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Free download Sophie Scholl ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Æ [BOOKS] ⚣ Sophie Scholl Author Frank McDonough – On 22 February 1943 Sophie Scholl a 21 year old student at Munich University was executed by the Nazi regime along with two fellow students from the White Rose resistance movement TheTh two fellow students from the White Rose resistance movement They had fought against Hitler's tyranny no. The heart breaking story of Sophie Scholl and the White Rose a group of young university students who protested against the crimes of the Nazi regime and paid for it with their lives

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T with bullets and bombs but with words printed in leaflets This title presents an account of Scholl's lif. I have always been fascinated by the history of World War 2 I think it is because the number of family members I had serve during the time combined with working at an assisted living facility when I was in my early 20's where the majority of the residents were Jewish I used to love listening to their stories When author Frank McDonough wrote to me asking if I would like to read and review the book Sophie Scholl The Real Story of the Woman who Defied Hitler I of course acceptedSophie Scholl was a member of an underground non violent protest movement against Hitler's rule in Nazi Germany called the White Rose die Weisse Rose Mr McDonough was offered to read through the diaries personal letters written by Sophie and the transcript of her interrogation by the Gestapo He compiled this intriguing biography from information gathered during his readingScholl a student who was 21 at the time of her death in February 1943 is a legend in Germany The White Rose movement which opposed Nazism by circulating thousands of leaflets telling German Christians that they had a moral duty to rise up against Hitler the messenger of Anti Christ The leaflets were dropped between 1942 and 1943 at Munich University In February 1943 when Sophie Scholl along with her brother Hans and friend Christoph Probst were beheaded in Stadelhein Prison Munich for urging German students to rise up against Nazi terrorOverall this was an excellent book The historical events described catch your attention The relationships between the Scholl children their parents and various friends of the family is touching If you don't like reading about historical happenings this book may seem a little flat when you read it I was looking forward to reading a great book about Sophie but to me it seemed that the first half of the book focused on her brother Hans and her boyfriend Fritz and what happened to them while they were fighting in the war

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Sophie SchollOn February Sophie Scholl a year old student at Munich University was executed by the Nazi regime along wi. It was great to see a new book in English about Sophie Scholl I've been studying the White Rose for years and am always interested in reading a new perspective on this tragic story There are many amazing sources in German such as Barbara Leisner's excellent biography but I don't believe that or many other works about the resistance group have been translated into English I was impressed with McDonough's research and the new details he presented While meant for an adult audience it should also have a strong appeal to young adults with an interest in World War II history