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Download The Manhood Ceremony ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free è [Reading] ➷ The Manhood Ceremony By Ross Berliner – Two detectives race against time to locate an abducted twelve year old boy in a story set in the 1970's whose psychological ramifications affect several gay male charactersLibOns affect several gay male charactersLibrary of Congress number. In this detective drama set in the 1970's two gay men two straight men and an adolescent boy must come to terms with what being gay amounts to during an era when homosexuality was first becoming a subject of public discussion and possibly acceptance

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Two detectives race against time to locate an abducted twelve yea. Ricky Stern is a sweet bright happy Jewish handsomely blond 12 year old when he is lured into the woods abducted and raped by Arvis Moore an homicidal bearded psychotic pervert As the kidnapper and his victim travel from Virginia to Philadelphia something changes inside Ricky he begins to enjoy Arvis Moore's continuous molestation of him and passes up every chance of escape that comes his way Because Ricky has become too pliant in his molestation Arvis must kidnap another boy Ricky turns from innocent victim to active participant by acting as the lure in the kidnapping of another little boy As the police close in on Arvis Moore Ricky has turned into the person with all the power in this twisted relationship He has become incredibly devious manipulating Arvis and others around him in such a way that it becomes increasingly difficult to tell who is the victim and who is the perpetratorI have to say that while I enjoyed reading this book I found The Manhood Ceremony by Ross Berliner to be incredibly devastating and disturbing to read because of the reality of the plot This is a situation that could and does happen to millions of children throughout America each year I thought that the story was perhaps extremely dated in terms of the writing however the plot was incredibly current in my opinion This was a reread for me from many years ago and I gave this book an A

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The Manhood CeremonyR old boy in a story set in the 's whose psychological ramificati. Why can't there be pulp in the world I love me some pulp I don't know why they don't write in this style any is it the datedness and the rarity that makes it so goodI was on looking at books and this popped up I think it said if you like this book you'll also like or something like that And a book that has been out of print for 37 years doesn't pop up that often So I clicked it and bought it for about 20It took me a while to get going as the story made me uncomfortable but was soon zooming along with many perspectives the best being the older policeman and his young gay partner I would love to read a seuel with them the author seems to have written only one other book and they are not mentioned in the small write up online of it Oh wellThe terror part despite being part of the banner headline comes on slowly and organically like a Twilight Zone episode Once I got to half way I couldn't put it down