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review The Family Gene 100 ß ❮EPUB❯ ✼ The Family Gene ✷ Author Joselin Linder – A riveting medical mystery about a young woman’s uest to uncover the truth about her likely fatal genetic disorder that opens a window onto the exploding field of genomic medicineWhen Joselin Linder A riveting medical mystery about a Ed under similarly strange circumstances Delving further into the past she discovered that her great grandmother had displayed symptoms similar to hers before her death Clearly this was than a fluke Setting out to build a complete picture of the illness that haunted her family Joselin approached Dr Christine Seidman the head of a group of world class genetic researchers at Harvard Medical School for help Dr Seidman had been working on her family’s case for twenty years and had finally confirmed that fourteen of Joselin’s relatives carried somet. The Family Gene by Joselin Linder is everything I wish for in a medically oriented memoir Linder blends the science of genetics deftly with her own family’s story It was so compelling that I flew through the book in just a day or soWhen Joselin is just fifteen she and her family begin to watch her father die a slow painful and frankly horrific death He literally never received a diagnosis for this fatal disease The family begins to realize that his condition was very similar to two other members of his family now also deceased Then his brother dies Sounds overwhelmingly sad doesn’t itFull review at

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Hing called a private mutation meaning that they were the first known people to experience the baffling symptoms of a brand new genetic mutation Here Joselin tells the story of their gene the lives it claimed and the future of genomic medicine with the potential to save those that remain Digging into family records and medical history conducting interviews with relatives and friends and reflecting on her own experiences with the Harvard doctor Joselin pieces together the lineage of this deadly gene to write an exploration of family history and lov. I was pulling into the parking lot of the supermarket where I shop listening to NPR The interview with Ms Linder that was so fascinating so interesting I sat in the parking lot until the interview ended And I promptly ordered the book I have a potentially fatal genetic disorder but at 72 I do not give it much thought I know of no one in my family history who had it But could it have been properly diagnosedIs my case a one off a one time thing Am I the first documented case in my family Will any of my descendants develop itMs Linder's account did not and cannot address mine but it helped me understand I must say Ms Linder has a wonderful gift for making complex scientific medical and genetic terms comprehensible to this lay personMy only reluctance to grant five stars is my disinterest in her personal Sturm und Drang during adolescence

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The Family GeneA riveting medical mystery about a young woman’s uest to uncover the truth about her likely fatal genetic disorder that opens a window onto the exploding field of genomic medicineWhen Joselin Linder was in her twenties her legs suddenly started The Family ePUB #187 to swell After years of misdiagnoses doctors discovered a deadly blockage in her liver Struggling to find  an explanation for her unusual condition Joselin compared the medical chart of her father who had died from a mysterious disease ten years prior with that of an uncle who had di. “You should fight to live long and well you should experience meaningfulness as often as you can and the rest of the time you should just ignore death completely” – Joselin Linder The Family GeneNon fiction memoir about a family with a genetic variant Joselin Linder inherited a uniue gene from her father which causes a currently unnamed disease that has resulted in the deaths of five family members In this memoir the author documents her family’s pain and suffering the genetic research involved in tracing the source and the medical analysis involved in discovering a treatment She talks about what it is like living with a potentially fatal condition This book covers a good amount of medical science in a manner easily understood by a layperson It shows how this family turns tragedy into an opportunity to work in partnership with doctors and scientists to understand and reduce the impact of this uniue disease The author intersperses information about the history and recent advances in genetics into her personal story The writing style is collouial with humor sprinkled throughout as a respite from the weighty topics Linder only touches the surface of the genetic engineering debate instead offering her personal insight from a perspective of someone with a significant stake in the outcome Recommended to those interested in medically oriented memoirs hereditary diseases and genetic research I think fans of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Brain on Fire or Lab Girl may also appreciate it