summary 春の雪 Haru no Yuki 108

summary 春の雪 Haru no Yuki

summary 春の雪 Haru no Yuki 108 Ê ➼ 春の雪 Haru no Yuki Free ➲ Author Yukio Mishima – An austere love story probably my favourite of his novels David Mitchell IndependentTokyo 1912 The closed world of the ancient aristocracy is being breached for the first time by outsiders rich provin An austere love story probablAn austere love story probably my favourite of his novels David Mitchell IndependentTokyo The closed world of the ancient aristocracy is being breached for the first time by outsiders rich provincial families a new and po. Set near Tokyo in 1912 In Spring Snow Kiyoaki Matsugae is sent as a child be raised on the estate of a Count where he learns all the worst habits of a decadent court He is slothful he preens in the knowledge of his superior looks When 18 years of age he is so self involved—the familiar disaffectedness of many Mishima protagonists—that even when kissing the woman who loves him he thinks only of how he feels He's an affected asshole who takes a conscious pleasure in crueltyThis was further proof of the hidden savage essence of the elegance he had cultivated for so long p 257Kioyaki's friend is the upstanding Shigekuni Honda He adores Kiyoaki A hard working young man who loses himself in thoughts of the niceties of European Natural Law and the Laws of Manu which at the time of the action the author tells us were the foundation of Indian law He also has an abiding interest in historiography particularly how he and his peers will be viewed by future generations This dovetails with the theme of reincarnation which links the four books of The Sea of Fertility cycle The vast Matsugae estate is imposing It is still the period of mourning for the late emperor who was called Meiji in life So the cherry blossom festival as it turns out will be observed though on a smaller scale than usual An imperial prince attends with his wife and other visitors Their route through the blossoms is girded by a red and white curtain presumably for purposes of privacy The Western house is filled with geishas A platform for their cherry blossom dances is built in the garden Later there will be a banuet and a film shown based on a Dickens novelAmid it all Kiyoaki is adrift Satoko is there in all her finery but it's somehow not enough What is he waiting for In thrall to his own beauty his pride Kiyoaki is at odds with himself contradictory in his impulses He is lost no decisiveness—aside from a snowy rickshaw ride with Satoko which was her idea—comes from him His is a rapt passivity Meanwhile he stubbornly let's go of Satoko when she is courted by an imperial prince and thinks good riddanceDevoid of worry or annoyance free of all anxiety Kiyoaki at nineteen liked to see himself as a cold and supremely capable young man He felt that he was now past some watershed in the course of his life p 163But he isn't Unable to read his own emotions he takes grief for delight; his strength of will as he terms it when tearing up a letter from Satoko unread he begins to sense may be cowardice for she is just about to marry the imperial prince What a muddle he's in Though an aristocrat he has known social isolation much of his life Thus his misreading of people and situations always in a manner that plays to his own falsely elevated sense of self worthLong ago he had resolved to recognize his emotions as his only guiding truth and to live his life accordingly even if meant a deliberate aimlessness That principle had now brought him to his present sinister feelings of joy which seemed to be the brink of a racing plunging whirlpool There seemed to be nothing left but to throw himself into it p 177I won't go into Kiyoaki and Satoko's love affair or the novel's tragic denouement Suffice it to say that Kiyoaki's comeuppance is uite a spectacle and Honda is there to puzzle over it The book has a very long fuse The last 200 pages are far better than the first 200 Despite this uneven start this is the strongest Mishima novel I have ever read

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His feelings for the exuisite spirited Sakoto When Sakoto is engaged to a royal 春の雪 Haru PDF or prince Kiyoaki realises the magnitude of his passionCover illustration Anne Crone based on Evening Snow by Ando Hiroshi. Mishima like other great writers has a way of implanting memories in our heads echoes of other lives How this magic happens is a mystery but when it does you feel somehow denser inside solid Spring Snow left me with that feeling of having increased my gravity and weight with the lyrical descriptions history characters ceremonies letters political intrigue birds and emerald rings and emerald snakes and silk kimonos and At its heart this is a doomed love story about two beautiful people Kiyoaki Matsugae and Satoko Ayakura whose outward beauty match their inner turmoil This excerpt from Kiyoaki’s dream diary is an allegory of the storywhich is an allegorywithin allegory The very night before he had dreamed of his own coffin made of unpainted wood It stood in the middle of an empty room with large windows and outside the pre dawn darkness was shading to a deep blue; it was filled with the sound of birdsong A young woman clung to the coffin her long black hair trailing from her drooping head her slender shoulders wracked with sobs He wanted to see her face but could make out no than her pale graceful forehead with its delicate peak of black hair The coffin was half covered with a leopard skin bordered in pearls The first muted glow of the dawn flickered on the row of jewels Instead of funeral incense a scent of Western perfume hung over the room with the fragrance of sun ripened fruit Kiyoaki seemed to be watching this from a great height though he was convinced that his body lay inside the coffin But sure as he was he still felt the need to see it there by way of confirmation However like a mosuito in the morning light his wings lost all power and ceased beating in mid air; he was utterly incapable of looking inside the nailed down coffin lid And then as his frustration grew and intense he woke up And Satokoher words had a cold proud glitter that could not tolerate the intrusion of a third party In her own mind she had fashioned their sin into a tiny brilliant crystal palace in which she and Kiyoaki could live free from the world around them A crystal palace so tiny that it would balance on the palm of one’s hand so tiny that no one else could fit in Transformed for a fleetingly brief instant she and Kiyoaki had been able to enter it and now they were spending their last few moments there observed with extraordinary clarity in all their minute detail by someone standing just outside There is a movie but from the preview it seems to have only caught the surface But still 春の雪 Spring Snow is a masterpiece or at least the beginning of one as it is the first in a cycle of four novels called the Sea of Fertility I hope that the other books are as good as this one but it’s going to be a hard act to follow

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春の雪 Haru no YukiWerful political eliteKiyoaki has been raised among the elegant Ayakura family members of the waning aristocracy but he is not one of them Coming of age he is caught up in the tensions between old and new and confused by. 春の雪 Haru no Yuki Spring Snow The Sea of Fertility Book 1 Yukio MishimaSpring Snow is a novel by Yukio Mishima the first in his Sea of Fertility tetralogy It was published serially in Shinchō from 1965 to 1967 and then in book form in 1969 The novel is set in the early years of the Taishō period with the reign of the Emperor Taishō and is about the relationship between Kiyoaki Matsugae the son of a rising new rich family and Satoko Ayakura the daughter of an aristocratic family fallen on hard times Shigekuni Honda a school friend of Kiyoaki's is the main witness to the events The novel's themes center on the conflicts in Japanese society caused by westernization in the early 20th centuryتاریخ نخستین خوانش ششم ماه آگوست سال 2014 میلایعنوان برف بهاری؛ نویسنده یوکیو میشیما؛ مترجم غلامحسین سالمی؛ سمیا صیقلی؛ تهران، نگاه، 1391؛ در 640ص؛ مصور؛ فروست ادبیات مدرن جهان هشت؛ شابک 9789643516178؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان ژاپنی سده 20مکییوآکی، پسری زیبا، و اشرافزاده است؛ در خانواده ی پولدار «ماتسوگائه» متولد شده، خانواده «آیاکورا» خانواده ای از نظر اجتماعی بالا، ولی از نظر مادی فقیر هستند؛ پدر «کییوآکی» او را به نزد خانواده «آیاکورا» میفرستد، تا موقعیت اجتماعی آنها برای پسرش مفید واقع شود؛ خانواده «آیاکورا» دختری بسیار زیبا به نام «ساتوکو» دارند، دختر و پسر عاشق همدیگر میشوندنقل نمونه متن «دو شاهزاده جوان چیزی بیشتر از یک کنجکاوی معمولی که ممکن بود نسبت به نمایشنامه‌ های خارجی ابراز کنند، از خود نشان ندادند؛ کی‌یوآکی هوندا را که بعد از مدرسه همراه او به خانه شان آمده بود، به آن‌ها معرفی کرد؛ بعد از صرفِ شام، متوجه شد که آنان چندان توجهی به توضیحاتِ دوستش به زبان انگلیسی درباره نمایشنامه ‌ها و چگونگی اجرای آن‌ها از خود نشان نمی‌دهند؛ در چنین مواقعی، وفاداری و جدیتِ کاملِ هوندا، کی‌یوآکی را تحتِ تأثیر قرار می‌داد و احساسِ دوگانه ناراحتی وجدان و دلسوزی را در او پدید می‌آورد؛ مطمئنآ هیچیک از افراد گروهی که آن شب عازمِ تئآتر بودند علاقه ‌ای به خودِ نمایش نداشتند؛ کی‌یوآکی که کاملا در دنیای ذهنی خودش سیر می‌کرد؛ هرچند امکان داشت ساتوکو نامه را خوانده باشد با این همه ممکن بود زیر قولش بزند و نیاید؛ سر پیشخدمت وارد شد تا اطلاع دهد که کالسکه منتظر آنان است؛ اسب‌ها شیهه می‌کشیدند و هُرمِ نفس‌هاشان همچون شعله‌ های سفید رنگی از منخرین‌شان بیرون می‌آمد، تا در آن هوای تیره‌ گونِ زمستانی با پیچ و تاب به سوی آسمان رود؛ کی‌یوآکی لذت می‌برد از اینکه می‌دید اسب‌ها در آن هوای سرد زمستان، بوی مُشک آگینشان کمتر از دیگر مواقع به مشام می‌رسد، و صدای زنگدارِ برخورد نعلِ سُم‌هاشان بر زمینِ یخ‌زده به وضوح شنیده می‌شود و آنگونه با غرور، قدرتِ خود را به تماشا می‌گذارند»»؛ پایان نقل؛تاریخ بهنگام رسانی 31051399هجری خورشیدی؛ ا شربیانی