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READ & DOWNLOAD Ö Rescued by the Firefighter à [Download] ➾ Rescued by the Firefighter By Gail Gaymer Martin – A Fresh Start Paula Reynolds is looking for a new job a new home a new everything—except for love Determined not to repeat old mistakes she's staying away from romance She never counted on falling Ially since he's just as wary of relationships When he learns a stunning secret Rescued by PDF or from her past he must choose to live the way he's always lived or trust in a new lo. I liked the book although I didn't at first but after a few chapters I got into it Wish the author would of redid the beginning so that it wasn't all about depressing Paula


A Fresh Start Paula Reynolds is looking for a new job a new home a new everything except for love Determined not to repeat old mistakes she's staying away from romance She never cou. This is a really sweet romance The kind that makes you smile and sigh and feel gooey inside But it's not so sweet that it's nauseating like you've eaten too much candy Paula and Clint are very likeable so I was eager to see how they'd handle the obstacles on their road to their happily ever after The plot is character driven There's lots of internal dialouge and introspection that allows us to grow along with the characters As always Mrs Martin brings a maturity to her characters and and an organic spiritual thread Lots of clean romance balanced with realistic hurdles that the couple must overcome in their relationship Clint is a fun take on the alpha hero He's been burned by an old flame But instead of letting the scars affect the way he treats women he waits patiently for the right woman to let his guard down with Paula has a lot of guilt about her past but shes's working hard to find beauty from the ashes of her mistakes and build a better future This is the final title in the Sisters series but can be read as a stand alone We get to catch up with characters from Her Valentine Hero andThe Firefighter's New Family It was a fantastic way to wrap or begin the seriesI was provided with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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Rescued by the FirefighterNted on falling for handsome firefighter Clint Donatelli Clint is used to saving lives but with the beautiful Paula he faces a challenge Getting to know her is a daunting task espec. SistersBook 3Paula Reynolds was really the cousin of sisters Ashley and Neeley but since her mom died and she had nobody else she was now considered their sister She lived with their father while looking for a job and a place to live Now that Ashley is married and she and her husband doesn't really want a rental Paula has a chance to buy the house if she can sell her mother'sBut these aren't the worst of her problems The worst part is Paula's low self esteem and trusting other people especially men She doesn't feel she really knows what love is but finds herself highly attracted to firefighter Clint Clint is a sweetie and takes Paula under his wing The attraction is there and is acted on which makes this an even sweeter storyBeing a person who's fought a low self esteem I can see where Paula was coming from I will admit however that Paula's mistrust and constant yoyo of emotions wasn't fair to Clint and got a bit annoying Don't misunderstand me I totally understood where she was coming from but I thought it was just a bit much for my readingThis was an excellent story By the way something I expected to happen in the second book did happen in the third book and the way the author casually mentioned this huge even was great because it let my imagination wonder how that scene would have played out had it been included in the story I decided there wouldn't be enough tissues in the world to get me through that scene Such a wonderful series