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REVIEW Sheik Defense Desert Justice #4 ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ ➵ Sheik Defense Desert Justice #4 Read ➼ Author Ryshia Kennie – He's the one she can't remember she's the one he can't forget Tossed overboard Ava Adams had been left for dead drifting at sea But security speciaHe's the one she Desert Justice Epub #218 can't remember she's the one he can't forget Tossed Sheik Defense PDFEPUB or overboard Ava Adams had been left for dead drifting at sea But security specialist Defense Desert Justice PDFEPUB #228 Faisal A. If Jenna Kernan hadn't set the bar so low for bad Intrigue books this could be one of the worst out there Just what was it doing being sold as a romantic thriller There's no romance here No thrills either Now where do I even beginIf you like your romance heroines to be wilting fragile petals who are too ridiculously effing stupid to live you'll strike gold here The plot description says Ava Adams is tossed overboard but she's not She's put into a lifeboat by her father after a business partner tries to kill him in order to keep her safe I'm not sure why but straight away she starts passing out despite no indication of any head injuryShe's rescued by Sheik Faisal Al Nassar who is so un Sheik like it's hard to understand why he was even made a Sheik in the first place She gets taken to hospital where it appears her only ailment is dehydration after being lost at sea for a day However she continues to keep passing out barely managing to get out a sentence or two before it's just All Too MuchAnd here's where we have our first major problem Ava essentially spends the entire first half of the book unconscious The only conversation she even has with Faisal is him asking her if she remembers anything And even then it's only a sentence or two before she passes out again How are we supposed to get a feel for these guys as a couple when she's dead to the world the entire timeIt only gets worse from there Ava suddenly wakes up and decides she must go to Texas to find out why her father's colleague wanted her father dead Despite previously being unable to answer even simple uestions she manages to sneak out from guarded protection and hops on a bus to solve the mystery on her own as she doesn't want to put Faisal in danger Despite him being you know a specialist in these very sorts of things And I sure hope the guard wasn't from Faisal's security firm because maybe he should spend some of his endless wealth on savvier employeesSo Ava is off to Texas on a mission that deserves to get her killed frankly and Faisal must use various sources to try and find out where she's going in order to protect her And here is where the problem continues How can this be a romance when the hero and heroine have spent close to zero time together other than one conversation in hospital that only involved the hero asking the heroine if she remembered anythingAnswer it can'tIt isn't even until nearly page 170 in a 207 page book that they're even reunited How on earth am I supposed to believe these two are madly in love and destined to be together It's not possible Instead the author is just constantly telling us rather than showing us by having Faisal ruminate about how he totally dug her five years ago but it wasn't the right time Of course by the end they're declaring their love for one another but I didn't buy it for one second They never even had ONE PERSONAL CONVERSATION EVERTag onto the lifeless romance and Ava's Too Stupid To Live buffoonery a boring suspense free plot We know who the bad guy is from the very opening chapter Then it's just Ava trying to track down documents that prove he was into shonky land deals and Faisal floundering around after her That's it YAWN This book completely and utterly fails in the two genres it is trying to combineA nifty website called Fiction Database has a listing of Intrigue books all the way up to March 2019 Thankfully there seem to be no books from Ryshia Kennie in the pipeline She is clearly out of her depth in this genre Methinks Harleuin might have noticed this too and uietly nixed any future contracts Or you would hope so They sadly have let Jenna Kernan do another four book mini series Sob

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L Nassar was determined to find her He owed her father a great debt and had never forgotten the connection he and Ava had once shared Yet after rescuing Ava he discovered she barely remembered him Amnesia had left Ava uncertain of who had tried t. Excellent contemporary Sheik family romance with intrigue suspense and deception Faisal is a sheik as are his brothers They grew up with wealth but as young men they worked together to set up an international security company They have also known Dan and his daughter Ava for years Ava and Faisal went to college together became great friends but then lost track Now he gets notified that both Ava and Dan as well as their yacht is missing The story gets involved as they hear that Dan may have done something unethical which is totally out of character Tragedy worry and terror makes Ava run from Faisal when she should've been asking for help I received a complementary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I look forward to reading future books my Ms Kennie

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Sheik Defense Desert Justice #4O kill her She did know however that Faisal was a man she could trust The sheik's embrace was familiar and enticingand possibly even dangerous How could she succumb to feelings for her protector when what she didn't know could get them both kille. What a thoroughly enjoyable read I was engaged right from the beginningThe list of characters and their relationships to each other at the start of the book was a very nice touch Action packed drama followed by glimpses into the past relationship friendship between Faisal and Ava kept the story interesting and moving along at a good paceThe characters and storyline were well developedI was fortunate enough to win this book on Goodreads recently Prior to that I had never heard of this author but I certainly will be looking out for her other books now