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Sixteen year old Jeff Jacobson had never heard of Jeffrey Dahmer the infamous serial killer who brutally murdererd seventeen people than twenty years ago But then Jeff discovers he was constructed in a laboratory only eight years ago part of a top secret government cloning experiment called Project CA. I also now have no respect whatsoever for this author Guess what Geoffrey Girard You just lost MANY readers But it's okay guys Just watch Dora and SVU at the same time it's practically the same thing as reading Project Cain Also it creeps me out that the 'If there were a party of good YA books about serial killers Project Cain would be the creepy one standing outside the window wanting to join them' uote was said by me about this book on Twitter not Goodreads so I'm not exactly sure how he found that tweetI can't do it I just can't I read up until about 40% and the entirety of what I read literally all of it was one huge info dump There were three to four pages dedicated to just the main character telling us the characteristics and likes and dislikes of a man Here are some examples of the likes and dislikes of this man He preferred brunettes over blondes but his last girlfriend the first he'd ever truly loved was blonde His favorite band was Pearl Jam He disliked snowIf any of that information is proven to be useful as the novel progresses I would give the author my right arm And I am right handedAnd then there's another three pages or so on the history of cloning And why exactly are they making teenage clones of serial killers Which scientist thought this would be a good idea Yeah send him off a cliff Like now And then there's some horribly inaccurate statistics of men and rape and death and suicide and domestic violenceAnd don't even get me started on how the main character asks the reader uestions and speaks to them directly I'm not five years old and you're not Dora; you can stop asking me uestions like Have YOU ever felt the urge to kill someone book Ay dios mioI can't I really just can'tDNFGod

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Project CainThat mimicked the horrific early lives of the serial killers they were created fromWhen the most dangerous of the boys are set free the summer of killing begins Worse they hold a secret weapon even deadly than the terrible evil they carry withinCan Jeff help catch the monsters before becoming one himse. Original Review Posted Here you Simon and Schuster Canada for providing this ARC for review First off I want to say that I didn't know that there was this whole authorblogger drama with this book And my rating towards this book have nothing to do with the drama that went on I only found out about the drama after I decided on the rating and saw other's ratings and found outI was very excited to receive this book from SS Canada Who didn't liked a book involving serial killers and cloning And wow the cover was GORGEOUS Everything about this book attracted me When I started reading the first 10 pages I was like WOW This book is great The plot moves so fast and everything is so intense I was super happy to see this book doing well I always enjoyed a fast opener for books Then there were also amazing pictures and drawings in the bookhttpspbstwimgcommediaBRP0eECILook at the details of the picture It is awesome Plus I got an ARC so I was surprised to see the actual drawings in themhttpspbstwimgcommediaBRRApLCYThere were also codesEverything was sailing and then the fire nation attacked the boring six year old writing came Okay let me explain It wasn't as if the writing just suddenly became a child's writing It was me realizing the writing style did not work There were no conversations whatsoever in this book It was just Jeff thinking and explaining This is a uote taken from the ARCCastillo noted that Ox didn't seem too surprised by any of this and Ox replied that nothing had surprised him since he was four and then he teased Castillo for still being puzzled by such things Pg 121It sounds like a six year old listing what he did today at school So first I played in the sandbox It was fun Seriously the book was dull and lifeless The story moved so slow There was no action no suspense no anything For 13 of the book it basically was talking about the first 2 paragraphs of the synopsis It just killed all the suspense The narrative like I said was boring If this was an audiobook I can almost imagine the narrator trying so very hard not to yawnAlso the book repeated stuff that was obvious such as I discovered they'd taken all the computers and all my dad's office files The ones from his MAIN office not from the secret room Turns out they hadn't found the secret room and didn't even know it was there Pg 21 22 from ARC UmmmDUHAnd Jeff as a character was a whiny bitch He didn't do much and when he actually did stuff it was stupid He constantly thought about I'm a monster freak blah blah blah I wouldn't mind that if the book actually had a plot and went somewhere but literally the book had been pacing around suare one for half of the bookAnd Castillo was also boring Just imagine John Casey from Chuck But Casey was cute and funny in his dumb way of being a soldier plus there were Morgan and Chuck to get the best of him out Castillo here was just a BORE He was so blank I'm sorry I didn't finish the book I just couldn't finish it I read than 50% of it I know it was given to me for review but I'm sorry

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FREE READ ¼ Project Cain ↠ ❮PDF❯ ✭ Project Cain ✩ Author Geoffrey Girard – Sixteen year old Jeff Jacobson had never heard of Jeffrey Dahmer the infamous serial killer who brutally murdererd seventeen people than twenty years ago But then Jeff discovers he was constructed in Sixteen year old Jeff Jacobson hIN And scientists created him entirely from Jeffrey Dahmer's DNAJeff isn't the only teenage serial killer clone Others have been genetically engineered using the DNA of the Son of Sam the Boston Strangler and Ted Bundy Some clones were raised like Jeff in caring family environments others within homes. In a word A creepy mystery that will keep you guessing a main character with a totally uniue voice filled with true facts about serial killers cloning and government conspiracies and yes you might have nightmaresTed Bundy Richard Ramirez Jeffrey Dahmer Jack the Ripper These horrifyingly familiar characters and others like them are all in Project Cain Sort of Actually clones of these and other serial killers are the characters in Girard’s young adult debut a decidedly creepy story filled with a slowly unraveling mystery that will keep you turning pages as fast as you can I sort of knew what Project Cain was about before I started reading but the reality was much than I expected—in a good way Girard’s stylistic storytelling may not be for everyone but it gives this disturbing and dread filled tale an immediacy that grabs the reader and doesn’t let go until the endJeff Jacobson is sixteen when his father gives him some bad news he is actually a clone of the infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and he’s part of a secret government project that clones serial killers with plans to use them as diabolical weapons His father disappears after delivering this message and shortly after a stranger named Castillo bursts into Jeff’s house and or less kidnaps him telling him that twelve of his friends from the Massey Institute are dead—and Jeff might be nextCastillo and the reluctant Jeff embark on a nightmarish road trip to locate six boys from Massey also serial killer clones who are missing and presumed responsible for the killings But how does Jeff’s dad fit into all this And who exactly is Castillo and can Jeff trust him There are all sorts of uestions and the answers don’t come easily Girard’s tale is filled with twists and turns and a good dose of government conspiracy theory as wellAs each mystery is solved and each puzzle piece drops into place Jeff becomes and uncertain about his place in the world Did the government create him for evil Or can he break free and live a different kind of life If only he can live long enough to find out After all a bunch of his fellow clones are after him and the government might be tooJeff tells his story in first person without any traditional dialog which is unusual and takes some getting used to But his voice is so distinctive that once you begin reading you can’t imagine it written any other way In fact although I'm not into them at all I think this book would make an excellent audio book because of this uniue style The narrative is very linear so the reader figures everything out right along with JeffOne of the themes of the story is the old argument of “nature versus nurture” and Girard gives us a lot to think about If a child is raised in a safe and loving environment even if he is the clone of a vicious killer will he grow up to be a killer as well or will “nuture” win in the end Jeff has been raised just this way with a father who loves him or so he believes and gives him every opportunity to grow up into a well adjusted adult So when his father leaves Jeff is devastated and will do anything to find him This uality made Jeff a likable character for me even if bad blood runs in his veinsThe character of Castillo is one of the biggest mysteries and you’re never really sure about him On one hand he seems to want to protect Jeff but at times his actions felt sneaky and untrustworthy What I did enjoy was the relationship that grew between Castillo and Jeff This book doesn't have your typical teen romance so if you’re looking for that you’ll be disappointed What it does have is an uncommon friendship between two characters who don't know whether or not to trust each other; but because circumstances have thrown them together they really don't have any other choiceGirard does something else unusual in this book He sprinkles in facts about serial killers government secrets and cloning whenever Jeff wants to make an important point This sort of description could have brought the action to a screeching halt but in my opinion it made the danger of Jeff’s situation all the real The author also includes photos of famous serial killers an eerie reminder that these people were and in some cases are indeed real There’s nothing disturbing than staring into the eyes of a crazy personLike all good mysteries the author throws in a few misleads and leaves the reader wondering what exactly the truth is My heart was racing by the end of the story both from fear and from exhaustion Like all good stories Project Cain will make you think and possibly uestion some of what you believe in And you might want to leave the lights on next time you go to sleepMany thanks to the author for supplying a review copyThis review originally appeared on BooksBones Buffy