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If I Should Die Before I Wake Free read ´ 108 ☆ [Reading] ➶ If I Should Die Before I Wake ➽ Melissa Somoza – Insolpro.co.uk Ever wonder if those nightmares are real if the scary stories are true or if the mythsaren't really myths Escape into the world of the unknown where expectations meet limitations and dreams arEver wonder if those nightmares are Should Die MOBI #237 real if the scary stories are true or if the mythsaren't really myths Escape into the world. If I Should Die Before I Wake by Jana Boskey All her life Evie's mother made sure that Evie and Callie never went outside after dark Evie didn't believe the fairytale about the dark elf until he showed up for his posession Then Evie had to do anything to protect her little sister Suspenseful story that kept the reader on the seat of their chair and an ending that was unexpected A Brush With Something Otherworldly by Jennivie Wirries Jessie thought the item she took out of the time capsule at school was boring an old Japanese hair comb But when the comb showed magical abilities Jessie realized she got a one of a kind object It was alright not my favorite and a little odd Although it was uniue and something I've never read about The Winter Storms Have Come and Gone by Nadège Richards Bethany says goodbye to Maxwell Breakups happen all of the time but not too many have a permanent ending like theirs What many ex girlfriends probably want to do even if they never do so Very short but well written and it compels the reader to find out The Little Sister Who Cried Vampire by Brittany Hiester Having to babysit her younger sister on Halloween was not part of Rosa's plans So when Leah kept saying she saw a man in her window Rosa chalked it up to Leah being annoying Too bad she didn't believe Leah right away Rosa complained too much for my liking but that made her realistic as she's 14 A lot of punctuation errors but the story was very action based which I liked 300 AM 'Fun' by Ashley O'Donnell After leaving her house and small town for 5 years Abigail comes home when her mother passes away The thought of staying for awhile crossed her mind but that was before 300 AM came around Was very shocked to read that a 16 year old wrote this Very well written and very disturbing It will keep the reader asking uestions after reading this story The Tornadoes are Beautiful by Rhian Parry Natural disasters are happening all over the world destroying any sense of civilization Xavier has been hearing voices all of his life voices that tell him to do things When it says to kill his sister Xavier takes the ultimate risk to save her life This has a mix of Day After Tomorrow but with a depressing atmosphere of no hope There wasn't too much dialogue which made the story slow for me but it was a good story I AM by Cody Jonathan Godown A narrator who reflects on the past looks at the future and wishes for changes during the present About a narrator who states I am cautious and curious This is a one page verse story written in the format of a poem I'm horrible at reading poems and can't understand them so I didn't enjoy this story as much as I should have For readers who like verse they might like it better than I did They Speak To Me by Melissa Somoza When she was nine Rose was forced to leave her parents because The Society was trying to kill Rose She's half clairvoyance and half necromancer one of the darkest supernatural being in the world At the age of 18 she's now on a mission to kill the members of The Society for revenge of her parents death She is the ultimate assassin The ultimate weapon My second favorite story in this anthology It reminded me of Kelley Armstrong's series The Darkest Power and I found myself loving Rose She's sassy tough and smart The ending was disappointing but different and unexpected A Faery Tale Nightmare by Christina Worrell All her life Ebony Frost felt unwanted and in the way When he mother abandoned her Ebony was sent to a foster home Little did she know that was the best thing that could have happened to her Now she has a new caring foster mother and new foster brothers 7 to be exact And she's also found herself in a relationship But when things get out of control with her new boyfriend and his cousin she takes a step back and focuses on her new family When she gets caught up in another romance along with a battle for the most magic Ebony needs to fight for what she wants hoping that it's not too late A spin off tale of Snow White and a little twist with magic and werewolves Christina Worrell did an amazing job I was hooked from the beginning and couldn't stop reading until I finished the story I loved the conflict Ebony had with her feelings and her struggle with the magic building inside of her A great read my favorite in this bunch and I would definitely recommend it to any reader in love of fairy tales and happy endingsMy ThoughtsReflectionsI received a PDF of this novel for free to review by Nadège Richards and the staff of My Home Away from Home To find out about this group you can visit their facebook page My Home Away From Home where I have liked to keep up with their updates or their blogsite MHAFH I have not read any works by the numerous authors of this anthology so the content and writing styles were very new and refreshing to meI really enjoyed this anthology There were a lot of uniue styles in the ParanormalSupernatural genre that were refreshing and different than what has been written lately making the stories fast paced and usually leaving me wanting There were some punctuation and grammatical errors in each story which is common for a self published novel Since I've had editing experience my fingers were twitching to edit and fix the mistakes However even with the common errors the stories were very well written and engaging to the readerI put my immediate reaction for each story after a small summary of the stories saying what I liked or disliked about the individual short storiesThe last two stories were by far my favorite They were also the longest in this anthology which could be a factor as to why I like themThere is a variety of writing styles in here One is versepoem format while others are very short stories or longer stories There's also various narration point of views to keep any reader happyI would recommend this to anyone looking for a good short story to read where they can stop after each story if they have a busy hectic lifeI would also suggest this to anyone who likes supernatural topics though you don't have to be a hardcore supernatural reader to enjoy this story I tried to tag the different story subjects vampires faeries etc that is located in this anthology to make it accurate for interested readers on my blog postOverall a great read that will entertain many readers whether you are a lover of supernatural or just if you want to try something new to readRight now this anthology is available as an eBook on for only 099 If you are interested in purchasing it click here to buy your own copyAnd thank you for letting me review this collection of works I wish all of the authors luck in their future storiesnovels

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PlayAll proceeds from this title are donated to the Pajama Program an organization that provides books and pajamas to children awaiting their adopti. Currently reading this book and realised it was made up of short supernaturalfantasy stories ahh I couldn't wait to dive itGoing to review what I have read so far the first two storiesIf I should die before I wake by Jana BoskeyTotally loved this was right up my street with The Erlking characterI thought this story was so well written and being able to describe the back story of her mother in such a short amount of words is talentI felt the emotions of the characters grip me and really did think her mother's story was just a that a storyThe poem was a really good part of this and it really brought together the end of the storyOnly part I would have wanted to know was how did the guards look like They appeared out of thin air and kind of left me wondering flip where did they come from and what do they look like but this prob would have got away from the main characters and plotPS I really did think her sister was going to offer herself up as the bride instead of her little sister but that plot line would have extended the story for the authorA Brush With Something Otherworldly by Jennivie WirriesThis book keeps getting betterWas intrigued by this story and was totally surprised when the COMB came aliveThe next thing I thought was oooo no now I am going to be afraid of my comb coming to life as I sleep haha I did think the comb was going to turn out to be evil or alittle monster and terrorise the girl but was surprised by the pleasant twist The story was a really good read and left you wanting I did laugh at the my friend and I told our parents we were staying at eachothers houses bit as this is something all teenage girls have done and ended up getting caught out as usualI will admit I did shed a tear when the lady asked did she look beautiful awww and when she came into the classroom in the endNow I go on to Nadège Richards story soon will write on each author

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If I Should Die Before I WakeOf the unknown where expectations meet limitations and dreams are nothing but an illusion of the mind When no one is homethe creatures come out to. I loved the other stories in this anthology besides mine I mean Especially the last one It took on an adaption of Snow White like you would never believe That story blew my mind and is my favorite one out of them all yes even my own haha I would like to say good job on the story everyone Your stories were amazing and a great contribute to the anthology Let's do it all over again