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The Cartel Bright Star The Twelve Systems Chronicles #1 2 Reader × 686 pages ✓ E.g. manetti ✓ [Read] ➵ The Cartel Bright Star The Twelve Systems Chronicles #1 2 Author E.G. Manetti – A woman in peril A ruthless warrior A distant world A dangerouRs he will have total control of her body will and intellectLucius Mercio commands one of the most powerful Cartels in the Twelve Systems As clever and ambitious as he is ruthless Lucius' wealth influence and power place him among the elite of the warrior caste It is not enough Lucius intends to take his Cartel to unimaginable heights with the aid of Lilian's brilliance He faces only one obstacle Lucius must keep Lilian alive BRIGHT STAR The Apprentice Volume 2 In the second volume in the Twelve Systems Chronicles Lilian’s enemies are determined than ever to see her destroyed A visitor from her past will endanger her future and threaten to destroy Luc Review for Book One The Cartel45 Stars rounded up to 5Ms Manetti's world building is heckin impressive Like I wanna pick this author's brain about her outlining skills impressive Everything about the Twelve Systems from its layered history to multiple religions to complex social structure among the people who reside there has been built from scratch And it's important that you keep that in mind as you read; this is not our worldThough their society is far technologically advanced than that of present day Earth the Twelve Systems' commercial Cartels that run this world along with the Governing Council are like uasi monarchical capitalistic authoritarianish entities than what we would call companies or conglomerates And Lucius Mercio oversees his own powerful Cartouche Blooded Dagger like some devious clever ruthless demanding king we might recognize from Earth's past Actually oversee isn't uite the right word Our hero pretty much rules the placeThis power dynamic between Lucius and the heroine Lilian is why I urge readers to remember this isn't our world This is a world where humans can choose to be kept as property in exchange for things such as ensuring a better life for yourself and loved ones back home to Lilian's situation an alternative to The Final Draught or execution by poison as punishment for the crimes of her late fatherYou may be asking What say you?? I thought this was a romance And to that I would explain the series may evolve into love story territory as it progresses but in book one its genre is along the lines of high brow Sci Fi EroticaShe owns not the slightest understanding of nuance or custom Lucius spoke this of Lilian but it could be said for me as well I've always been wary of power imbalances between heroes and heroines so I'll admit that I was hesitant to even consider warming up to Lucius Some revelations and certain actions as I got to know him made me feel even colder toward the preeminent warrior or milord as he is to be referred to by Lilian But the author managed something uite remarkable As nuance and custom about the Twelve Systems is revealed to the reader my frustrations and all around saltiness toward Monsignor Mercio thawed considerably As Lilian does I also began to look forward to the times she was to attend to milord ; And this is some feat considering I tend to balk at anything even close to BDSM territory Which this technically isn't but the Ds elements are most definitely thereIn addition to the sexy sexytimes there's also an intricate mystery involving industrial espionage and sabotage Intrigue that came to light thanks to the very clever and ever resourceful Lilian The corporate conflict that plays out serves as a successful counterbalance to the many erotic scenes between Lucius and Lilian and along with strong secondary characters made for a read that I know will stick with me for some timeReview for Book Two Bright Star5 StarsEvery time I come back to the Twelve Systems I get totally engrossed by this world From its minor details to speech patterns to intricate social histories and hints of preternatural abilities amongst certain people the author has built a universe so complete that you're able to totally immerse yourself in it as you read After I finished book one I mentioned the story and characters would stick with me and that's still true I find myself thinking about Lilian and her plight at random times throughout the day in a way that I really haven't experienced with other heroinesIn my review of the first in the series I categorized it as high brow Sci Fi Erotica as opposed to a Romance While I still wouldn't file this under your traditional Romance I wouldn't say book two is Erotica either This installment is smart Science Fiction featuring intrigue complexities and layered characters with some rather smexy sexytimes throughout I could absolutely see this a show on HBO Just please don't give it to Benioff and Weiss from GoT to adapt lolIn Bright Star I found myself even drawn to Lucius' spymaster Trevelyan I dig how he pushes back against some of the accepted ways of this world including Apprentice Bonds which are similar to indentured servitude with a sexual contractThe Twelve Systems Chronicles and the amazing world building sucks you right in I look forward to reading of this series which has had one of its later books earn a spot as a 2019 RONE Award Finalist ☺

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A woman in peril A ruthless warrior A distant world A dangerous contract With characters that jump off the page love that is forbidden yet unstoppable mixed with top notch worlds and technology sci fi has never looked so good or become so addictive InD'Tale Magazine February 2018image THE CARTEL The Apprentice Volume 1 Raised to wealth and privilege Lilian’s was left destitute and endangered when her father was convicted of terrible crimes By law and custom she should have followed him into death to redeem her corrupt genetics Desperate to avoid execution for crimes not her own Lilian accepts an indenture contract with a powerful warrior For three yea A strong 4 stars for this intriguing story set in a futuristic feudal civilization where martial skills and business acumen are both valuable to the various lords and vassals Usually archaic language and odd terms annoy me but EG does it right Our heroine Lilian has a way with numbers cause and effect and other things that are not uite right She can discern subtle patterns that hide dangerous threats or surprising profitsThere are many secondary and tertiary characters but each is well defined and plays an important part in the tale The bad guys are a little inept and the good guys never lose but the story kept my interestAlthough all the indentured young adults are obliged to service their Lords it doesn't really ualify as non con The few sex scenes are very sensual and enhance the bond between Lilian and her Lord There are hints at darker practices by others but these are not explored

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The Cartel Bright Star The Twelve Systems Chronicles #1 2Ius’ slowly developing trust To survive the next set of challenges Lilian will need to find new reserves of courage wit and determinationWhen Lucius’ motivations and ambitions are revealed they are far extraordinary than Lilian imagined His rivals are about to increase in number and ferocity as they seek to limit his expanding wealth and power They will use any means to undermine and destroy his plans including his notorious apprentice To advance his ambitions Lucius must be ruthless and devious than ever before To succeed Lucius reuires Lilian’s brilliance To make use of it he must keep her alive It is going to prove difficult than he anticipated I've loved this intricate world from start to finish the odd formal speech is a little difficult to get into at first and its one you have to concentrate on not the euivalent of film where you can get up make a cuppa of take a phone call and still know what's going on in twenty minutes but the pay off as you sink into Ms Manetti's political intriguing and socially different world is well worth the effortThis is one I will come back and read again which isn't something I say very often these days