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Scions ResurrectionEr to their attentionAnd to the attention of Jachin Black a man banished from the Saguinas a vampire pack and forced to hunt among the despised humans For he clung to the prophecy given years ago of a better way for his kind to live a pr Reading this book was like watching a Bruce Willis action adventure speeding car chases whizzing bullets exploding anythings cheesy romance lines it was great If I were 13 I would have loved this book As it is since I'm now an old fart I enjoyed it enough

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FREE EPUB ´ MOBI Scions Resurrection ô 9780373617784 Ð INSOLPRO ☆ [Ebook] ➣ Scions Resurrection By Patrice Michelle – Everyone believed vampires were extinct Everyone was wrong When Ariel Swanson wrote a novel about vampires she hoped it would exorcise her fear of theOphecy Ariel unknowingly used as the basis of her novelAriel hates and fears vampires Jachin despises humanity But the prophecy and passion binds them in ways they could never have imagined Ways that may heal the past and change the futu Setting streets bars theatre alley upper east side home subway of New York; wilderness cave cabin hidden Sanguinas manor in Shawangunk mountain range;Theme destiny; making good come from bad; loveCharactersSanguinas genetic super humans bred to be disease resistant by product got fangs and drink blood – made by military scientists lab rats to be tested in some horrible inhumane ways thought to have been killed off 25 years; after freed selves from the scientist they went on a rampage against humans – vengeance for how they were treated; after creating Lupreda and after somehow ? human blood became poison to them they withdrew – and are dying out only taking one another’s blood and have not had a pregnancy in 5 years;Lupreda created by the Sanguinas – enhanced – to be prey and a challenge for the Sanguinas humans too tame – thought to have made human blood poisonous to Sanguinas – leading to many deaths and the survivors going into hidingJachin Black aka Slayer 2nd generation – maybe 3rd? Sanguinas; believes in the prophecy; seduced by Sanguinas leader’s mistress and leader banished him; for last 10 years has lived among humans earned high dollar as an assassin; pays excellent money half of a hit income for clean blood – as human blood makes him sick; losing interest no longer reading or cleaning apartment etc losing faith in the prophecy deaths are taking its toll – discouraged;Ezra his father; spoke the prophecy – a prophecy suggesting a salvation for the Sanguinas personally was coming in a special mate for their leader – and then that they would be lead into connection of 3 to 1 – humans Sanguinas and Lupredas; he died a while ago and jachin believed – and thought that Braeden leader also believed;Roach retired chemist who supplies Jachin with cleansed blood – disappears – on own or killed? Will he be back charges a lot for that bloodLandon Lupreda; vampire hunter; an uneasy respect between him and Jachin; seems to out of loop with a current breed of Lupreda – who can shift at times other than full moon and who have a egocentric agenda;Ariel Swanson aka Arianna Lee debut novelist; grandfather parents then her brother all killed by vampires; somehow she wasn’t went into hiding has been haunted by the fear that they are still out to get her though 25 years later vampires are thought to be extinct; either via her grandfatherparents or via a mystical connection she writes a cathartic to her fictional novel about vampires – and is accurate in what she writes – the mansion the blood ect George Marvin Lee Ariel’s grandfather; the lead scientist for the government in the creation of the Sanguinas; why his family targeted by the vampires for revenge; why Ariel has special knowledge of the Sanguinas in her subconscious?Braeden leader of the Sanguinas; he and his family’s blood have been the only ones to make the chalice move – the proof of who is leader; pretends to believe in prophecy but only interested in own advancement – not the Sanguina’s need as a whole; threatened by Jachin so orchestrates his downfallbanishment;Vlad and Aaron two of Braedens men – keep getting in Jachin’s way while he is trying to fulfill the prophecy and get Ariel to Braeden;Mira Jachin’s sister; trains to be a doctor; left behind; raped by Vlad once but never again – though he continues to try and claim her;SummaryJachin assassinates a crooked married senator first knocking out his sexy girlfriend – so as not to need to kill her and his body guards then he gets blood paying too much goes to bar and exchanges words with Landon goes home to his dusty house in a warehouse – an aimless disenchanted disenfranchised vampire and he sees a report of a woman who has written a vampire book – he downloads it and after reading first sentence reads it allAriel is at an interview about her book – there are protestors outside with antivampire signs as she exits there is gunfire and pulser gun blasts and out of nowhere a man in a long leather coat snatches her and escapeskidnaps her – carrying her over his shoulder leaping up a building jumping between buildings – then into a parking garage where he tosses her into the trunk of a car – he takes her to a pickup gathers some things hears enemies coming shoots the window in a circle shape throws her against it breaking the window – she falls – he leaps after her she hears shots in his apartment catches and rolls with her – sticks her back in the trunk of the car and he tells her to go to sleep he takes her to his place – and heals the bullet wound through her shoulder by licking her soft skin saliva heals humans and then licking his finger and touching each of the cuts caused by the broken window And so begins their relationship they are attacked over and over – by other vampires wanting to take Ariel by Lupreda – who at the very least want to interfere with the prophecy fulfillment but may have a larger agenda; they get run off the road they are attacked in a cabin her Lupreda rescue convoy gets attacked they are shot at etc and along the way Jachin is fighting his attraction to her sexually as well as to her almond smelling blood moving from seeing her as a vulnerable human to a strong spirited determined individual – and disciplining himself to getting her to their leader to fulfill the prophecy; her perception of him changes – from cold unemotional to hot; from kidnapper to rescuer; from stranger to lover Vlad takes her when Jachim is occupied by Lupreda taking her to Braeden Mira intercepts her and prepares her to meet Braedon – bathing sprucing up and dressing her – and befriending her – glad to have news of her brother; in front of all and sundry Ariel meets Braedon – just as Jachim has elbowed his way into the complex; Jachim is restrained as Braeden cruelly bites Ariel – and spits out her blood claiming it to be poisoned – both are thrown into the dungeon – where Braeden tells Jachim he never believed in the prophecy and he could tell her blood was different – but where he expects him to be overcome by blood lust and to kill her then to be killed when the sun comes up a dungeon with a window? instead Ariel trusts Jachim he helps her to remember to their almost sex together he had wiped her memory partially he takes her blood during sex – and almost takes too much but stops when she says his nameMina helps them escape Ariel is dying and dreams of Ezra who encourages her to go back and gives her the rest of the prophecy – a broader application to their joined power and encouragement that she knows and can do than she thinks and he realizes that to fulfill the prophecy he must take leadership – going into Lupreda country to the sacrificial altar to the chalicehe takes Ariel with him again carrying her over his shoulder for a time and with the Lupeda the Sanguina they all converge on the altar at the same time Landon helps to push back the Lupeda – the Lupeda and Sanguina battle he cuts and bleeds into the chalice and it drains through the symbol but nothing happens and she decides to go with impulse and adds her blood to the chalice and combined it moves it glows it cracks in half they return to the mansion – he claims leadership he calls for the council 4 – the first once humans turned vampire pledging their participation in future decisions unlike how Braedon used them they are together yet he will not make love to her – for 4 days Ariel starting to have some vampire like attributes – eyes sensitive to sun better night vision his sister is unconscious and Ariel talks to her and she wakes up and tells her to force Jachim’s hand – don’t let him say no to her and Jachim comes in happy to see his sister up and the next time they are alone together Ariel forces his hand tells him she loves him and trusts him and they make love – and this time in midst of passion she grows fangs and bites him taking his blood – sending him over the edge – ahhhBraedon and a few get away Jackim to lead a retrieval team – and looking to join with Landon to tackle peace with the Lupreda – future storiesMemorable scenes“My race was made by humans condemned by humans yet humans have no problem hiring one of us to do their dirty work”Sanguinas would hunt the Lupreda on full moon and end with a ceremony where one is sacrificedProphecy “ A human will speak of our demise Her purity and intelligence will help us survive A mate she becomes to the leader of the vampires joining our races fulfilling our ultimate desire” “The hunted becomes the hunter no longer the prey An enemy in your midst is less dark gray” “Examine your failures and there you will findThe answer to all your uestions in time”Additional prophecy “A leader is needed you know this is true Look not to one but two A lesson was the goal you sought You too must learn from what you taught Layers of deception must be unveiled for three to become one and peace to prevail”

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Everyone believed vampires were extinct Everyone was wrong When Ariel Swanson wrote a novel about vampires she hoped it would exorcise her fear of the creatures that had not so long ago terrorized the human populationInstead it brought h Thanks so much for writing this book Ms Michelle Finally a Silhouette Nocturne that delivers on the action the world building and the romance to an eual level If you don't like high octane action driven romance do not read this book The first 14 of the book felt very much like a actionhorrorscience fiction movie yet with a very sexy hero and a heroine who was way out of her depth I was loving it It had me thinking of The Terminator Underworld and Blade all rolled into one Maybe a little bit of Blade Runner and Ultraviolet too There are some great scenes that really bring these movies to mind in a very visually stylistic wayJachin is a serious bad ass This is established from the first scene I was like Aw yeah He really reminded me of Blade except cuter than Wesley Snipes and looking nothing like him or Blade but the aspects of him being a hard as nails kickass hunter assassin who happened to be a vampire He is sexy as all get out and initially has a bit of an attitude I like my heroes a little grumpy But I could understand why He got kicked out by his brethren was on the run from various people and vampires who wanted him dead and spent most of his time in a state of borderline starvation for sustenance from blood Human blood had become poisonous so he had to take jobs as an assassin to be able to afford to buy specially processed blood from a scientist to stay alive I think Ms Michelle did a great job writing Jachin There are nuances that sort of reminded me of other paranormal heroes but at the same time Jachin really had a uniue feel for me He was one of those heroes you can drool over but really respect for being tough as nails I'm as much an action adventure fan as I am a romance fan so I love when I can find characters that fill both shoes eually wellAriel is not the kickbutt kind of heroine She's of a damsel in distress That's okay The kicking butt and taking names kind of heroine is great but it gets stale when every book has that sort of heroine Initially she was bugging me with her intolerance towards Jachin But then I had to put myself in her shoes Shouldn't she hate vampires since her family was brutally wiped out by them? Shouldn't she be wary and desirous to escape from those who inspired fear in her? She didn't know Jachin so how could she instantly bond to him and trust him So I came to the realization that Ariel is authentic in her initial reactions to Jachin She is soft and sweet but she has a fortitude that comes through considering what she is put through in this book Talking about beat up and bashed around Good thing Jachin's saliva is healing And he's than willing to lick all her wounds healed and he discovers her blood is not poisonous like other humans in the process Ariel comes to play a very pivotal role in this book and I like that she comes to the conclusion that she has a responsibility in the world that Jachin inhabits and embraces him and this role I came to like her very muchThe worldbuilding was intriguing and involving It is set in the future which is clear through the technology available I like how Ms Michelle established this withough committing the info dump writing sin There are enough elements of a futuristic setting to be appreciated but not so out there that it's distracting In this series vampires were genetically engineered by humans As with any toy humans tired of the vamps and decided to wipe them out The vampires called Sanguinas or scions rebelled and started hunting the humans But over the years the humans' blood became poisonous and the scions had to go into hiding The Sanguinas actually created the werewolves called Lupredas to hunt for them and to play part in their ancient rituals Over time the Lupredas and the Sanguinas became mortal enemies This part reminded me of Underworld In this book the Lupredas play a minor role although Landon a Lupreda is a sometimes ally to Jachin There is a bit of inter breed politics related to Jachin's being ousted from the Sanguinas and the prophecy that Ariel unwittingly reveals in her book that she wrote about vampires as a sort of therapy Hearing that Ariel wrote this book about the prophecy is the impetus that causes Jachin to kidnap her to take her back to the Sanguinas leader as his mate to fulfill the prophecy They are on the run from Sanguinas who want to get her there first and also from human vampire hunters called Garroters The politics part is good for fans of the vampire society type storylines prominent in movies like Blade the tv show Kindred The Embrace and the Underworld films But it doesn't drag the storyline down as this book stays pretty action and romance orientedWhich brings me to the romance You feel the heat between Jachin and Ariel build over time but in a compelling way practically from their first scene together This book has some steamy love scenes that have you turning the pages but all the interactions between Jachin and Ariel help to show the connection and the chemistry between the pair It's not long before you're hope that Ariel will start to see Jachin in a different light and that Jachin will realize that she belongs with him instead of BraedenI don't want to give that much away so I won't prolong this review but I definitely want to say that book left me completely satisfied It has great romance sexy and fiery love scenes awesome action and fantastic creative worldbuilding I'm definitely a new fan of Patrice Michelle and I can't wait to read the next books in the series I'm excited to see if she wrote stories for Mira Jachin's sweet sister and Landon Thanks to my sister for recommending this book She is very particular about books so I pay attention when she really likes one and she's the one that got me into paranormals which I owe my eternal gratitude to her for doing I'm glad I did read this book And I am happy that I found another Silhouette Nocturne that I really really liked This might be my second favorite Enemy Lover by Bonnie Vanak is my all time favorite although this book has better action scenesI'd give this book 4550 stars Check it out if you're a fan of paranormal romance