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The Way Between the Worlds The View From the Mirror Book 4Of betraying her With the dark moon rising the Charon Rulke is unstoppable as he prepares to open the Way between the Worl. What am I supposed to sayThey the readers of the world talk about how hangovers and books that insinuate themselves in you and change youI finished this series years after I started it I'm 30ish and have a bit of the jadedness that comes with the age in homo sapien where in an arrogant maliese they believe they have a general idea of how all things flow and there is nothing new under their eyes and that new things are to be feared and hated I don't think anyone could agree with me on how deep the river of the series cut into me Mercy me I think it's impact on me is singular When I right I know I'm playing at alchemy with unlabeled bottles I hope for the curious combination of words that will crush people as this book had crushed me The sheer desperate folly of every character was a perfect picture of mankind I don't even know if I can recommend this series to others not at least with the object of having them feel what I feltI will be plain This is the greatest fantasy series I have ever read Some will not be able to understand it I wonder if I do It is of Paragon uality such that it may not be digestible for everyone But everyone must try I don't think many would be disappointed Please me Irvine keep working in the lab You are a good talent Brave as the Charon skilled as the Aachim Indefatigable as to he Faellem and incorrigible as the ZainThank you so much I need coffee a pillow and a long dark night

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E power to heal or permanently destroy the rift between Worlds is held captive Her lover Llian is in chains falsely accused. A whole series has been full of great story telling as books are filled with magic deception court intrigue and adventures Main downside is that some characters are little bit too naive and there are lots of strange names to remember

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review The Way Between the Worlds The View From the Mirror Book 4 ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ½ [Reading] ➿ The Way Between the Worlds The View From the Mirror Book 4 Author Ian Irvine – In the conclusion to this series Karan the young Sensitive who hIn the conclusion to this Between the PDF #205 series Karan the young Sensitive who holds the Mirror of Aachen which has th. This is a difficult one for me I definitely enjoyed the plot the characters and to a certain extend the conclusion I think what keeps me from rating this set higher than 3 stars was the writing style This is a very personal thing I find Tolkien a hard read for the same reason so he's in good company but I just didn't fall in love with the way he told the storyHis descriptions were sometimes uite extraordinary and I found myself so astonished at his choice of phrase that I found it detrimental to the immersion I normally feel when reading ie it got in the way of the story for meI will read other books by him but I didn't feel it to be a labour of love to read themI did also find his attempts to give everyone goodevil aspects to thier characters to be a little clumsy sorry I didn't uite believe in those protagonists who hated each other and then worked together then didn't etcFinally there seemed to be a lot less back story that there initially appeared to be Ultimately there were just two real stories The one that happened X thousand years ago and one which happens now The mystery did not torment me in the same way it does Llian and the resolution did not astonish me eitherI apologise if this comes across as an unnecessarily harsh review I can see that others rate this very highly but to me whilst some of the ingredients were good and the tale of interest it was much too long for such a small tale and I did enjoy that small tale