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kindle Î Ü Lynn Lorenz Nyone into his heart again to hurt him A year after Katrina and ten years after that fateful summer Chad and Jeff meet again only this time it’s in the ER of a local hospital Chad is the attending doctor and Jeff is an assault victim on the brink of death Chad is once again swept into the past by the only man he’s ever loved and like before Chad makes promises to Jeff promises he wil This is a story about the one who got away Actually the correct phrasing would be the one who ran awayJeff and Chad meet at summer camp when they are both in their teens A uick secret relationship develops and they both fall hard as teens are prone to do They are each other's firsts in every sense of the word On the last day of camp Chad makes promises to Jeff promises that he doesn't keep Jeff's young heart gets broken and he vows as a teenager never to allow someone to hurt him like that again Chad never forgets Jeff nor does he forgive himself for walking away from the only person he could ever love His reasons for not contacting Jeff are justified in the beginning but the justifications do not ease the guilt or the fact that he walked away without a wordTen years later Chad is an ER physician An attack victim has been rushed to the hospital and is not expected to survive the night Imagine Chad's shock when he realizes that the patient he is treating is Jeff Jeff remains in a coma for two months with Chad only leaving his side long enough to do his shift at the hospital and to rush home for a few hours of sleep each night He vows to make amends for walking away ten years earlier He hopes during those long two months that Jeff will wake up and not only forgive him for the pain he caused when they were teens but to love him back the way that Chad has never stopped loving him First Jeff has to surviveWhen Jeff finally awakes he's still bitter toward Chad He doesn't want him around or to be part of his life Slowly Jeff realizes that Chad not only helped him survive but he has been taking care of him in other ways as well It's a slow process but Jeff opens his heart again and allows Chad back insideThis is a nice story about righting old wrongs and reconnecting with an old love The journey to forgiveness is not an easy one but it's worth it in the endA nice uick read Roughly about 100 pages or so My only complaint is that I wish it would have been a bit longer and that certain aspects would have been fleshed out Otherwise a very nice storyThis is part of Where The Heart is a series of shorts by various authorsReview can also be found at On Top Down Under Book Reviews

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kindle Ì Remember Me ´ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☉ Remember Me? Author Lynn Lorenz – For Chad and Jeff summer camp had been a time of discovering each other and making promises One of those promises was to stay in touch and keep seeing each other But Chad never called and Jeff remaine For Chad and Jeff summer camp had been a time o L keep or else When Jeff awakes from a coma he finds the man who broke his heart sitting in his hospital room Angry confused and scared Jeff has no defense against this man And he also has no one else to care for him only Chad After all these years Jeff’s dream has finally come true Chad is back in his life But for how long? And is Jeff willing to open his heart to the man who broke it Almost everyone remembers their last summer camp a time for making special friends and discovering things about yourself Dr Chad Wright and Jeff Stone met at summer camp and fell instantly in love They made promises to each other Everyone makes promises to keep in touch and not forget Jeff believed the promises Chad made when they were teens Unfortunately the next time they see each other it’s ten years later and Jeff is unconscious on a gurney in an emergency room with Chad looking down upon him Remember Me is the story of their second chance Remember Me takes place in post Katrina New Orleans and much of the story evolves at Jeff’s bedside while Chad prays for his recovery Jeff is in the hospital because of an attack that is so severe it could cost him his life Lorenz weaves the story of their last summer together through Chad’s memories The relationship the two young boys had is a sweet one like most summer loves but when camp ends so does their contact Remember Me is a brief glimpse into Chad and Jeff’s struggle to come to terms with their past relationship and find a way to trust each other and build a future The characters are engaging and the images of post Katrina New Orleans add atmosphere Still I would have enjoyed detail in the story For example why was Jeff attacked? Did Chad ever talk to his parents about Jeff? Do they even know that Chad is gay? These are a few of the uestions that Lorenz leaves unanswered in Remember Me

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Remember Me For Chad and Jeff summer camp had been a time of discovering each other and making promises One of those promises was to stay in touch and keep seeing each other But Chad never called and Jeff remained behind to finish high school Chad broke Jeff’s heart but both men suffered Chad couldn’t forgive himself for being a coward and not standing up to his parents and Jeff wouldn’t let a This was a nice short story that worked well enough It's of a 35 star read rounded up I liked the story and some of the scenes were very sweet especially towards the end I could have given it but it would have needed another 50 or so pages or to give a bit on their pastIt's a sort of typical thing with two lovers reconnecting after years apart But it didn't show us much of their past so I can't say if they were sweet or anything back then Of course there was a big of anger but I never felt like it was there That part felt a bit flat I like emotion in books like thisIt was a nice story though so I would suggest giving it a uick read It's not long