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Students from a university mystery club decide to visit an island which was the site of a grisly multiple murder the year before Predictably they get picked off one by one by an unseen murderer Is there a madman on the loose What connection is there to the earlier murders The answer is a bombshell revelation which few r. A group of students arrive on a deserted island which was the scene of a grisly murder one year priorObviously nothing goes wrong and they spend a relaxing week long vacation talking about books they like and taking in the sun oh wait no this a mystery novel Yeah scratch that bad things happenThis is a book that notes its origins with pride The plot kicks off with a reference to Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None and continues with loving nods including all the characters having nicknames based on American and European mystery authors throughout The novel is a part of what is referred to in Japan as Honkaku mystery This subgenre is what typically would be referred to in English speaking countries as a “locked room” or “fair play” mystery Meaning all clues are given so despite the improbability of the crime you the reader could in theory solve it as well In fact the book contains an absolutely fascinating introduction giving a brief history of the Honkaku sub genre and is well worth a read I particularly liked the bit of info where they discuss that it’s looked less as a literary genre and like a game between author and readerSo did I solve the case Well yes and no I pretty much figured out who did it fairly early on but I didn’t figure out how so much and when the reveal hit I had a moment where I could have applauded it view spoiler“I’m Van Dine” was one of the biggest wham lines I’ve read in a while and genuinely had me flipping through pages trying to figure it out HOW that one happened hide spoiler

Characters 十角館の殺人

十角館の殺人Eaders will see coming The Decagon House Murders is a milestone in the history of detective fiction Published in it is credited with launching the shinhonkaku movement which restored Golden Age style plotting and fair play clues to the Japanese mystery scene which had been dominated by the social school of mystery for s. Have to say that in the end I was disappointed You tell me that this book is a homage to And Then There Were None and it ends up just being kind of a mess with an ending that was nothing like that book It didn't help that Ayatsuji had some of the book following two other characters so you don't stay on the island with the characters who are being picked off one by one I do like that we were given a glossary in the end to understand some of the words being used in this bookThe Decagon House Murders is a bit of a convoluted tale The book starts off with us in the murderer's POV We know that he or she has something up their sleeve to make people pay for what they did Then we transitioned over to a group of college aged students who are making their way to the Decagon House The students plan to stay on an uninhabited island for a week A brutal murder and apparent suicide took place there six months ago and due to this the students think it would be perfect for them to go and get away to All of the students belong to a mystery group at their university and they have taken the names of famous mystery writers We have the following Agatha Van Leroux Orczy Ellery Carr and Poe While they are away on the island a former member of the mystery group Kawaminami receives a letter accusing him of being behind the murder of a former member named Chiori We find out that she was a shy young women who died of a heart attack brought upon due to alcohol poisoning Kawaminami starts to try to figure out who could have sent the letter and figures out ties that Chiori has to the island that the group has just departed for I have to say that I didn't get a chance to get a handle on anyone When the group on the island starts to get picked off one by one by the murderer it just started to feel anti climatic I liked how Christie did it via her book and how they were all sent to die based on a rhyme This felt a little too clumsy It didn't help that the book jumps back and forth between the murders on the island and Kawaminami's investigation with an older man he meets I think that distracted from the overall tenor of the book and it felt a bit like we had Ayatsuji trying to throw in a bit of Arthur Conan Doyle and have a Sherlock and Watson on the sceneThe writing was okay as I said earlier it was great to get the glossary in the book describing things However the flow wasn't that great I had a hard time with the second investigation going on since it just felt really fake to me And then it made zero sense with what we know was going on on he islandThe setting of the island and the Decagon House were intriguing I liked the history behind it being built and how lonesome it must have been Ayatsuji provides some diagrams which were helpful to show where everyone is staying at and also at one point where a body is found The ending did have a cool twist but I had a hard time buying it It didn't really work I think in the end And then the reason behind the murder felt very fake to me It just seemed like a reason for the murderer to do what they did We get a reveal about all of the murders and how they happened and it felt like that bit got written before the initial set up of the book A nice look at a Japanese golden age mystery novel I definitely enjoyed The Tokyo Zodiac Murders

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Characters æ 十角館の殺人 102 Ï ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ 十角館の殺人 By Yukito Ayatsuji ✩ – Students from a university mystery club decide to visit an island which was the site of a grisly multiple murder the year before Predictably they get picked off one by one by an unseen murderer Is the Students Everal decades It is also said to have influenced the development of the wildly popular anime movementThis the first English edition contains a lengthy introduction by the maestro of Japanese mystery fiction Soji ShimadaLocked Room International discovers and publishes impossible crime masterpieces from all over the wor. Holly moly ^^ Totally devoured this book At first I thought it would be another lock room case a total copy cat of the all time famous And then there were none by Dame Agatha Christie but it turned out I was wrong D And I'm happy that I'm wrong When it comes to Japanese people they are often the creative pinoneers not the followers ha ha ^^Back to this book I'm glad I didn't see it coming when the murderer was finally revealed Now I know why this book is considered as having one of the most shocking ending in the history of Japanese detective literature