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Railsea by China MiévilOn board the moletrain Medes Sham Yes ap Soorap watches in awe as he witnesses his first moldywarpe hunt The giant mole bursting from the earth the harpoonists targeting their prey the battle resulting in one’s death the other’s glory are ext. Urged on by his guardian cousins young Sham Yes ap Soorap gets apprenticed to a doctor on a moletrain riding the Railsea in search of moldywarpe giant moles hunted for food Captain Naphi of the Medes the train Sham sails aboard is obsessed with Mocker Jack the biggest moldywarpe of them all will do anything to find her preyRemember that game you used to play when you were a kid when the living room floor was either molten lava or shark infested waters you had to leap from chair to couch to coffee table never touch the floor That's what the world of Railsea reminds me of covered in miles miles of rail most exposed earth harboring moldywarpes mole rats worms many other malevolent beasties In Railsea China Mieville tells a tale inspired by Moby Dick the tale of a young orphan named Sham a captain obsessed with a mole the size of a building the other denizens of the Railsea a world of dangerous fauna megatons of salvage untold parsecs of railThe sheer inventiveness of Mieville's world is staggering As in Kraken China shook the idea tree hard on this one As outlandish as it is the setting of Railsea isn't all that hard to imagineThe story feels like Moby Dick at first but with tastes of Treasure Island Robinson Crusoe as well It also reminds me of a accessible version of China's Bas Lag books Captain Naphi's obsession with Mocker Jack echoes Captain Ahab's although Ahab never had pirates angles the edge of the world to contend withSham's meeting with the Shroakes is what makes the book veer away from being a take off on Moby Dick and become its own animal A colossal mole perhaps I had my doubts about Caldera and Dero Shroakes at first but things really came together at the end And what an end it was view spoilerI love the final image of Sham the Shroakes and Captain Naphi sailing beyond the end of the world hide spoiler

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Raordinary But no matter how spectacular it is travelling the endless rails of the railsea Sham senses that there’s to life Even if his captain can think only of her obsessive hunt for one savage moleWhen they find a wrecked train it's a welcom. DNF at page 150Ok so what are the reasons why I didn’t like this retelling of Moby Dick In fact I haven’t read any retellings of Moby D before at all D The world building the writing and the language are strange and uite odd for me At first I couldn’t get used to all that signs oddly formed sentences but it’s not a big problem This book is peculiar I must admit there were some funny puns thrown and that’s one of the points why I didn’t DNF it at the very start Also it has some kind of mystery But what annoyed me is that I felt only a slight intrigue and mostly I read “Railsea” as a random ordinary diary Well a diary with some monstrous creatures and not too much of adventures The characters seemed bland a little bit well except Mr Moley Dick who sadly left to pasture in the holy grounds too uickly One of the gems I found in Railsea So Turned out he’d slept outside in the yard of some final pub Whimpering at the assault of merciless morning light on his eyes he blinked until he could see a few of his crewmates still snoozed in a barn watched by contemptuous goatsI read some books before which I didn’t like and I finished them because I was so angry that they had no hook for me and of course I wanted to spill all the nasty things I thought about the book Well it’s not the same with this book I can feel that this book is special so I don’t want to throw any nasty things at it It’s only disadvantage is my POV D

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characters Railsea by China Miéville ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ï ❰KINDLE❯ ❀ Railsea Author China Miéville – On board the moletrain Medes Sham Yes ap Soorap watches in awe as he witnesses his first moldywarpe hunt The giant mole bursting from the earth the harpoonists targetingE distraction But the impossible salvage Sham finds there leads to trouble Soon he's hunted on all sides by pirates trainsfolk monsters salvage scrabblers it might not be just Sham's life that's about to change It could be the whole of the railse. “Technically our name to those who speak science is Homo sapiens— wise person But we have been described in many other ways Homo narrans juridicus ludens diaspora we are storytelling legal game playing scattered people too True but incomplete That old phrase has the secret We are all have always been will always be Homo vorago aperientis person before whom opens a vast awesome hole” In so far as Railsea features a captain obsessed with hunting down a behemoth mole China Mieville's novel is a lot like Moby Dick Instead of whaling ships we have trains and trains and the rails that connect the world to itself Exploring this world is akin to plumbing all the ancient knowledge upon which both the known and unknown world has been founded There is a theology interwoven into this uest There are pirates And there are even giant beasts That said Railsea is nothing like Moby Dick Forget I ever made the comparison Railsea is also very different than other Mieville books I've read such as City the City and Perdido Street Station and while calling itself YA it is so much How Mieville plays with conventions and language is central to the book Once again as in other Mieville books I had to throw away the silly notion that the plot was important It took a while for it to grab me but it is well worth the effort