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Free read Star Wars Whos Who in the Galaxy A Character Storybook ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ê ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Star Wars Whos Who in the Galaxy A Character Storybook By Ella Patrick ❤ – pp1 margin 00px 00px 00px 00px; font 120px 'Helvetica Neue'; webkitTorybook with simple text and illustrations guides readers through Episodes I VIII by introducing all of the key players along the way. Colorfully illustrated characters are used instead of photographs to depict the Star Wars characters Each illustration includes a brief description of who the character is These descriptions alternate with full page illustrations that briefly tell the plot of the movies from The Phantom Menace up to The Last Jedi Young readers K 2 who enjoy Star Wars would be drawn in by the colorful life like illustrations and the simple sentence structure but may be confused when the story is interrupted by two or three pages of character descriptions This book also only covers up to The Last Jedi The most recent movie The Rise of Skywalker isn’t included I would be interested to know if the publisher plans on updating this book to include the last movie

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Pp margin px px px px Whos Who PDF #203 font px 'Helvetica Neue' webkit text stroke spans font kerning noneThe galaxy is full of so ma. Star Wars Who’s Who in the Galaxy PICTURE BOOK Disney Lucas Film Press 2019 13 9781368043410BUYING ADVISORY EL ADVISABLE AUDIENCE APPEAL HIGHThere are 8 sections in this book that correspond to the eight Star Wars movie Each section has a colored assigned to it and the side of the page and the text headings are in that color In each section there are character names a descriptions about two per page and every three pages or so there is a page of plot summary This size of this book is just right Big enough to make it feel like a gift book but not so big that it is hard to hold or has too much information on each page The characters are all illustrated in a way that reflects the actors of the movies but not exact likenesses Jen Wecker HS English Teacherhttpskissthebookjrblogspotcom20

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Star Wars Whos Who in the Galaxy A Character StorybookNy amazing heroes villains droids aliens and creatures it can be hard to keep them all straight Thankfully this delightful character s. This book was organized by film Starting with The Phantom Menace and running through The Last Jedi many characters from the film were discussed Each page has two or three characters per page with a short paragraph describing who they were For the most part each illustration was on a white background though there were a few that were actually drawn scenes from the films The art was very well done The images for the most part really looked like the actors that portrayed themMy only issue was the text It was extremely repetitive and did not highlight the growth of the character's stories Take Leia for example Each time she was shown they just kept saying over and over that she was a Leader of the Rebellion and a Princess I know this book is geared toward younger readers but each of these characters has a rich evolving story and that was not really reflected in this textI do think younger readers will enjoy it especially if this is one of their first introductions to Star Wars It is very comprehensive