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SacrificePara manter a frágil paz na sua amada terra A outra erra pelas ruas devastadas pela guerra em busca de vingança para a tragédia ue atingiu a família Ambas fazem escolhas ue as irão separar daueles ue não conseguem. First Thoughts This was the perfect middle ground between the slow pace of Legacy and the uick action packed scenes of Allegiance With a fitting ending and a story I found myself absorbed in I could forgive the few things that annoyed me and enjoy the conclusion to one of the best series I've readReview originally posted on Alexa Loves BooksI’m an ardent lover of the Legacy trilogy I absolutely adore Cayla Kluver's writing style the incredible world she’s managed to create and the characters that she's written to life And this final novel in the trilogy Sacrifice is just a completely fitting way to end things It was a little difficult for me to get into the novel mostly because of the constant POV shift between Alera ueen of Hytanica and Shaselle daughter of one of the slain Hytanicans Having an alternate POV provided the opportunity to see things happening in Hytanica from a different perspective I definitely appreciate this as Shaselle’s POV gave us the chance to see what was going on outside of the palace where Alera resides including what the rebels were up to and how the city was faring under Cokyrian reign While I do believe Alera has definitely transformed from when I first encountered her in Legacy I still get frustrated with her a lot When it comes to handling the matters of her kingdom and her people she’s definitely intelligent sensitive and diplomatic There’s a new maturity to her actions which draws my respect However there are certain choices she makes especially when it comes to Narian that I find particularly bothersome and disagreeable and it also frustrated me when she didn’t take action on behalf of some of her subjects at certain points Narian put me on edge a lot even though he does the best he can to protect the Hytanicans and prevent the wrath of Cokyri from descending on them He’s certainly intelligent commands leadership and demonstrates compassion However I did think that he was still a bit aloof and closed off even with Alera And of course as someone firmly in Steldor’s camp it obviously bugged me that Alera chose him Speaking of Steldor he doesn’t appear to often to my woe but when he does I could still see all the reasons I loved him He toed the fine line between being recklessly mischievous and carefully responsible I enjoyed his kindness optimism strength and protectiveness over the kingdom and his family Plus he’s still such a charmer I will freely admit that I enjoyed reading Shaselle’s chapters a lot than Alera’s most of the time She’s the daughter of Baelic who was Cannan’s brother and who was executed in the last book She’s definitely uniue among the Hytanican women as she’s a free spirit who loves to ride horses Her stubbornness and her independence definitely endeared her to me and I sympathized with her plight as a young woman trying to make sense of a world without her father and a world where she as a Hytanican woman would be reuired to wed Her adventures range from exciting and fun to scary and nerve wracking but I commend her general attitude of bravery though it was often matched with irreverence and impulsiveness As with Allegiance there is so much happening in this novel Hytanica is in the process of being rebuilt and Cokyri is attempting to enforce its power over the city Tensions run high often than not and I was saddened by the fact that there are so many losses and deaths in this novel There are of course a few lighter humorous moments scattered throughout the book trysts between couples witty remarks and moments of wild abandon and that definitely balanced things out for me Cayla Kluver has again presented us with a novel that boasts real characters extreme conflict and a thoroughly satisfying ending to a series that I love While I do wish a few things had played out differently I think it Sacrifice is pretty much the best way this series could have ended

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READ Sacrifice ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ ❮Ebook❯ ➥ Sacrifice ➦ Author Cayla Kluver – ALERA rainha de um reino perdido secretamente apaixonada pelo inimigo SHASELLE filha de um pai assassinado uma rebelde com causa Uma vive atrás das antigas muralhas do palácio de Hytanican e caminha ALEDeixar de amar Como as suas histórias se entrelaçam uma conspiração toma forma e tanto pode acabar em escravidão ou morte ou ter de novo liberdade mas apenas se cada uma conseguir enfrentar o ue deve ser sacrifica. Very excited for this book I have only read allegience have not yet obtained the first book as i did not realise that alegience was the second in the second book i was dissapointed by the relationship outcome between steldor and Alera i felt that there was actually a lot of chemistry between them and if she could just stop mooning over narian she could be really really happy with him maybe this is just becuse i didn't see her relationship with Narian in the first book but as much as i would like Alera to come to her senses about this i have a feeling that she will end up with Narian I also feel that the fall of Hytanica was a somewhat good thing as it enabled a woman to be put into actual power so that the men could see that women are not useless i do however hope that Hytanica will be regained but that there will be respect for women Back to Steldor and Alera though i heard in an interview or maybe read it somewhere that there was a character the second woman in command to the high priestess that Steldor would have uite a bit to do with unfortunently i think this may mean that Steldor will be paired off with this woman and good for him if he can find someone who loves him but i will be really dissapointed if this happens as i just can't see Steldor without Alera i mean he is just so nice to her sure he gets angry say when he finds out that ALera was running around with Narian when she was suposed to be ourting him BUT SERIOUSLY WHO WOULD NOT RESPOND THAT WAY she was practically cheating on the poor manI really hope that Alera and Steldor will end up together perhaps the sacrifice that Alera must face is the loss of Narians love or perhaps his death i hope that in this book Alera will be a stronger character and not such a girly girl i understand the time period and all but really what we want is a female lead who defies the status uo for women which she is now in a position to do as she is the sole ruler Can't wait for this book and i hope that London Cannan Steldor and Alera can win back Hytanica

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ALERA rainha de um reino perdido secretamente apaixonada pelo inimigo SHASELLE filha de um pai assassinado uma rebelde com causa Uma vive atrás das antigas muralhas do palácio de Hytanican e caminha no fio da navalha. Crossing my fingers that Alera will stop being a dumbass n go back to steldor