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Summary ´ The Black Cat Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ [PDF] ✓ The Black Cat Author Edgar Allan Poe – The Black Cat is one of Edgar Allan Poe's most memorable stories The tale centers around a black cat and the subseuent deterioration of a man The story is often lReincarnation of the latter–or so the narrator may think Policemen officers who investigate the happenings at the home of the narrator Servant Person working in the narrator's household ABOUT AUTHOR Edgar Allan Poe born JanuaryBoston Massachusetts US died OctoberBalti Maryland American short story writer poet critic and editor who is famous for his cultivation of mystery and the macabre His tale “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” initiated the modern detective story and the atmosphere in his tales of horror is unrivaled in American fiction His “The Raven” numbers among the best known poems in the national literature EARLY LIFE Poe was the son of the English born actress Elizabeth Arnold Poe and David Poe Jr an actor from Balti After his mother died in Richmond Virginia in he was taken into the home of John Allan a Richmond merchant presumably his godfather and of his childless wife He was later taken to Scotland and England – where he was given a classical education that was continued in Richmond For months in he attended the University of Virginia but his gambling losses at the university so incensed his guardian that he refused to let him continue and Poe returned to Richmond. This depicts a man who has completely lost himself to his illness He was once happy He was once sane He had a loving wife and a warm home full of pets But his illness took over; it sent him into fits of blind rage in which he abused that which he professed to love; he neglected his animals and beat his wife However for a time he left his favourite amongst them in peace He left his beloved black cat alone Well until one day where he was sent over the edge and decided to stab the poor creature’s eye out What a bastard “The fury of a demon instantly possessed me I knew myself no longer My original soul seemed at once to take its flight from my body; and a than fiendish malevolence gin nurtured thrilled every fibre of my frame” Because of this I have absolutely no sympathy for the narrator of this tale; he is a terrible man His illness is his alcoholism or so he says So he causes it himself; he knows the rage that drink brings him yet he persists in its consumption It seems like a convenient excuse for a deranged man to me He further defends himself by saying he is perverse and that he simply commits cruelty because he knows that he shouldn’t This to me is just stupidity I’m not sure when these scapegoat like ideas manifested itself within the narrator because he clearly wasn’t always this way I suppose you could argue that the alcohol ruined him and destroyed his mind but again that seems like an excuse So I can’t fully agree with that idea He claims to have loved the cat and his actions suggest that he did so beyond his wife Yet he immediately tries to replace the cat after he hangs it Surely such an animal would be irreplaceable to him regardless of whether or not he killed it Surely no other cat would be the same Unless the alcohol destroyed his love and turned him to bitterness It's all rather ironic “I was especially fond of animals and was indulged by my parents with a great variety of pets With these I spent most of my time and never was so happy as when feeding and caressing themThis peculiarity of character grew with my growth I derived from it one of my principal sources of pleasure” The new cat doesn’t like him much and I can’t say that I blame it The narrator is incredibly repulsive and disgustingly grotesue He begins to return the cat’s dislike with hatred which turns to anger which turns to an unbridled passion to destroy it What a bastard Humorously he even tries to blame the cat when the problem clearly resides within his own head His mind has been tainted whether by alcoholism madness or some other dark force I cannot fully say But one thing’s for sure he isn’t normal He has somehow convinced himself that the cat harbours the soul of a witch This has been emphasised to his mind by its lack of an eye He thinks it sees straight through him and sees his dark soul; thus it too must be killed This story was incredibly uncomfortable to read even by Poe’s standards Animal cruelty is a terrible thing and I must admit that some of the description made me somewhat angry Don’t get me wrong I do like this story; it is incredibly twisted dark and generally speaking uite fucked up The narrator is an evilly insane man which Poe captured perfectly It’s just that I’m a cat lover so it made me a little sad But overall it is a marvel of writing To evoke such a malevolent vile malicious piece of degenerate filth is a true accomplishment even if it’s horrible to read about I'm glad the cat got the last laugh

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The Black Cat is one of Edgar Allan Poe's most memorable stories The tale centers around a black cat and the subseuent deterioration of a man The story is often linked with The Tell The Black eBook #204 Tale Heart because of the profound psychological elements these two works share The story opens in the cell of a prisoner the day before he is to be executed by hangingAfter introducing himself to readers as a man who underwent a horrifying experience the prisoner writes down the details of this experience which led to his imprisonment and scheduled executionThe events in his tale are set at his home and in a tavern Although these events take place over several years the recounting of these events in writing takes place on a single day in the narrator's prison cell Prisoner Characters The Narrator a prisoner scheduled for execution His loathing of a cat he once loved leads to his commission of a capital crime The Narrator's Wife a woman of agreeable disposition who likes animals and obtains many pets for her husband First Black Cat a cat named Pluto that loves the narrator but irritates him when it follows him everywhereSecond Black Cat a cat that resembles the first black cat and may be a. A morbid story of Edgar Allan Poe probably one of his most famous ones the black cat about a man slowly going hysterical madder and madder and a cat or actually two playing a key part in increasing his insanity and leading up to morbid actionsWhat brings a man to write such stories I understood Poe did not have the best of lives himselfA great writer though intriguing stories Four stars will further edit in the coming daysHere's a bit of background from Wikipedia 'The Black Cat is a short story by American writer Edgar Allan Poe It was first published in the August 19 1843 edition of The Saturday Evening Post It is a study of the psychology of guilt often paired in analysis with Poe's The Tell Tale HeartSpoiler although who doesn't know this storyIn both a murderer carefully conceals his crime and believes himself unassailable but eventually breaks down and reveals himself impelled by a nagging reminder of his guilt' My wife had called my attention than once to the character of the mark of white hair of which I have spoken and which constituted the sole visible difference between the strange beast and the one I had destroyed It was now the representation of an object that I shudder to name and for this above all I loathed and dreaded and would have rid myself of the monster had I dared it was now I say the image of a hideous of a ghastly thing of the Gallows oh mournful and terrible engine of Horror and of Crime of Agony and of Death

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The Black CatTo find his sweetheart Sarah Elmira Royster engaged He went to Boston where in he published a pamphlet of youthful Byronic poems Tamerlane and Other Poems Poverty forced him to join the army under the name of Edgar A Perry but on the death of Poe’s foster mother John Allan purchased his release from the army and helped him get an appointment to the US Military Academy at West Point Before going Poe published a new volume at Balti Al Aaraaf Tamerlane and Minor Poems He successfully sought expulsion from the academy where he was absent from all drills and classes for a week He proceeded to New York City and brought out a volume of Poems containing several masterpieces some showing the influence of John Keats Percy Bysshe Shelley and Samuel Taylor Coleridge He then returned to Balti where he began to write stories In his “MS Found in a Bottle” won from a Balti weekly and by he was in Richmond as editor of the Southern Literary Messenger There he made a name as a critical reviewer and married his young cousin Virginia Clemm who was only Poe seems to have been an affectionate husband and son in law Poe was dismissed from his job in Richmond apparently for drinking and went to New York Ci. I listened to the audiobook and read the original text in English and also the translated text into my mother language Portuguese The narrator was so great And Edgar Allan Poe was a genius