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kindle » Ship of Rome ebook õ ❰Download❯ ➺ Ship of Rome Author John Stack – Against a backdrop of the clash of the Roman and Carthaginian empires the battle for sovereignty takes place on the high seasAtticus captain of one of the ships of Rome's small coastal fleet is from a Against a backdrop of the clash oAgainst a backdrop of the clash of the Roman and Carthaginian empires the battle for sovereignty takes place on the high seasAtticus captain of one of the ships of Rome's small coastal fleet is from a Greek fishing family Septimus legionary commander reluctantly ordered aboard ship is from Rome born into a traditionally army family It could never be an easy alliance But the arrival of a hostile fleet larger far skilful and powerful than any Atticus has encountered before fo I was excited to pick up this book The focus on the Punic Wars between Rome and Carthage offered a uniue fresh arena for a good historical fiction romp All too often books about Romans focus on the Imperial capital R Rome rather than the older Republican small r Rome This book also emphasized the great naval struggle between the Carthagian masters of the seas and the upstart Romans On picking up this book I hoped it would be the Roman world euivalent of Dewey Lambdin's Lewrie series to Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe books I was ready to like this book but I was disappointed I won't go into all of my gripes but there were a couple key things that bugged me First the author constantly switched perspectives from person to person to person in order to craft his story This works well if the number of characters is kept to the few and the essential In the case of this book it was overdone We follow Gisco Hamilcar Atticus Scipio Duilius Septimus a legate on Sicily and It made it hard to immerse oneself into the overall arc of the storyNext some of the characters and scenes were absolutely stale and felt like cardboard props than living and breathing people in particular the relationship between Hadria and Atticus They have barely met and the author is telling me that they are falling head over heels in love with one another Okay maybe there is love at first glance but come on My wife told me that she knew she'd marry me the day she saw me but it took me longer than that Finally there just wasn't enough tension in the overall arc of the story As it is historical fiction we know that the Romans will defeat the Carthaginians and rescue the Legions trapped on Sicily This story was following a direct line from point A to point B The author needs to inject realistic obstacles in the path of the main characters I think the opportunity to do so was in the building of the fleet Prop up a real fleshed out nemesis who is opposed to the building of the corvus and tries to undermine him at every turn Yes the Consul Scipio did that but the power differential between the Greek Atticus and the Consul Scipio was too great It should have been a struggle between two or less eualsIt was truly a two star book It was OK

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Rces them to act togetherSo Atticus one of Rome's few experienced sailors finds himself propelled into the middle of a political struggle that is completely foreign to him Rome need to build a navy fast but the obstacles are many; political animosities legions adamant that they will only use their traditional methods; Roman prejudice even from friends that all those not born in Rome are inferior citizensThe enemy are first class experienced and determined to control the sea Three hundred years before it became an empire the Roman Republic started its ascension toward power when it took on the Carthaginian state for control of first the island of Sicily and then the entire Mediterranean Their struggle unfolded over the course of over a hundred years and ended with the complete destruction of Carthage but it began with an ignominious Roman defeat As mighty as Rome’s legions were on land the war with Carthage made control of the sea a must Ship of Rome is a tale of naval warfare set during the first Punic War as mighty yet humiliated Rome sought to find a way to make good on its naval weakness It’s the story of two men a Roman legionnaire turned marine named Septimus and his friend and brother warrior the Greek captain of the good ship Auila Together they attempt to save Rome from defeat and redeem their lost comrades Roman historical fiction is typified by political intrigue and battles on land not naval stories; Britain was a naval empire not Rome But the war with Carthage made sea superiority a must just as Britain’s war with Germany made air dominance a reuirement regardless of English naval accomplishments In Ship of Rome a Roman army officer and a Greek sea captain serving on the same ship are key players in the opening battles of the first Punic War when Carthage decides to turn the delicate balance for power between the two states’ holdings in Sicily into open war first blockading a supply port and then luring the Roman fleet into a disastrous battle The Carthaginians are skilled at naval warfare and Rome has no time to train its men sufficiently to surpass their rivals experience But a way must be found or the legions in Sicily will die a slow death of disease and starvation Complicating matters is the rivalry between the two Roman consuls over who will get the glory for turning the side and their mutual treachery of one another is only given spice by the wiles of the merciless Carthaginian admiral who early on is thwarted by the Auila and wants revenge At least Atticus and Septimus can count on one another to cover the other’s back – at least when Septimus isn’t distracted by his little sister making goo goo eyes at his comrade who for all of his virtues can’t help not being properly Roman but only merely Greek Ship of Rome is a fantastic read novel both for being Roman fiction set on the high seas and for being a sea story set in the classical world Naval combat during the Punic War bears little resemblance to that of the Age of Wooden Ships and Iron Men that has produced series like the Aubrey Maturin novels or CS Forester’s Horatio Hornblower There are no cannon broadsides here; combat consists of ramming and boarding; these ships’ weapons are the six foot long bronze rams on their front ends and the swords shields and arrows of the men aboard her Readers of sea stories will find it engaging but there’s combat on land and in the courts as the consuls vie for power not to mention the interpersonal conflict like that between the senior consul and his slave a gladiator who is biding his time and waiting for an opportunity to strike for freedom – but not before taking the consul with him For all this strife the plot matures nicely and even gives a slightly villainous character some sympathetic development John Stack has delivered here a book with a lot of appeal; for my own part I’ve already ordered its seuel Captain of Rome

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Ship of RomeS Can Atticus and the fledgling Roman navy staffed with inexperienced sailors and unwilling legionaries outwit and outfight his opponentsSHIP OF ROME full of magnificent sea battles packed with strong characters torn between two powerful empires is the first book in a new series MASTERS OF THE SEA by a brilliant new authorJohn Stack was born and lives in County Cork He has always wanted to write but has done a variety of jobs ending up in IT He is married with three childre I continue to be a sucker for these Roman war games novels that seemed to be so popular in British publishing This one is a bit of a departure from most since it takes up the first Punic war rather than yet another treatment of Julius Ceasar The action is primarily based at sea in this case and highlights the feat of a 260 BC Rome mobilization of a navy from virtually no warships to a fleet of 160 in a matter of a few months that then sailed forth to beat the much experience Carthagenian navy The central characters will be hard to tell apart from Simon Scarrow legioneers these Brit's must all be going to the same writers workshops