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Ravenous Free download Ø PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free é ➸ [Read] ➳ Ravenous By Alexandra Blunt ➽ – Insolpro.co.uk Just when Julian Schwarzenberg accepted that discarding his kinkster skin might be for the best a call from the owner of one of London's BDSM clubs rekindles his need to have someone tGht the one thing keeping him going is a mirage akin to finding water on Mars But fate finally delivers one effective punch a smokingly hot Dom who is on the hunt for Submissive Mr Right Love may be waiting for Julian and Chris but it will reuire them to take a leap of faith They might just be willing because they're both Ravenou. 25 stars

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T could very well lead to a massive case of heartache And to welcome Christopher into his life might just be Julian’s undoingChristopher’s life is like a permanent construction site unstable and filled to the brim with flakes of emotional plaster His eating disorder is consuming him from within and his uest for Dominant Mr Ri. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Review TeamI love books about BDSM and especially if they have “brats” in them they are so much fun This book just didn’t hit any of my buttons I couldn’t feel any connection between Julian and Christopher for most of the book The story was too wordy and not enough action for me I found myself skimming several times and just wishing for the book to end which isn’t like me I feel like Christopher’s eating disorder should have been dealt with than just saying he was going to counseling too Characters couldn’t really connect with them Sex yes Religious noWould I recommend to others yesMore than one book in the series not sureGenre MM BDSM RomanceWould I read by this author yesWicked Reads Review Team

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RavenousJust when Julian Schwarzenberg accepted that discarding his kinkster skin might be for the best a call from the owner of one of London's BDSM clubs rekindles his need to have someone to call his own to dominate and nurture to his heart’s content Julian was hurt in the past and he’s reluctant to accept a mystery invitation tha. Time would tell if he’d just been dreaming a sub starved for a Master’s dominance or if he’d find a ribbon to cut at the end of his journeyI believe I've said this before but there's something I really enjoy about BDSM stories regardless that I have no interest in experiencing the lifestyle firsthand So when an opportunity arose to read a new to me author in Alexandra Blunt and the description for 'Ravenous' seemed interesting I decided to jump right inJulian has been involved in the world of BDSM for many years now but recently he took a break thinking he was going to stop that lifestyle because he hadn't found what he wanted What Julian wants is a 247 submissive to care for to nurture and perhaps to love Then his best friend Jess who owns the club he's a member of calls him in and asks him to consider taking on Christopher as a sub Chris is a mess to put it lightly He knows in his mind that submission is for him but he's not ever had a steady Master to help him deal with all of his feelings and thoughts that cause him to act out and that play a big part in his anorexia He desperately wants what Julian is offering but he has no idea how to get it A Dom and a sub who have a lot to learn about each other about themselves and a whole lot of work ahead of themAs straightforward as the description is and my comments above this novel turned out to be an interesting character study Chris might just be the first sub I've ever run across who tries to top from the bottom And that's not even the right way to explain it He has so many fears and so many issues and no one in his entire life has ever truly cared for him Even though he wants to be submissive with every fiber in his being he's so terrified of giving up control that it's painful to watch I've seen plenty of bratty subs and loved them but Chris takes it one step further Julian really is the best Dom for Chris but even he struggles with how to deal with his anorexia while providing him the comfort care nurture and discipline he so needs Building the trust between the two of them is slow going at first but Julian refuses to let his boy down A true Master didn’t need to exert his domination through brutality; he didn’t need any fancy toys or expensive leathers For the first time Chris believed he could submit and feel free with a Dominant who actually cared for him For the first time Chris understood that he didn’t need to be hurt not in any way to have someone care about himFor a first book I have to say I was impressed with the author’s writing The story and characters are strong I giggled several times at some of the old school phrases for genitalia but I allowed it considering it is her first release I could have done without the subplot involving Chris's brother as in my opinion the story didn't need it although I was very proud of Chris and how he handled it However I loved the BDSM and training elements that happened between Julian and Chris I think the author did a great job with that portionA wonderful read with a fascinating character study I'll be looking forward to from this authorNOTE This book was provided by Loose Id for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews