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Roberto to the Dark Tower CameOn of leaving as soon as he Roberto to ePUB #187 follows a lead on a major story developing in the jungle The book follows him on his perilous journey into the heart o. —The review below was authored by Paperback Paris Staff Writer Melissa Ratcliff Read While political affairs are often a touchy subject Tom Epperson makes a case for the corrupt political tensions and scandals plaguing journalists and the indigenous peoples of South America in Roberto to the Dark Tower Came Dark and gruesome yet written in a very matter of fact Murakami esue style that will appeal to fans of all genres Epperson’s latest work offers a searing look at political turmoil from a new perspectiveWasting no time Roberto to the Dark Tower Came begins with a foreboding warning – if Roberto a journalist who is unafraid to push boundaries does not leave the country within 10 days he will die for publishing stories that uncover corruption and unrest throughout the countryThrough day to day accounts of his life we witness Roberto who realizes that it would only be a matter of time before he faced danger in the name of his profession as he makes changes to his lifestyle Fearful of this latest death threat and what it could mean for him as dark circumstances and mysterious deaths begin to occur to those close to him he makes plans to officially leave the country to live with his long distance girlfriend in Saint LuciaIn describing the actions leading up to Roberto’s eventual departure Epperson uses clear and concise language Meticulous yet oddly charming his prose is reminiscent of Haruki Murakami in that he is able to touch on the most bizarre topics while making them seem like an everyday part of lifeDecidedly matter of fact Roberto’s everyday life leading up to his latest adventure is described in crisp detail that manages to be engaging despite featuring the mundane It is in these small details that we can compare the two authors Although there is something decidedly magical about Murakami’s writing in its lyricism Epperson achieves the opposite with the same effect His writing is clean and concise but gives off a different tone – one that is straightforward meticulous and somewhat stiff yet enticing We are witnessing another day in Roberto’s life and although alarming the political tensions and corruption are just that – a part of lifeThough limited interactions Epperson provides us with a crisp backstory for each character that Roberto encounters as he begins to make preparations for his final story Instead of detracting from the narrative these small vignettes featuring Roberto’s family acuaintances and story interests provide an incredible amount of depth to an intriguing narrative filling in the gaps about his personality and his lifestyle as a controversial journalist And if Roberto went back through the years he could find journalists dozens of them men and women the young and the old the famous and the obscure the foolhardy and the fearful who have all in a variety of or less terrible ways died and Roberto does not want to be among their number – excerpt from Tom Epperson’s Roberto to the Dark Tower Came Although a gruesome and violent thriller that explores corruption and unrest in South America Roberto to the Dark Tower Came bases its content on very real political issues Through various connections we learn of dark political secrets bombings brutal murders and rape for no reason other than those in power can War crimes and acts of corruption color Roberto’s story – horrendous acts of violence follow activists from all walks of life even if they have already suffered enough Even friends have the potential to become enemies proving that life can change in a split second when under fear and faced with an ultimatumHaunting and tense Roberto to the Dark Tower Came is an unexpected thriller at every turn Full of mystery suspense and even a bit of romance Tom Epperson has managed to craft a fast paced political thriller full of twists turns and a very unexpected ending Grounded in reality and full of meaningful lessons Epperson will wow you with astounding revelations in a familiar format From start to finish Roberto to the Dark Tower Came was difficult to put down and remarkable to digest

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Roberto is a young left the Dark eBook #180 wing South American journalist who receives an ominous phone call leave the country in ten days or die He has every intenti. This book was one I couldn't put down from the beginning of reading until the end It is on a subject I have tried to bring to the attention of people and organizations for about 4 decades concerning in particular the Indigenous peoples in the rainforests of South America and the poor from Mexico on down to the end tip of the Americas Maybe because of better communication worldwide cell phones and internet we are seeing the amount of journalists and activists that are being arrogantly murdered over trying of expose corruption and atrocities created against Indigenous people and the poor to exploit and destroy their areasthroughout the world and in my personal opinion the rainforests are the areas we most need to protect and secure from this but it shouldn't be happening anywhere at this point in time and will continue until whole countries rise up against it and say no The author did a great job of bringing his characters to life in a fast paced thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat unable to stop because you need to see what is going to happen I would recommend this book to anyone and feel it would make a great movie if true to the book #RobertoToTheDarkTowerCame #NetGalley

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Roberto to the Dark Tower Came Download ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Á ➹ [Read] ➵ Roberto to the Dark Tower Came By Tom Epperson ➼ – Roberto is a young left wing South American journalist who receives an ominous phone call leave the country in ten days or die He has eveF darkness in pursuit of his story Unknowingly Roberto is headed toward to the Dark PDFEPUB #231 a confrontation with an evil darker than he could possibly have imagin. I loved this book I devoured it in one big gulp It was suspenseful It was thoughtful It was timely But most of all I was surprised by how soulful it was for a thriller It's set in a Latin American country full of political turmoil and though written by an Arkansas author its sense of place is amazing You can practically feel the jungle all around you By the end of the book my heart was actually thumping in my chest as I feared for the fate of all involved Highly recommend