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Characters ë Povest Author Boris Pasternak ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ý [Reading] ➶ Povest ➬ Boris Pasternak – Set in Russia during the winter of 1916 Serezha visits his married sister Tired after a long journey he falls into a restless sleep and half remembers halfLed Moscow household he focuses his intense romanticism on Mrs Arild his employer's paid companion while spending his nights with the prostitute Sashka. I did not get it I didn't understand the ending; I couldn't remember who Lemokh was because it was so boring and difficult to read There were phrases metaphors sentences and entire paragraphs that made no sense to me

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Reams the incidents of the last summer of peace before the First World War 'when life appeared to pay heed to individuals' As tutor in a wealthy unsett. I feel like I'm missing something maybe it was the translation or maybe it's something I'll never get not being able to read Pasternak in Russian The introduction explained that this book is not a narrative but 'loosely interwoven reminiscences Once I got my head around that I did enjoy some parts

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Povest Author Boris PasternSet in Russia during the winter ofSerezha visits his married sister Tired after a long journey he falls into a restless sleep and half remembers half d. I have long known Boris Pasternak after watching the movie Doctor Zhivago 1965 first knowing him as its author during my college years In fact his literary stature had been internationally renowned by being awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1958 This is my first trial reading of his 5 chapter autobiographical novella portraying Serezha's brief life and work as tutorship to Harry in the Fresteln family due to its seemingly readable length Admittedly I rarely found a bit of reading pleasure as it should have been due to my unfamiliarity with the scope of his narratives that involves various people and settings in which I recalled Serezha's bouts of seeming romanticism with a young Danish widow called Mrs Ariel aka Anna Ariel Tornskjold who claims she is Mrs Fresteln's companion not her chambermaid p 42; she telling him her husband died a young man aged thirty two in March last spring p 41 So she might have been in her early 30's or late 20'sHowever I couldn't recall the role of a female character named Sashka as encountered in chapters 3 and 4 till I came across her name in its Goodreads synopsis I wonder if I should have a uick rereading and see if the role has any involvement with Serezha the protagonist Then I would be back laterGood news I can find out 'Sashka' in chapter 3; the part being on this sentence by Mrs Fresteln Serezha's employer If she had asked him where he had come from he would have told her without reflecting all the places where he had been p 49 Thus from pages 50 56 we would know on her involvement and Serezha's as clarified in the mentioned pagesIn chapter 4 the name 'Sashka' appears twice in the second paragraph p 57; the two sentences being extracted as follows Here Nyura Rumina rose in his consciousness and Sashka; and Anna Arild Tornskjold was not the last to emerge 'But what had the old pawnbroker to do with it The old pawnbroker that was just another Sashka in her old age ' Obviously this sentence has affirmed the second name as his flame Serezha felt that he had never loved anyone as much as Sashka; and then in his mind's eye he saw winding further away toward the cemeteries the roadway spotted with meaty red patches; p 54From my rough skimming and scanning through chapters 1 5 I would like to say something suggestive to some Pasternak newcomers I am one myself due to his literary fame and stature We need a pencil at least to underline any new unfamiliar names related to the protagonist events settings etc so that we could follow the story's thread the role of each character so that we would be on the right track not get lost become perplexed till we see no light and throw it away with an unwanted pity and ensuing condemnation One of the difficulties is concerned with how Russian names appear especially the case of Mrs Arild her middle name whereas her first name Anna and last name Tornskjold appear as such in which they keep confusing me till I have at last reached page 39 informing me that Anna Arild Tornskjold is the same personThen think positively and design any strategy we like As for me out of my respect and admiration stemmed from his Doctor Zhivago and his other works if any from my second exploration I have since enjoyed noticing his interesting clauses phrases words etc rarely found or never in other famous authors we have read and liked Some of these exemplary sentences I think are worth studying and applying in our English applications 1 Dusk was falling; p 28 twilight was falling p 47 But Suddenly the dawn flared p 53 2 The weather was stifling p 44 3 This somewhat spoiled the sweetness of their embrace p 90 4 The whole room seemed to swim in brandy p 91 5 In the first place he knew this man and besides he was confronting something tall and alien that devalued Serezha from head to foot p 92 In a word reading this novella essentially reuires our proper concentration as well as positive expectation in terms of how the author has described to portray some key characters in various settings situations or time frames in which we read with our respect to his expertise in mind