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PDF ☆ BOOK A Bike Ride 12000 Miles Around the World ↠ INSOLPRO ☆ ❴Read❵ ➳ A Bike Ride 12000 Miles Around the World Author Anne Mustoe – Insolpro.co.uk When ex headmistress Anne Mustoe gave up her job bought a bike and took to the road she couldn't even mend a puncture 12000 milWhen ex headmistress Anne Mustoe gave up her job bought a bike and took to the road she couldn't even mend a puncture 12000 miles and 15 months later she was homeHer epic solo journey took h “I was not athletic I was not young I had never been a keen cyclist I had no idea how to mend a puncture I hated camping picnics and discomfort In fact my ualifications for an arduous cycle ride were minimal”Approaching retirement Ms Mustoe leaves her job as headmistress of an English girls’ school to ride a bike around the world by herself History is her passion and she organizes her trip segments historically following Roman roads from London to Rome the journeys of Alexander the Great from Greece to India and the westward migration of settlers backwards across the US She is an engaging traveller to follow as she shares highlights and lowlights of her trip encounters with the locals bits of history bike problems bad weather etc Unfortunately by the time she reached the US she was understandably eager to make good time and finally get home and her account becomes briefer and a tad grumpy Illustrated with occasional photographs and with good high level maps so readers can follow along“After years of work and duty I was setting out unashamedly to please myself Even this book has been fun to write Retracing my route in the comfort of my hotel in Southern Turkey I sometimes marvelled at the hardships I endured but often I looked back with longing at those vibrant carefree days”

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Er around the world through Europe India the Far East and the United States From Thessaloniki to Uttar Pradesh from Chumphon to Singapore she faced downpours blizzards and blistering deserts In 1987 Anne Mustoe set off from London with basic euipment in panniers on a bicycle 439 days later she returned to London having cycled 115521 miles From the UK to France Switzerland Italy Greece Turkey Then Pakistan India Thailand Malaysia Singapore across the USA and to Ireland Epic without doubtAnne Mustoe was 54 had limited experience on a bicycle couldn't repair a puncture and by her own admission was overweight A recently retired head mistress she was not short of self motivation and determinationAfter a brief introduction where the author describes her euipment and the motivation planning of her trip she then launches straight into the cycling It is hard not to draw comparisons with Dervla Murphy well known as an accomplished cyclist and traveller often alone but sometimes with daughter in tow To be perfectly honest this book missed what makes most Dervla Murphy books successful it was not as amusing There were a few wry comments and amusing situations but for me far too far between Large tracts of the travel were only marginally interesting and perhaps due to the great distance covered the commentary seemed to skip through the potentially interesting things far too uickly As I understand it this is Anne Mustoe's first of many books I have several in my shelves and perhaps she felt obliged to mention each town and village no matter how briefly Perhaps in the following books she gets a instinctive feel for where to linger in a story and what to omit Parts of the European countries and almost all of the USA fell flat with me I enjoyed the central part of the trip Greece Turkey Pakistan India but to be fair they are destinations I am much interested in Thailand and Malaysia were brief in their descriptions and didn't spark much amusement There was far too much saw that cycled here slept there eat that of a repetitive nature it just all remained too predictableIn hindsight I am glad I read the first of her books first and I am game to try again But not too soonBetween two and three stars for me but erring towards the lower end

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A Bike Ride 12000 Miles Around the WorldPolitical turmoil and amorous waiters alternated with great kindness from strangers along the way A Bike Ride is the first in the series of Anne Mustoe's successful and inspiring travelogue “When ex headmistress Anne Mustoe gave up her job bought a bike and took to the road she couldn’t even mend a puncture” It seems she still couldn’t by the end of her 115521 mile 439 day journey but that didn’t matter Whether helping her with the occasional mechanical problem finding her a place to stay telling her the lay of the land or giving her water in the middle of a desert road the people Mustoe met were largely kind and hospitableThe synopsis on the book’s cover makes much of Mustoe’s initial inexperience and unfitness as a cyclist but she was an educated woman who had traveled well in Europe and beyond This was no sheltered countrywoman venturing naïvely into the world for the first time Her trip was well planned and thoughtful though that does not diminish her accomplishment The thought of setting off each day often not knowing exactly where she would find food or a place to sleep the following night will daunt readers including me Having to ask around at cafés and tourism offices however put her in touch with the people and cultures she traveled through enriching her journeyWith the overall theme of people’s basic goodness comes the uestion of why some people or sometimes entire cities were rude or even mean I continued to ponder this problem after finishing the book Mustoe faced incompetent consular officials loutish youths and other miscreants along the way Sometimes these moments were personal — I braced myself when she entered the United States hoping my countrymen would represent us well then cringed each time they didn’t Whatever unpleasantness Mustoe faced however formed only a small portion of her trip and readers who are apprehensive about traveling to foreign places should find encouragement hereMustoe loved both the act of cycling and the travel experience it offered However though proud of her Condor touring bike she supplies few details about it When listing its components at the beginning of the book the gears and brakes are described only as “Shimano” Cyclists who enjoy bicycles for their own sake as machines are left wanting details A Bike Ride is an understated travelogue and some portions made the book feel like a list of places than a story Though not an exciting book however it rewarded my patience