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Download Running with Scissors Book Ò 304 pages À Insolpro à ➵ Running with Scissors Read ➼ Author Augusten Burroughs – Running with Scissors is the true story of a boy whose mother a poet with delusions of Anne Sexton gave him away to be raised by her unorthodox psychiatrist F amidst Victorian sualor living with the doctor’s bizarre family and befriending a pedophile who resided in the backyard shed The story of an outlaw Running with eBook #236 childhood where rules were unheard of and the Christmas tree stayed up all Burroughs offers a book that is supposedly a memoir If so then truth is definitely stranger than fiction Let’s say I am skeptical If you thought you had a tough adolescence a look at Burroughs’ tale will put your experience into a little perspective He grew up in western Massachusetts to a mother who was probably bi polar in what seems like ground zero for inappropriate behavior She was seeing a peculiar psychiatrist who had a fondness for having patients come to live at his home a chaotic household that was a combination of You Can’t Take it With You and the Addams Family Augusten’s mother unable to cope essentially gives her son to the shrink That Augusten was gay adds even color to this That he engages in an affair as a thirteen year old with one of the shrink’s adopted children a man in his thirties makes that a dark color indeed Augusten Burroughs from his siteWhile one may feel some sympathy for the author who had difficulties in school who was very much a free spirit who had a pretty awful family and had to cope with the ostracism and hostility engendered by his sexual inclination he does not seem like a person I would want to know Maybe as an adult he grew out of some of the destructive behavior depicted here One does not have to like the author or his character in a book to appreciate the work itself It is an engaging fast read and I was drawn in for the duration While Running With Scissors may be tough to swallow as pure fact based memoir I found that treating it as if it were labeled “a novel” made it all go down a lot easier EXTRA STUFFLinks to the author’s personal Twitter and FB pages

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Running with Scissors is the true story of a boy whose mother a poet with delusions of Anne Sexton gave him away to be raised by her unorthodox psychiatrist who bore a striking resemblance to Santa Claus So at the age of twelve Burroughs found himsel I found this book profoundly disturbing and torturous to read I understand that it is cleansing and theraputic for those that have been traumitized to writetalk aobut their problems to help with the healing process There are very few things that my ironclad stomach can't suffer and my brain is developed enough to handle even the most shocking of situations This book tested my patience from begining to end and in the end I was very dissapointedFirst off from reviews and the book cover I was given the impression that regardless of the contents within that this was a humurous look at this parcitular authors teenage years What I found instead were rampant displays of sloth decay and enough illegal activities to jail every one of the characters for 5 15 years in a PMIA prison Debauchery doesn't disurb me in the slightest and I have a pension for books that provide plenty of shock and awe regardless of the legality Secondly the fact that such a gathering of mentally fucked people was not only allowed but encouraged disurbs me greatlymostly because I find that this is an unfortunate circumstance that can be found in any city any where in the world The truth of the book is what made me hate it Rather than having hope for the characters I found that I wanted to euthanize them all just to end their misery But hey three chapters of development and then putting them all down like rabbid dogs would have made for an even worse bookOn a final note SPOILER ALERT if I was expecting a book detailing the disgusting side of middle America horrendous images of mental illness gay molestation and multiple lives ruined from neglect and substandard care I might have enjoyed it and found nothing humurous or uplifting on how the author presentedThis might be a rare case where I don't bother to even give an author a second chance because of how bad this book was

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Running with ScissorsYear round where Valium was consumed like candy and if things got dull an electroshock therapy machine could provide entertainment The funny harrowing and bestselling account of an ordinary boy’s survival under the most extraordinary circumstances After digesting for over a month now I still feel this autobiography memoir beyond bizarre and beliefCan all of it really be trueCan I believe the doctor depict herein holds a medical degree from one of the most prestigious universities in America ieYale Hmmmmmpretty hard to believe and disheartening tooAnyway it's the 1970's and all hell breaks loose when 12 year old Augusten's disturbed poetry writing mother and alcoholic father divorce and mother dear ultimately sends him off to live in the sagging pink house of her psychiatrist Dr FinchHis filthy wreck of a house is filled with his children adopted included and is open to virtually anyone else who wants to stay for a spell Most residents are a bit strange to say the least including a 33 year old gay pedophile who likes to eat dog foodWith zero parental guidance role models from hell and a continualdisgustingdysfunctionalenvironment of course Augusten's life was in turmoil; and if even half of what I read here is true it is a wonder AB made it out in one piecephysically and mentallyAs for the good doctorGood Lord An office visit includes a tour and description of his Masturbatorium that patients are invited to usethe crazy Doctor also believes in evaluating his own sht to foretell the future although of course he doesn't scoop it himselfand well the list goes on and on including the bizarre family bible dip predictions but you get the picture The smartest family member was actually the old family dog who decided it best to stay on at the original residence with strangers Wish poor Freud the starved cat COULD have followed his leadRUNNING WITH SCISSORS is #13 on the Goodread's Best Autobiography and Non fiction life stories list Read it and see what you think Didn't have a problem with EDUCATED read back to back with RWS but sure found this one hard to swallow Yikes