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REVIEW Cold Turkey 107 ´ ➶ Cold Turkey Download ✤ Author Zebbie – If there were groups for this I know exactly what I’d say “My name is Thom Oliver and I’m addicted It’s been six months 3 days 14 hours since my last one night stand Please keep Evan Llewellyn If there were groups for this I know exactly what I’d say “My nN Llewellyn away from me I think I’m going to rape him” Status CompleteWord count approx. Zebbie is brilliant There is just that special way the author uses to explain things situations opinions and feelings They seem real and reasonable There isn’t a work of Zebbie which isn’t terrific Cold Turkey is about two men who won’t admit their attraction for each other It starts as rejection turns into a hate love affair and ends in hope As an emotional damaged person I can relate to that and say well done Because that is exactly how you feel when you like someone you don’t want to like cause you’ve been there and done that and you don’t want that any The protagonist is lovely; bitter obnoxious rude and a typical know it all So when he meets this perfect attractive guy who is THE best looking gay ever he decides not to like him He loathes him since he recognizes himself in him Because Thom the main character refuses to have mindless sex with strangers any – like he did when he was younger And he doesn’t want to get close to the one and only person he feels attracted to Evan He is certain that Evan only plays with people So he wants to get rid of him One problem the attraction becomes mutual I love Thom he is the perfect picture of someone who has decided NOT to let anyone else into his life – at least for a certain amount of time I also love Evan he struggles to be perfect and admired – a star if you will But everything he wants to accomplish by this act is to hide his imperfection I liked that part where he freaks out over his skin problem Again – I know how it feels literally So I could really relate to that too You have to realize one thing; this isn’t your typical love story It is a story about two young men who DON’T want to fall for each other because ironically they don’t want to get played Well Evan is less messed up about it but he has issues with being rejected and acts aggressive when it happens It’s a one step forward two steps backward thing But it’s not dramatic whiny “why don’t you love me crap” It’s funny and deep and honest You can practically feel the anger and irritation while you read it For those who are socially normal it’s like back in kindergarten when the boy pulls on girl’s hair because he likes her He doesn’t want to get cooties but he wants to get noticed Cold Turkey is one of my favourites ever Read it You won’t regret it

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If there were groups for this I know exactly what I’d say “My name is Thom Oliver and I?. oh god please no my guts is broke people read books for different reasons but the notion that most of us read to escape is hardly radical my friend emma said of this book that there's no HEA or HFN but that she liked to think there wasi think there wasi think it's obviousbecause the only thing missing between these two fuckheads is a conversation and their book ends with view spoilerdon't hang up pleaseand he doesn't hide spoiler

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Cold Turkey??m addicted It’s been six months days hours since my last one night stand Please keep Eva. Whoa that story made my head spin In a good way I think Thom is a recovering manipulative soulless slut his words who is unlucky enough to fall for Evan the kind of player he used to be It's a talent I have – give me someone malleable enough and I can make him think he loves me I know the way to play it to get exactly what I want I'll bet anything you like Evan Llewellyn can do the same and for the first time in my life I think I've met someone who could do that to me and it's fucking chilling looking down the barrel of a gunBut it turns out you can't trust Thom that much as a narrator Which keeps things fairly interesting I also enjoyed to see Thom struggle often in bizarre ways with his attraction to Evan Evan Llewellyn is somebody I want to hate but actually just want to screw senseless or be screwed senseless by or damn it all suck him off or even hold his fucking handI admit I like the macho MC who's all mushy on the inside but can't admit to it even to himself It's so rare that it's well and realistically done But Zebbie pulls it off perfectly And she can do real jerks too Are you shitting me Thom Mate you're a glorified dildo who pays half the rent and don't you forget it just 'cause you've gone all whacked out on holier than thou body is my temple respect for fellow man sex should be for love bullshitWhat a delight ;btw about the ending I get that for many readers it's important to know beforehand whether there's a HEA or not But really it's a huge spoiler too Especially right at the beginning of an untagged review And really the ending was lovely I put this story down with a huge smile