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Reader ç Personality What Makes You the Way You Are ´ 298 pages Download ê ➾ Personality What Makes You the Way You Are Free ➵ Author Daniel Nettle – It is one of the great mysteries of human nature Why are some people worriers and others wanderers Why are some pIt is one Makes You Epub #224 of the great mysteries of human nature Why are some people worriers and others wanderers Why are some people so easy going and laid back while others are always looking for a fight Written by Daniel Nettle author of the popular book Happiness this brief volume takes the reader on an exhilarating tour of what modern science can tell us about human personality Revealing that our personalities stem from our biological makeup Nettle looks at the latest findings from genetics and brain science and considers the evolutionary Personality What Epuborigins and conseuences of diffe A great easy to read book that delves deeper into the Big Five personality traits Openness Conscientiousness Extroversion Agreeableness and Neuroticism OCEAN Daniel Nettle uses a blend of anecdotes and science ranging from the evolutionary perspective to genetics to environmental factors to explain each area of personality He creates a solid argument concerning why he views the Big Five as a fluctuating selection type model every place on the continuum of each trait has its pros and cons as opposed to a fitness indicator one having a lot or a little of each trait is black and white good or badOne of the best parts of this book was Nettle's admittance of his uncertainty in some areas; his lack of pretension made his less substantiated claims easier to swallow As someone with background in Myers Briggs typology I learned a lot about each trait as well as intriguing information associated with each one for example as someone invested in eating disorders I connected to how people high in conscientiousness had a higher rate of developing anorexia While his argument about the dark side of agreeableness left a little to be desired for the most part I agreed with his alignment with the fluctuating selection type modelHe ends the book on a high note with a strong recommendation that we search within ourselves to improve our personalities Highly recommended for those who want to know about the Big Five or just personality in general

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With your personality or can you change it Life Nettle concludes is partly the business of finding a niche where your personality works for you It is a uestion of choosing the right pond he notes and being mindful of the dangers There is no ideal personality to have Every disposition brings both advantages and disadvantagesFull of human wisdom as well as scientific insight this book illuminates the pluses and minuses of personality offering practical advice about living with the nature you were born What Makes You the Way MOBI #10003 with It even includes a uestionnaire so that you can assess yoursel Things I have learned foxen are just friends you haven't met yet NOT potential meals thanks to a long family history of close contact with mental facilitiespsychiatric services my uasi hallucinations and perceptual disturbances are just signs of high openness and not genetic schizophrenia long lives the ueen of England extraverts and optimists die sooner than those flakey self serving anti social cynics I am basically the reincarnation of Allen Ginsberg But he died AFTER you were born Cool you know my birthdate not my story just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me if you are highly empathetic you may also be a chimpanze Or was it Charles Darwin just because I have the same characteristics as Hannibal Lector does not mean I am Hannibal LectorMy Big Five Scores to explain aboveExtraversion 3 low scoreNeuroticism 6 low medium scoreConscientiousness 10 highest scoreAgreeableness 7 low scoreOpenness 15 highest scoreI read personality books to understand the people around me and also myself This book is a wonderful primer to the world of personality SCIENCE He spends a great deal of time on natural selection and how genetics affect our personality So if you're into all that good stuff this would be an excellent book for you I suspect the only people who gave this book a bad review are either Tea Partiers Bible thumpers andor both

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Personality What Makes You the Way You AreRent personalities The heart of the book sheds light on the big five Extraversion Neuroticism Conscientious Agreeableness and Openness Using a stimulating blend of true life stories and scientific research Nettle explains why we have something deep and consistent within us that determines the choices we make and situations we bring about What Makes You the Way MOBI #10003 He addresses such uestions as why members of the same family differ so markedly in their natures What is the best personality to have a bold one or a shy one an aggressive one or What Makes You ePUB #8608 a meek one And are you stuck I've now read three books about the Five Factor aka Big Five Personality Model This one is by far the least dry and most readableI also like the way the author makes sure to consider personality traits from the perspective of natural selection