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The Hidden Reality Parallel Universes and the Search for the Deep Laws of the Cosmos review ✓ 103 Ð ❰KINDLE❯ ❄ The Hidden Reality Parallel Universes and the Search for the Deep Laws of the Cosmos Author Brian Greene – قام بتحويل قام بتحويل الكتاب الي نسخة Reality Parallel PDF #8608 نصية كلٌ من«زينه»، «د طارق التميمي»«محمد العليان The Hidden PDF or »، «معالي»«محمد مصطفي كمال»، «عبدالله الحبابي»«عزيز ابن ابو عزيز»، «أريج محمد»«هشام حسني»، «awakeel»«سماهر»، Hidden Reality Parallel PDFEPUB #227 «رشا الظاهري»«رنا. If you're into stuff like this you can read the full reviewBlood Farts The Hidden Reality Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos by Brian GreeneOriginal review 2011The Multiverse is awesomeWe all look we find what we may but we all have to choose what we look at deeply than we will look at the rest of what there is Yes I refuse to spend much time on multiverse hypotheses; I used to spend a lot of time looking at uantum field theory instead and doing FT thinking about it developing a feel for and making choices about what I think is important or not and changing my mind endlessly and becoming intimate with it as much as my abilities will let me all of which takes time than anyone has

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وصور فوتنوت وفهرسة« ماجدة علي علي »في هذا الكتاب يتناول برايان جرين، صاحب الكتابين الأكثر مبيعًا ” الكون الأنيق ” و”نسيج الكون”، سؤالًا يمكن اعتباره أكثر أسئلة الفيزياء الحديثة وعلم الكونيات إثارة للعقل، وهو هل كوننا هو الكون الوحيد الذي له وجود?. The first book I had by Brian Greene was The Fabric of the Cosmos I got it not long after it was releases and a friend asked me if he could borrow it not long after I received it in the mail before I'd read it I said yesI didn't get the book back for several years Dr Greene had written by then Oh wellThis book as is Dr Greene's wont is an attempt to take highly technical and advanced ideas and make them understandable to us we the great unwashed the masses I suppose in all truthfulness it only succeeds to a pointI mean I know I don't have the math to grasp the heart of what he's talking about and even I can see the imprecision Still he does take the difficult sugar coats it and lays it out there I kept seeing that scene from Big Bang Theory where they have a cameo from Dr Greene and Sheldon's reaction to himIf you're a physicist theoretical or experimental I suspect this book will probably be hopelessly imprecise and simple if your like me it's fairly interesting Even though I know that what I'm getting is at best a broad outlined picture where the multiverse is compared to a large Swiss Cheese with the bubbles pictured as the universes The book is laid out largely in the format of here it is here's what we thinkknow and here's why It assumes that those reading it won't really be in a position to challenge it and tries to be as simple as possibleIn short not a bad book and manages to lay things out in a relatively get it relatively simple way when dealing with a difficult set of subjects or subject if it's unified Enjoy If it interests you I recommend it

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The Hidden Reality Parallel Universes and the Search for the Deep Laws of the Cosmosوليد»، «ماجد حنّا»«علي الشمري»، «تامر السلاموني»«بندر الحربي»، «شمس الحياة»«مروة جمال»، «تركي Hidden Reality Parallel Universes and ePUB #187 العبود»«الياس سعدي»، «ماجدة علي علي»«هادي ابراهيم»، «سامي اكايا»«ماجد حنّا»، «أحمد»« محمد زهرة»، «منصور التميمي»اخراج فني. Brian Greene really is one of the best popular science writers His books give you a real sense of being guided by someone who genuinely knows what they're talking about who uses metaphors effectively and who effectively weaves the traditional material in with the new points he is making He also approaches science with curiosity untainted by dogmatism He is very much open to speculation but eually open to the speculation not panning outThis book is about different concepts of the Multiverse Greene devotes a chapter to each of what he defines as the major types and then has one or two additional chapters on uestions like whether these theories are testable and broader implicationsThe multiverse's he consider include the uilted multiverse which is just our universe extending out infinitely leaving the possibility of endless accidental repetition which follows from some cosmological theories that follow the big bang the inflationary multiverse a product of repeated episodes of inflationary expansion which follows from the addition of inflation to the previous theories three multiverses that come from different versions of string theory brane cyclic and landscape a uantum multiverse which is Everett's Many Worlds interpretation and is conceptual a holographic multiverse which comes from the study of black holes and string theory and simulated and ultimate multiverses the last two coming from computer simulations and a deeper mathematical worldIn every case Greene does a good job of describing the physical theories that lead usually by accident to the implication that there is a particular type of multiverse discusses the scientific status of those theories and addresses issues around testing them In the end Greene has some sympathy with Steven Weinberg's adage that the problem with physics is that we do not take our theorieseuations seriously enough as a real description of the world The example he cites is the Positron which was a byproduct of Dirac's solution of a math problem that turned out to be real Greene clearly leans towards the view that the same is true of the multiverse but he doesn't do much to tip his hand about which one