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read kindle Ù Tall Dark Hungry Ð Paperback ☆ insolpro ½ ➥ [Ebook] ➠ Tall Dark Hungry By Lynsay Sands ➯ – It bites New York hotels cost an arm and a leg and Terri had flown from England to help plan her cousin’s wedding The new in laws offered lodging But they wR sometimes brooding Lucern and the wacky stage actor Vincent She couldn't imagine Broadway casting a hungrier singing and dancing Dracula And then there was Bastien Just looking into his eyes Terri had to This fourth installment of the Argeneau series tells how Bastien gets together with his life mate Terri Simpson He's the last of the four siblings to do so both chronologically and in the recommended reading order; it's just a historical oddity now that the first four books were published in a different order in terms of chronology #3 came out first then #2 then #4 that's this one and finally #1 This of course means that Marguerite Argeneau will no longer play the role of the intervening mother; she'll have to be the intervening aunt or cousin or something else but she's such a bright spot in each book I hope she'll continue to intervene Lord knows these nice single vampires need thatIt's still comfort reading and the whole series gets an extra half star from me because of Lynsay Sands's brilliant idea scientists in Atlantis long ago developed self replicating nanobots to inject into people to heal injuries and it turned out they did than that they heal diseases and vastly lengthen lifespans and they're passed along to offspring All they need to do their jobs is a bit of blood from time to time or they'll use up the person's own bloodUnfortunately you really need to have read at least one of the previous books in the series to grasp what these characters are all about Here you're just plunged into their everyday lifestyle and you learn what their needs powers and limitations are as they come up in the story with no explanation of why it's like that until the very end That's not the only reason though why my rating has dropped from four to three starsIt's a personal thing humor And for me the humor has gone from laugh out loud in #3 to mildly amusing for the most part here in #4 Some of the other readers found the mishaps of planning an elaborate wedding much funnier than I did and some of the truly comic moments had a serious undertone view spoilerfor example the caterer commits suicide and they have to choose a new one hide spoiler

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Admit she was falling for him someone even taller darker and hungrier than the other two She was feeling a mite peckish herself And if she stayed with him those blood sucking hotel owners wouldn't get to he I think this has been my favorite of the books in this series so far Sure it was a series of unfortunate events happening to other people that kept throwing our couple together but it was amusing because of it I felt bad for Chris though That poor guy had every bad thing possible happening to him How many times could they end up in the hospital for stupid random accidents But it did keep Terri and Bastien having to deal with crisis after crisis I liked that through it all Bastien kept finding ways to romance Terri and create fun dates for them without being overt about it Vincent cracked me up in this story and I'm not sure if I remember reading his book or not I'm actually looking forward to his story It should be fun Then ending of this story was predictable in its' misunderstanding but still was satisfying in the way that it revolved I knew Terri was going to have her freak out moment but of course it was over her assumptions first rather than reality

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Tall Dark HungryIt bites New York hotels cost an arm and a leg and Terri had flown from England to help plan her cousin’s wedding The new in laws offered lodging But they were a weird bunch There was the sometimes chippe This book continues from where the last book ended with Kate and Lucern planning their wedding Kate invites her cousin Terri to help her but slickly pawns her off on Bastien Argeneau Lucern's older brotherIt was a cute match as Terri and Bastien fit well together If you dislike insta love then you would probably not enjoy this one It was okay because a lot of the couples in this series fall in love in a week or so Despite that this book was humorous light and fluffy I may listen to book 5 in a few months