on what he wanted from her It also seemed that only Meredith was using her headSomething I enjoyed was the fashion designer aspects of the story Haven't read anything like that before and it was fun to get a peek into the lifeThis was an easy read and while I liked Mindlink a lot better I will still be looking for from this author Thank you Netgalley and Harleuin Desire for the opportunity to read this book

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Bride Meredith soon to be co owner wedding dress businessMarital Status Victim Vegas wedding mix upAction Reuired Divorce ASAPAfter one night of teuila. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right Well Cantrell easily proves that’s not always the case with this one Comedy romance ensue in this wildly creative second chance romance Cantrell’s well presented easygoing writing style brings this story to life in a big wayThe characters What can I say I loved them even if I couldn’t even fathom what possessed them to do what they did I loved getting to know them and seeing how they made everything work for them The magical fairy tale uality of their lives makes this feel like a storybook romance but with a huge twist On top of all that they were individuals that I truly liked getting to know It was the perfect combination to go with the plot Overall this was a comical cute story even if it made me uestion the sanity of the characters at times I did uite enjoy reading itPlease note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review

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From Fake to ForeverAnd sex From Fake PDFEPUB or their impromptu Vegas wedding shouldn't be valid But Meredith Chandler Harris just discovered she's still tied to irresist. I picked this up kind of as a joke Yesterday was a particularly exhausting day at work and I just kept saying I wanted a smutty romance novel red powerade and a bag of chips to take to bed I grabbed this out of the sale section in walmart thinking it would be a uick hilarious read I have to say It wasn't bad lol It only took me 40 mins to read and I actually really got into the story not just for the steamy sex scenes which didn't happen as often as I thought they would I wouldn't say it's my favorite book ever but for what it is it's I really enjoyed it