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Scoundrel of Dunborough Knights Prizes #3 Free read ✓ 5 ¾ [Epub] ➤ Scoundrel of Dunborough Knights Prizes #3 ➥ Margaret Moore – She swore to resist temptation Journeying to Dunborough to learn the truth about her sister's murder novice Celeste D'Orleau dons a nun's habit for safety But Ng her childhood hero Gerrard of Dunborough makes her dream of pleasures that will be forbidden once she takes her final vows Gerrard Scoundrel of ePUB #187 wrestles with his desire for the inn. Encerrando a trilogia de forma ok Não me encantei mas serviu para passar o tempoEu não gostei de Gerrard no livro anterior era um chato reclamação bêbado e invejoso Aui ele recebeu o ue mereciaLevou na cara tantas vezes ue cheguei a ficar com dó por um segundo e logo acabou mas o sentimento existiu A rendenção foi plausível e interessanteNa contra partida em termos de comportamento tem Celeste uma noviça ue volta a Dunborough depois da morte de sua irmã Ela uer apenas resolver os problemas deixados por Audrey conseguir se livrar da madre superiora mala e conseguir fazer seus votos uer paz uer segurança mas se saísse como planejado não haveria livroEla dá um trabalhão a Gerrard merecido mas também não gostei muito dela suas hipocrisia me deu preguiçaFora isso o livro aborda uma uestão triste real e assustadoramente freuente Homens obcecados por mulheres ue se sentem no direito de obrigar a reciprocidade e sempre das piores maneiras possíveis O final é como vemos em jornais e estatísticas

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Ocent beauty After striving to redeem his wicked reputation he won't seduce a nun Yet as Celeste's mission draws them closer together it soon becomes clear their passion is stronger than any vow. Margaret Moore remains one of my favourite authors of Medieval period historical romance titles although uality does vary This one falls suarely in the middle in terms of preference Our heroine Celeste is a novice who was sent to a convent twelve years ago after breaking the hero's collar bone after he cut off her hair She has yet to take her vows because the mother superior considers her too unruly She returns home to sort out her family property after her sister is brutally murdered by her infatuated bodyguard She re encounters the hero Gerrard who is finally starting to settle down looking after his brother's estate after 12 feckless years of drinking wenching fighting and hanging out with dubious company The pair have to solve the mystery of her sister's murder The killer is dead but did some mastermind put him up to it As well as escape the clutches of the harsh mother superior come to take Celeste back to the conventOver all I thoroughly enjoyed this one it's a bit like a brother Cadfael story mixed in with historical romance Only thing is the villain is a bit obvious and melodramatic The romance is average nothing particularly wrong you never doubt that these two should be together but it never tugged at my heartstrings and its not as sexy as many other stories of this ilk Still I did really like the plot and the setting and thought this was solid if not one of Moore's best

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Scoundrel of Dunborough Knights Prizes #3She swore Dunborough Knights MOBI #9734 to resist temptation Journeying to Dunborough to learn the truth about her sister's murder novice Celeste D'Orleau dons a nun's habit for safety But seei. Meh I've been craving a good HN medieval but this is not the droid I'm looking for So let's be honest As my regular GR peeps know yours truly is no great stickler for extreme accuracy of minutiae in historicals While I expect generalities easily Googled factoids to be correct I don't GAF if every social convention costume travel time collouialism marriage procedure or whatever is observed to the detriment of the story's flow or character interaction While it's nice when authors are skilled enough to incorporate these things into their book my first priorities are voice pace vividness entertainment value ALWAYS medieval fiction is no exception Observe some favorites THE RAIN MAIDEN LADY OF THE FOREST THE SAXON OUTLAW'S REVENGE LOVE'S FIERY DAGGERneed I say I've included this infodump of personal background for one reason one reason only when I claim this book has subzero medieval ambiance you'll understand how truly bland it must beBecause sweet mother of pearl This couldn't feel less medieval if it tried I'm sorry but including a nunnery a castle courtyard veils doesn't make a 11th c romance I think it was 11th I'm too lazy to check Instead we have the excess parental baggage The hero that's desperate to be liked by everyone The heroine who emasculates the hero at every opportunity The battle of sexes dialogue happy drivel The asides of servants rehashing everything that just happened The kidnapping the hidden treasure the SO ADORABLE madcap rush for a priest to officiate three weddings simultaneously gag the drunken outpouring of feels the obsessive nutball villain who was so screamingly obvious that it hurtall of these things could've happened in any period that involved travel by horse Indeed this felt like an f'ing Regency novel; simply replace a few minor details you'd have the exact same story So incredibly bland disappointing This author appears to have a cult following but I won't be back for