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Under the Water Free read ☆ 0 ☆ ➽ [Reading] ➿ Under the Water By Paul Pen ➲ – Insolpro.co.uk What does the perfect family have to fear most The perfect stranger From the outside Frank and Grace seem to have the perfect family He’s a loving husband she’s a devoted wife and together they ha What does the perfect familyDarkness causing them to swerve off the road The injured stranger says her name is Mara Miles from help they invite her to stay But Mara is hiding a secret And she is not the only oneWas it all just another inexplicable accident Or have they opened the door to an escalating family nightmare designed to tear their perfect world apart. Now that was a thriller I had to put it down several times as my heart was beating fast and I could barely breathe That doesn't happen often when reading it was like watching a movie Wowza The story was dark and disturbing to be sure but incredibly written plotted and translated from the Spanish Five HUGE stars for this one Well worth paying for the Kindle

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What does the perfect family have to fear most The perfect stranger From the outside Frank and Grace seem to have the perfect family He’s a loving husband she’s a devoted wife and together they have two happy children But appearances can be deceiving A strange series of misfortunes has left them reeling an unexplained break in a. Visit me at Book Blog InstagramI am extremely honored to be the first one to review this title I received this ARC from the author himself However my review is a 100% unbiased and honest Paul Pen has this incredible style and his writing is uniue This book starts a bit different from his other titles but it has the same hooking ability to intrigue the reader He plays incredibly good with anti heroes and the antagonists We usually root and read stories from the perspective of the victims and the good characters We read stories and we pick a side; however Pen's books are not at all conventional and it is impossible for you to take a side I at least was struggling so much You are at the edge of your sit you cannot stop reading because you need to know what happens This book has some Gone Girl vibes and crazy enough it is so different The character development is so good They are dynamic and round The characters changed throughout the story to the point of being unrecognizable The characters are modern and relatable One character in specific stressed me to the limit but I think that is good for how good that character was created I can see this book becoming a movie I wish it becomes a movie This story is like watching Perfect Stranger with Halle Berry and Bruce Willis This story is dark mysterious intriguing well written and if you love this story it makes you wonder if you are sane or insane for being so excited with the reading I recommend this book fully Stay tuned for my full blog review

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Under the WaterCatastrophic accident and a bizarre poisoning that’s left Grace feeling especially unnerved Packing up their RV for a move across the country they’re ready for a fresh start expecting to leave all their problems safely behindThen one night on the Under the PDF or road to their new home the figure of a young woman emerges from the. Nonstop Thriller Hitchcock LikeStarts slow and normal with the tension building until you find yourself propelled unknowingly to the uncertain end Great story and excellent translation Make sure you have enough time to finish once you start The author masterfully constructed a well written story of an ordinary family headed for disaster The plotline is so believable as the tension unfolds gradually and intensifies with every page filled by suprises and unexpected jolts and so many unpredictable twists Almost a five star rating the only thing lacking is that it likely can only be read once WhewThis was a most satisfying reading experience that will slowly raise your heartrate and blood pressure without terrorizing you too much Recommend for 16 because of adult themes and content but you won't likely need post reading recovery therapy I was amazed at how well the translator brought the story to life without anachronisms or accidental misstatements Only factual error was probably noting early trip distance as miles rather than likely kilometers But no big deal unless you're familiar with the geography The Audible dramatic narration was also well done and paced appropriately to the story making the reading listening experience seamlessly enjoyable I definitely plan to read works by Paul Pen