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Snowball's Chance review ¾ 3 Û [BOOKS] ⚡ Snowball's Chance ✯ John Reed – This unauthorized companion to George Orwell’s Animal Farm is a controversial parable about September 11th by one of fiction’s most inventive and provocative writersWritten in 14 days shortly afte This unauthorized companion to George OrwellIn which exiled pig Snowball returns to the farm takes charge and implements a new world order of untrammeled capitalism Orwell’s “All animals are eual but some animals are eual than others” has morphed into the new rallying cry “All animals are born eual what they become is their own affair”A brilliant poli. The problem with writing a seuel to a legendary literary property is that it’s almost impossible to do it right and if you beat the odds and manage it you won’t get any of the credit For the original creator the situation is already bad enough if your work is a success fans will clamor for of the same and curse you for not producing seuels at a fast enough pace while critics will excoriate you for returning to the same well instead of branching out in new directions For the imitator or inheritor though it’s even worse in addition to exposing yourself to lawsuits from coin hungry estates you deliberately open yourself up to charges of riding a greater artist’s coattails If your work is inferior you’re just a trashy literary hanger on trying to gain fame by hitching your wagon to a much brighter star; if your work can somehow stand on its own merits people will wonder why you felt the need to rework an existing classic in the first place instead of just putting out your own original materialIf there’s anything especially noteworthy about John Reed’s Snowball’s Chance a highly unofficial and hastily assembled seuel to George Orwell’s legendary anti authoritarian allegory Animal Farm it’s that it somehow manages to fall victim to pretty much every one of these pitfalls The Orwell estate got all up in arms about it threatening to drag him through the courts; devotees of the original most particularly Christopher Hitchens an Orwellian blowhard on a number of levels were infuriated with him for suatting on the reputation of his betters; critics attacked for being simultaneously unoriginal and uninteresting; the modest literary talents possessed by its author were drowned in his unsuccessful attempt to simultaneously evoke and satirize his inspiration; and the attention the book received was almost entirely due to its controversial nature rather than any actual positive ualities it possessed It derailed Reed’s minimal career as an author losing him a publisher and relegating him to the world of parody and mash up and it largely exists today as a testament to the twin follies of dangerous hubris and bad timingThe work itself is easily digested; one of the curious things about it is how many missteps it manages to make in such a small amount of space Only 130 pages long — slightly lengthier than Animal Farm but still easily digestible — Snowball’s Chance revisits the famed revolutionary socialist barnyard of Orwell’s Manor Farm many years down the road Assisted by a number of new characters Snowball the banished Trotskyite trotter and enemy of the state returns to transform the now corrupt commune into a free market paradise complete with electric lights amusements for tourists and an underclass of middlemen and money makers Things go awry when tired of their exploitation from afar the animals of the forest portrayed here as a sort of mish mash of Native Americans and Middle Easterners contrive under the leadership of a fanatical religious prophet to bring down the towering Twin Mills triggering a war of aggression and the rise of interspecies prejudiceIt’s not that this is a bad idea necessarily You could make the argument that in the go go era of Market Über Alles when 19 hijackers managed to put up a detour sign on the road to the End of History an Orwellian attack on capitalism might be necessary Unfortunately time worked against Snowba

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Tical satire and literary parody John Reed’s Snowball’s Chance caused an uproar on publication in denounced by Christopher Hitchens and barely dodging a lawsuit from the Orwell estate Now a decade later with America in wars on many fronts readers can judge anew the visionary truth of Reed’s satirical masterpiece. Written in a period of a few weeks shortly after the September 11th attacks Snowball's Chance reads like it was published to seize the moment and benefit from the publicity it would receive from pissing off Orwell's estate and his fans than for its literary or critical value There's not much point in reading it now that the attacks are so far in the rear view mirror and the controversy over its publication has evaporated Snowball's Chance follows Animal Farm as the rule of Napoleon has ended and Snowball has to returned to the farm having embraced capitalism and the market Accompanied by a team of technocratic goats he usurps power and transforms Animal Farm into Animal Fair an ongoing carnival powered by the Twin Mills where the animals of the farm work for wages Reed also introduces the animals of The Woodlands representing radical Islam Drawing from the United States' actual involvement with these groups including the Taliban in Afghanistan it's not hard to read Snowball's Chance as another America's chickens coming home to roost perspective in this case somewhat literally though the terrorists are hedgehogs and beavers not chickens The book touches on a wide array of themes in US history when it's not specifically about 911 Reed tries cramming in as many references as possible sacrificing any semblance of a plot in the name of creating Animal Farm parallels to real world events Orwell's original was unsettling because it showed a steady creep toward a betrayal of Animal Farm's utopian ideal ending with the powerful final scene of the animals seeing the pigs transformed but Reed has no such purpose; he seems to hope the reader will be shocked or will enjoy fantasizing about Lee Harvey Oswald as a badger If he fails to succeed on either front as he did with me there isn't much left to enjoy

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Snowball's ChanceThis unauthorized companion to George Orwell’s Animal Farm is a controversial parable about September th by one of fiction’s most inventive and provocative writersWritten in days shortly after the September th attacks Snowball’s Chance is an outrageous and unauthorized companion to George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Of coure I learned I love to be hated by the people I hate I also learned something major about second drafts; the second draft is a cutting draft If a writer can remember that he will save himselfherself eons of work