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READER ✓ DOC The Corfu Trilogy ↠ INSOLPRO ☆ [EPUB] ✼ The Corfu Trilogy Author Gerald Durrell – The Corfu Trilogy consists of the popular classic My Family and Other Animals and its delightful seuels Birds Beasts and Relatives and The Garden of the Gods All three books are set on the enchanted i E fridge With hilarious yet endearing portraits of his family and their many unusual hangers on The Corfu Trilogy also captures the beginnings of the author's lifelong love of animals Recounted with immense humour and charm this wonderful account of Corfu's natural history reveals a rare magical childhood I read 'My Family Other Animals' at school which led me to read other books by MrDurrellI remembered them with great affection and was thinking how much I'd like to read them again and one morning I got on the train to go to work and there sitting on an empty seat was this book 'The Corfu Trilogy' SerendipitousSo I got to go back to Corfu with Gerald and his maddeningly lovable family 30 years after i first went thereIt is pure escapism of the very best kind

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The Corfu Trilogy consists of the popular classic My Family and Other Animals and its delightful seuels Birds Beasts and Relatives and The Garden of the Gods All three books are set on the enchanted island of Corfu in the s and tell the story of the eccentric English family who moved there For Gerald the Many readers will be familiar with Durrell's My Family and Other Animals the autobiography he wrote in 1956 about his idyllic childhood in Corfu The Corfu Trilogy includes two books on the same theme Birds Beasts and Relatives 1969 and The Garden of the Gods 1978 Presumably there must have been demand for of the same since these publication dates are so wide apart and Durrell had published numerous books in the interim dealing with his animal exploits all told in a very humorous way Given this I was pleased to find the narrative to be seamless One book of anecdotes flows naturally on from another and he could have written since there is no real conclusion to The Garden of the Gods My Family and Other Animals on the other hand starts with a very amusing account of the reasons why the family emigrated and most of the book takes place against a background of the various villas they moved to The reasons for the house move are almost unbelievable It is a mark of the author's skill that the reader is freuently carried along by the narrative enjoying what seem to be incredible or at least highly unlikely episodes This became his trademark writing styleThese three books are immensely readable because of the way the characters are depicted All Durrell's family seem remarkably eccentric His widowed mother with her vagueness reminiscences of her earlier time in India and enthusiasm for all things culinary seems perpetually bemused by the odd assortment of interests her children have Larry was the oldest at 23 Lawrence Durrell of course the literary novelist He insisted on inviting all and sundry to their home poets artists musicians Indian princes Anyone whom he had met on his travels and found interesting He was freuently off on his travels again when they eventually visited Leslie was nineteen and only interested in guns and shooting Durrell's sister Margo was 18 He describes her rather unkindly as being obsessed by her acne her weight and various fashion magazines No doubt these are highly exaggerated versions as are the wonderful Corfu characters they befriend and are befriended by But it makes for a rich and hilarious tapestry of day to day events which Durrell describes with great affection and a keen eye for the ridiculousWhat makes these books uniue or at least the first of their kind is that Durrell captures this highly coloured portrayal of the characters and places of his childhood and intersperses it with absorbing accounts of the flora and fauna of Corfu He clearly was fascinated by Nature from infancy and his enthusiasm for the subject shines through every moment Reading this book is an education about the wildlife of Corfu as well as being a vivid description of a young boy's determination to observe learn respect and collect everything he could about the natural world Although he was only 10 years old in these novels it goes a long way to explain what made Durrell the man he was He is sadly missed for many reasons

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The Corfu TrilogyBudding zoologist Corfu was a natural paradise teeming with strange birds and beasts that he could collect watch and care for But life was The Corfu PDF not without its problems his family often objected to his animal collecting activities especially when the beasts wound up in the villa or even worse th My Family and Other Animals is still my overall favorite installment of this trilogy of memoirs from Gerald Durrell but The Garden of the Gods the third and final installment still has its moments It was so much fun being back with the Durrell family on Corfu and seeing everything they got up to from Gerry Larry Leslie Margo to their Mother and everyone really that comes into contact with them and it's still just as hilarious While Durrell is great at writing about nature he's fantastic when it comes to writing about his family and being totally entertaining It really makes you feel like you're visiting with long lost family or old friends These memoirs make me want to visit the island myself to experience the flora and the fauna and the people as well If you like the tv series The Durrells in Corfu or the made for tv movie adaptation called My Family and Other Animals then you'll absolutely have to try the original memoir trilogy