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review Û The Complete Horowitz Horror ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ð [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Complete Horowitz Horror Author Anthony Horowitz – New York Times Bestseller Anthony Horowitz's horror collections now in one volume Welcome to a world where everything seems normal At least Udes Bath Night Killer Camera Light Moves The Night Bus Harriet's Horrible Dream Scared A Career in Computer Games The Man with the Yellow Face The Monkey's Ear The Hitchhiker The Sound of Murder Burned Flight Howard's End The Elevator The Phone Goes Dead Twist Cottage The Shortest Horror Story Ever Writte. Jesus Christ The Complete Horowitz Horror is a complete mess It's an absolutely atrocious excuse for a horror book The only thing remotely scary about this book is how horrible it is Horowitz has no idea how to write a proper short story and after this I don't think I'll be reading any of his books I liked his The Gatekeepers series back when I read it 2010 and thought it to be genuinely creepy but I'm sorry The Complete put me off all and any of his booksGranted I am not scared by books easily cough never cough nor often truly disturbed but I can appreciate scary books even if they do not scare me The stories in this book were truly not scary At all In fact I couldn't really tell which parts are meant to be scary or if the book itself was even meant to be scary or if it was meant to be a 'so bad it's funny' bookI'm going to be reviewing the Collection as a whole because there are just too many stories that failed to leave an impact of any sort The fact that almost every single story is identical makes it easier to write this review as wellAlmost every story follows a similar process which goes something like this Introduce main character share every last detail of said character get weird object have the main character reflect on said item SCARY SURPRISE ENDINGThere is absolutely no tension building unless you count some mildly odd things happening The beginnings are almost always awful and pointless Why should give a fuck that the main character's parents are getting divorced or that he's rich It doesn't add anything to the story It doesn't make the character real It really only bogs down the flow of the storyAlmost every single sorry has something to do with the mystical item of doooooooooooom which gets old after a while because it's clear the author has run out of ideas I mean a bathtub haunted by a view spoilerserial killer hide spoiler

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Ra that does unspeakable things to its subjectsor an elevator filled with cannibals just waiting for their next victim to The Complete eBook #184 walk in This wicked collection of eighteen macabre tales combining both Horowitz Horror and More Horowitz Horror will send shivers up your spineThis edition incl. I really enjoyed this one

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The Complete Horowitz HorrorNew York Times Bestseller Anthony Horowitz's horror collections now in one volume Welcome to a world where everything seems normal At least at first But the sinister and truly terrifying lurk just beneath the surface Like a bathtub with a history so haunted no one dares get in itor an ordinary looking came. I will not be writing a full review on this book because I could barely remember what I was reading while I reading It was just so bad I don't understand how this has almost a four star rating They were all just awful to me I didn't like one story they all bored me eually The first story started out with fat shaming of a child always charming WHY is this a norm from horror authors Get it together There were weird sterotypes of races particually Chinese people and they were always awkward and uncomfortble Just no Not into at all Would never read anything by this author again Ah well it happens I should've DNF'd it near the start