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characters Paddle Your Own Canoe ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Í [Reading] ➸ Paddle Your Own Canoe By Nick Offerman – Parks and Recreation actor Nick Offerman shares his humorous fulminations on life manliness meat and much in his first book Growing a perfect moustache grilling red meat wooinTter to deliver this tutelage than the always charming always manly Nick Offerman best known as?. If you are anything like me you first heard about this book because you've watched Parks and Rec than is strictly reasonable and Ron Swanson has made you laugh and cringe While I don't always agree with the cantankerous character he is nevertheless my favorite and I love Offerman's deadpan delivery I was very curious to know what a guy who can pull off such a fantastic mustache would have to say about delicious livingNow if you plan on reading this my advice is don't Get the audiobook read by Offerman His voice gravitas and occasional giggles make this memoirmanifestocollection of hilarious and excellent advice an incredibly entertaining experience I also think that his writing style might feel a bit ponderous on the page as where read out loud it is uite charming and fun Also easily offended ears beware there's a lot of cussing many discussions on the topic of oral sex and some very strong opinions about religion A lot of reviewers seem to have gotten their panties in a twist about that aspect of the book I didn't but mostly because I actually agree with his thoughts on organized religion in general and the weird fucked up version of Christianity too often encountered in certain regions of the US of A specifically He was preaching to the choir with me pun intended but I can see how anyone attached to their fixed ideas on faith and the Church would get upset by his thoughtsI already liked Offerman and listening to 10 odd hours of his thoughts made me like and respect him even the man is hilarious smart hard working kind hearted and a hopeless romantic I loved hearing his stories about growing up in rural Illinois learning his craft in college and eventually in Chicago and LA meeting his wife Megan Mullally and of course growing epic facial hair He also takes care to make sure his listeners know that despite a common love of pork products and fine scotches he is most definitely not Ron Swanson he eats salads for one thing and does not punch socialistsOfferman is uite opinionated but also humble than willing to admit that a lot of luck was necessary for his life to unfold the way it did and spends a lot of time expressing his gratitude to everyone who helped supported and encouraged him His love for art his family the various crafts he is passionate about and his darling wife really shines through his Rainbow Song My heart While his advice can occasionally feel a tad preachy it comes form a reasonable and well meaning place; it's just loaded with smart assery and sarcasm which I appreciate tremendouslyI had a lot of fun listening to this 4 and a half stars

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Parks and Recreation actor Nick Offerman shares his humorous fulminations on life manliness mea. One thing that this book makes abundantly clear is that Nick Offerman is NOT Ron Swanson While they may have similar woodworking skills and musings My life is always delicious when I have whiskers on my face but that might just be because those whiskers tend to accumulate bacon crumbs and scotch rendering them literally delicious all day long This book covers Offerman's early life working on the family farm to his startup as a play actor to his breakout roll of Ron Swanson the book heavily emphasized the first two and only briefly touched on the latter We also get his strong opinion on religion sex being religious while having sex pot swearing and did I mention religion Really all religious teachings can be boiled down to “Just be cool Don’t be an asshole At times it got a bit much too preachy for me but overall I enjoyed reading his take on life There was also a heavy emphasis on gender euality anti homophobia and ignoring societal norms And with that I will leave you with a poem The Bratwurst A Haiku Tight skin flute of pork Juices fly explode in mouth A little mustard Audiobook Comments Book was read by the author and his voice was simply excellent It did make for a slight difficulty in distinguishing his Swanson character from his real life Offerman persona The 2018 PopSugar Reading Challenge A novel based on a real personYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

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Paddle Your Own CanoeT and much in his first book Growing a perfect moustache grilling red meat wooing a woman who be. Here's a sometimes interesting sometimes funny memoir of a minor celebrity with lots to sayOfferman stars as Ron Swanson on Parks and RecreationMy Burning God of Love Ron SwansonHe also appeared in my favorite scene from HBO's DeadwoodYes I saw it WITHOUT the dotThe book offers up Offerman's NOT Swanson's philosophy of life and it's an interesting shoulder shrugging live and let live philosophy I truly enjoyed the chapter entitled Hail Mary Full of Beans as Offerman's views on organized religion mesh nicely with my own I'm going to type this in boldface to try to make it as clear as possible If you read the Bible and go to church or subscribe to any other religion that is fine with me I like nice people and if you are endeavoring to be one I say Great I too am endeavoring to be a nice person The thing that makes me mad is when a person suggests that I CANNOT be a nice person or live a life of goodness WITHOUT reading the Bible and attending churchYeah What he saidSeveral chapters detail the author's youth and youthful indiscretions such as imbibing a bit too heavily of legal and illegal substances A few chapters made me yawn while Offerman essentially listed every stage and screen role he has ever had and every fellow actor he's ever had the pleasure of acting or auditioning alongside Chapter 14 Romantic Love depressed the hell out of me Offerman prattles on and on about his love and admiration for his wife He brags about her beauty talents and accomplishments He writes her POETRY for crying out loud Sigh My husband refers to me as The Old Lady and loves to tell people about the time I accidentally melted a plastic dish drainer in the oven Double sighFor those of you who are Swanson fans and were starting to worry YES there is a chapter about MOUSTACHESThe author demonstrates the importance of porn stache maintenance The comb is available here repeat this book is purely OFFERMAN If it's Swanson you're looking for you'd probably be better off with Pawnee The Greatest Town in AmericaIn truth this is probably only a three star read but because it's SO REFRESHING to come across a celebrity who talks incessantly about GOOD BOOKS and THE IMPORTANCE OF READING THEM I'm tacking on an extra sparklyThere you have ita book written by a happy man living a life he loves