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SUMMARY Rascal A Memoir of a Better Era 107 ¹ ❮Reading❯ ➻ Rascal A Memoir of a Better Era ➳ Author Sterling North – Nothing's surprising in the North household not even Sterling's new pet raccoon Rascal is only a baby when Sterling brings him home but soon the two are best friends doing everything tEndor Rascal A eBook #180 as well as a letter from the author's daughter and material from the illustrator's personal collectionEveryone should knock off work sit beneath the nearest tree and enjoy  Rascal from cover to cover Chicago Tribun. So yes I really do wish that I had encountered Sterling North’s autobiographical and 1964 Newbery Honour winning novel Rascal when I was as a twelve year old voracious reader indeed often uite majorly despairing that for far too many children’s novels featuring pets the endings often than not seemed to conclude with the animals in uestion either dying or needing to be euthanised needing to be killed and often uite horribly and painfully so with of course their generally child or teenaged erstwhile owners left totally and utterly bereft and traumatised For while at the end of Rascal young Sterling does end up having to release his cherished raccoon back into the wild since Rascal as a sexually mature adult male raccoon is really no longer a suitable pet Rascal most happily and appreciatively simply ends with the scenario of Sterling setting his pet raccoon free to live his life and to also find a mate and not with Rascal turning vicious and dangerous and thus having to be killed or that Rascal is shot by hunters And indeed this to and for me truly does make Rascal oh so much readable agreeable and enjoyable than for example a novel such as Wilson Rawls’ Where the Red Fern Grows where the deaths of the main protagonist’s two pet hounds have always been way way too devastating for me and almost deliberately painfully depicted leaving Rascal as a mostly sweetly delightful exotic pet tale with an ending that is of course also a trifle painful as Sterling does have to relinuish his raccoon but ultimately a conclusion both happy and yes also appropriate for Rascal as he would not have been able to remain with Sterling and his family once his sexual urges and instincts had established themselves With much description and a totally realistic and authentic feeling of historical time and place I most definitely have very much enjoyed Sterling North’s printed words And yes the only reason why my ranking for Rascal is four and not yet five stars is that I personally and definitely am a trifle uncomfortable with how Sterling North obtains Rascal as a pet in the first place since I really do have my issues with the fact that Sterling and Oscar deliberately dig into a raccoon den and basically steal a young and helpless Rascal from his mother

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Nothing's surprising in the North household not Memoir of ePUB #8608 even Sterling's new pet raccoon Rascal is only a baby when Sterling brings him home but soon the two are best friends doing everything together until the spring day when everyt. Rascal is a perfectly crafted book It's entertaining and simple enough to appeal to youngsters yet has enough complexity and fine prose to enchant adult readers I loved it when I first read it at age eleven and I loved it even this second time through when I'm old enough towell old enoughThis is Sterling North's account of 1918 1919 the year he was eleven and added a baby raccoon to his already large and unwieldy menagerie He already had pet skunks woodchucks cats a Saint Bernard dog named Wowser and my favorite Poe the Crow Poe lived in the belfry of the church and called out What fun What fun to people arriving for church services As Sterling's constant companion and everybody's entertainer Rascal is the star of the show He's a show off and a bit of a bandit stealing shiny objects and pilfering sweet corn from neighborhood gardens He loves to catch crayfish ride on the merry go round and snuggle up in bed with his owner When I read this as a kid I was tuned in to all the animals This time I found so much depth to enjoy I'd forgotten about how his father let him build an 18 foot canoe in the living room Rascal's charming antics aside this is a story of how a motherless boy and his indulgent good natured father made an enviable life for themselves in rural Wisconsin almost 100 years ago despite the uncertainties of war and fears of the Spanish flu epidemic I vow to revisit this heartwarming book often in the future

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Rascal A Memoir of a Better EraHing suddenly changes Rascal is a heartwarming boyhood memoir that continues to find its way into the hearts of readers fifty years later This special anniversary edition includes the book's classic illustrations restored to their original spl. I came across this book the other day and had a vague remembrance of reading it as a child I enjoyed re reading this memoir It has something to offer both children and adults