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CHARACTERS ç Snowbound with the Baronet Ð ❰PDF❯ ✍ Snowbound with the Baronet Author Deborah Hale – A sweet traditional Regency Sir Brandon Calvert has spent the past four years trying to forget the beautiful debutante who broke his heart by rejecting his marriage proposal Just when he thinks he has A Ance inspirational romance historical fiction and other world fantasy Deborah and her family live in beautiful Nova Scotia Canada a place steeped in history and romance She is currently writing historical romance novels set in Regency England Besides writing Deborah continues to dabble in genealogy sings with a Celtic choir and tries to keep in shape by practicing tai chi Hale's characters are so finely created they become real in her readers' minds and hearts Sheryl Horst syndicated romance reviewer When it comes to writing historical romances Deborah Hale ranks among the best” Stella MacLean Halifax Chronicle Herald “This lovely engaging romance has just the right mix of lightness and poignancy” Romantic Times about Lady Lyte’s Little Secret “Hale’s latest historical romance is a captivating combination of subtly nuanced protagonists a memorable cast of secondary characters and a classic Regency plot refreshed with some intriguing new twists” John Charles Booklist about Married The Virgin Wid. I was enjoying this book in the beginning I probably would have rated it a 4 But about 34ths the way through it I got lost The book was full of the main characters second guessing themselves and misinterpreting everyone else's intentions that I couldn't remember what had really been said and what someone imagined someone else was thinking It was overwhelming and confusing and weighed the story down I also felt like the reasons keeping the main characters apart at the end were weak and the events leading them back together were a little to convenient and unrealistic

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Ces Brandon is intrigued to discover that Cassandra Whitney has matured from a headstrong debutante into a capable caring woman He fears she could make him fall in love with her all over again if he is not careful to keep his distance But how can he do that in a tiny farmhouse when their kind hosts insist on playing Cupid at every opportunity In the depths of a Regency winter warm affections are uickly rekindled But can the flame of true love burn bright enough to light the way for two lost hearts to find one another again before the snow melts and they must go their separate ways Or will Lady Cassandra get a second chance to say yes About the Author After a decade spent tracing her ancestors to their roots in Regency era Britain Deborah Hale learned a great deal about the period and uncovered enough fascinating true stories to inspire her romance plots for years to come A Golden Heart® Award Winner and Rita® Award Finalist Deborah has written over thirty novels and novellas in the genres of historical rom. In the regency Snowbound with the Baronet by Deborah Hale Lady Cassandra Whitney and her friend Mrs Davis are travelling by public stagecoach during a snowstorm to Noughtly Hall home of the Viscountess of Moresly who is Cassandra's aunt Even though Cassandra is the daughter of a duke her father's death has left his widow Cassandra's step mother and his four daughters dependent upon the graces of his heir Lord Highworth Cassandra has taken matters into her own hands and makes an agreement with Aunt Augusta the viscountess that she will become the viscountess' companion in exchange for a Season for her youngest sister Evelina and for a housekeeper's position for Mrs Davis On their travels they come across a carriage which has thrown a wheel and are forced to take on the passengers from the carriage These passengers include Sir Brandon Calvert his cousin Imogene and their accompanying staff The ride becomes uite awkward for Lady Cassandra and Sir Brandon because they share a past Four years ago he had proposed marriage to her but she refused him in the belief that her refusal would protect him He believes that she played him for a fool because she had given him the false hope of being accepted He can forgive her for refusing him because he could understand their differences in station he is the aforementioned baronet in the title of the book but not for the way that she toyed with his feelings into making him believe that he had a chance to win herBecause of the increasing severity of the snowstorm the roads are no longer passable The travelers are forced to take refuge at the farm belonging to Mr and Mrs Martin who extend their hospitality to virtual strangers Being forced to spend time with each other in such close uarters causes Cassandra and Brandon to realize that they still have unresolved feelings for each other; however Brandon is reluctant to put his heart out there again after getting burned by Cassandra once before and Cassandra is too proud to reveal to Brandon the real reasons for her refusal in the past Brandon also has secrets of his own which he is too proud to reveal and even though he becomes increasingly aware that he wishes to rekindle his relationship with Cassandra his own past warps his ability to trust Cassandra and take a chance on a future with her Cassandra for her part still must wrestle with her pride and concern for her reputation instead of risking humiliation which could possibly help her regain a future with Brandon As mentioned above the issue of pride appears many times in this story It is because of pride and a drive for independence from the new duke that propels Cassandra to become her aunt's companion It is hinted by Viola Cassandra's oldest sister that pride led Cassandra to refuse marriage to Brandon the first time Cassandra finally acknowledges the truth of this later on in the story and although she humbles herself enough to admit the reasons for her refusal to Brandon her pride rears up its ugly head again when she refuses to reveal the reason why she is travelling to her aunt's residence She does not wish to be thought of as a gold digger especially after she discovers the nature of Brandon's secrets This leaves Brandon to imagine the worst of circumstances that might reuire her to travel away from the safety of her own immediate family; he thinks that she might be in an Interesting Condition ie with child I thought that the plot and central conflict for this novel were well planned out I could appreciate the complex reasons why the characters were too proud and afraid to reveal embarrassing and shameful secrets about their own families However as a reader because I was privy to what the hero and heroine were thinking I felt like giving them a couple of good shakes to get over their pride if they wanted the other person's love Also I appreciated that this novel was clean; only kisses were present I thought that the description of the first kiss that Brandon gave Cassandra in this book was satisfying to read I would classify this novel as secular although there is a short prayer made to the Lord at the Twelfth Night meal Deborah Hale has previously written other regencies for the Love Inspired Historical line which includes the Glass Slipper Brides a series about a group of childhood school friends who all eventually became governesses Snowbound with the Baronet is the first in a series about the Whitney Family There will be future stories about the rest of the females in the Whitney family including Cassandra's three sisters and step mother This review also appears on my blog

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Snowbound with the BaronetA sweet traditional Regency Sir Brandon Calvert has spent the Snowbound with Kindle past four years trying to forget the beautiful debutante who broke his heart by rejecting his marriage proposal Just when he thinks he has finally succeeded a fateful snowstorm strands him in the company of Lady Cassandra Whitney Now Brandon must confront the past and the dangerous attraction her nearness threatens to revive The last person Lady Cassandra expected to encounter on a snowy road to Bath is the one man she has never succeeded in banishing from her heart Her reasons for refusing Sir Brandon’s proposal four years ago are not what he believes But how can she tell the rigorously truthful baronet that she deceived him And how can she reveal the truth without exposing shameful family secrets Even if she could bring herself to confess Cassandra fears it is too late Sir Brandon has made a new life for himself – a life that does not include the woman who humiliated him and drove him to war Under difficult circumstan. Regency England Sir Brandon proposed 4 yrs ago to Lady Cassandra who said no this resulted in his broken heart Cassie friend Mrs Davis traveled toward Bath via the stage The hero and his tactless female cousin en route to a house party begged a ride on the stage when his conveyance broke down in the heavy snow and wind The H cous 2 staff were permitted to board the stage Long story short these folks sought shelter at a farmhouse of the gracious Martins when the snow became too deep for the horses to proceed Brandon remained angry towards Cassie for her past treat ment Inside of a few days the Hh talked out their past agreed to forgive each other but wo promise of reconcil iation Several convos centered on was truth absolute Orsubject to interpretation POV How to discuss the truth still respect family secrets Anger ego pride and family secrets kept this couple apart love brought them back together The author noted she hoped to write future HRs on Cassie's 3 sibs but I saw no evidence of this on her booklist