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READ & DOWNLOAD The Matchmaker Harleuin Historical 674 ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ [EPUB] ✹ The Matchmaker Harleuin Historical 674 Author Lisa Plumley – A secret matchmaker has all the bachelors of Morrow Creek worried in this lighthearted tale from bestselling authAtion It Had To StopMarcus Copeland had been elected to investigate the most likely suspect But he didn't have time to romance any secrets out of the unconventional Molly Crabtree He had a lumber mill to run And besides this buxom beautiful baker was proving to be one tough cooki. Because I'd enjoyed another book by Lisa Plumley I decided to start the 'Morrow Creek' series To say this book is lighthearted is an understatementThe town of Morrow Creek is in an uproar Actually it is the bachelors in town who are agitated It seems that there is a new matchmaker in town who is encouraging the unmarried lasses to approach a man they are interested in and persuade the man to attend them Now these young men think the men should be the ones to initiate contact and don't look kindly upon the matchmaker In fact they would like to give the matchmaker a piece or three of their minds Unfortunately the identity of the meddlesome matchmaker is unknownThe members of the Morrow Creek's Men's Club think they must unmask the matchmaker and short circuit some of the unmarried women's plans if they are going to have any peace They convince lumber mill owner Marcus Copeland to get close to Molly Crabtree to find out the identity of the pesky matchmakerMolly Crabtree is a member of the free thinking Crabtree family; Adam is the editor of the town's newspaper Molly is the youngest of 3 daughters and she is the most stubborn of the lot She has been babied and protected all her life She wants to prove her worth by going into business with her own bakery Unfortunately her goods are awfulMarcus just wants to find out who the matchmaker is and get back to his lumber mill He has no interest in romancing some girl But once Molly meets Marcus she washes over his whole life like a tidal waveThis sounds like a cute yarn so why the low score The story was essentially finished about the half way point in the book; the rest seemed to be filler to produce a 300 page manuscript Also there is the HUGE MISUNDERSTANDING also used to extend the story And finally there were parts that seemed downright silly not just lighthearted On the other side be sure to pay attention to Molly's accounting system for her business It is priceless 35 starsMorrow Creek 1 The Matchmaker 20032 The Scoundrel 20063 The Rascal 20064 Mail Order Groom 20105 Wanton in the West 20116 The Bride Raffle 20117 The Honor Bound Gambler 2013 8 Morrow Creek Runaway 20159 Morrow Creek Marshal 2015

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A secret matchmaker has all the Harleuin Historical PDF #9734 bachelors of Morrow Creek The Matchmaker PDF worried in this lighthearted tale from bestselling author Lisa PlumleySomeone Was Matchmaker Harleuin Historical ePUB #10003 Matching Up Men And Women All Over Town And Tarn. Silly but funny

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The Matchmaker Harleuin Historical 674EComing from a family of freethinkers Molly Crabtree knew she'd be a success if only someone would take her seriously But who'd ever have thought it would be the arrogant Marcus Copeland And was his proposition strictly business or secret pleasureOnly the matchmaker knew for sure. The Matchmaker was pretty funny and honestly I never believed Molly would be it Reading this I had a nice historical feel reminscent of Anne of Green Gables Every one is so sugar sweet nice and nothing truly terrible happens and not a glimpse of any guns cows horses or outlaws I liked it a lot