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The Law of Averages New and Selected StoriesTimization parameters during the analysis process and then prioritize and evaluate these parameters in the architecture and design of the system these stories taken from 'not my idea' ; nobody left to tell' ; 'students of history' ; 'talking with others' ; 'cut on the bias' as noted above there is a lazer uality to barthelme writing and style economy focused i'd also say they are modern sexy smart too

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FREE DOC × READER The Law of Averages New and Selected Stories Õ ➲ [Read] ➭ The Law of Averages New and Selected Stories By Frederick Barthelme ➽ – The landscape of networking has changed so that network services have now become one of the most important factors to the success The landscape of networking has changed so that network services have now become one of the most important factors to the success of many third Frederick Barthelme is the good stuff Reading his fiction is like smoking a fat joint with good friends or having a few beers on a hot early evening or a sleep in after five days of early mornings His prose is simple and his characters are usually of average intelligence or lack insight but he manages somehow to see the infinite complexity in all this in the modern suburban life in the beauty of an empty car park late at night in the law of averages I guessThe stories in this collection are stylistically influenced but wholly original They read like a modernised Raymond Carver and maybe feel a little pre Tao Lin but the Barthelmeian thing is this beautiful optimism about the mundane nature of living He's able to capture those moments that feel like a pause in time when you might be walking through your neighbourhood you've seen a hundred times just trying to get home when as if out of nowhere you become aware of the fact that you're alive on this earth with all these other people who are living their own individual lives in their own houses and it's like this overwhelming sense of gratitude for being here able to acknowledge and appreciate that Like for instance this little gem from DriverShe looked terrific in the car She had on a checked shirt open over a white Danskin her feet were up on the dash and her short hair was wet and rippled with the wind Her skin was olive and rough and it was glowing as if she were in front of a fire When I missed a light next to Pfeiffer Chemicals a couple of acres of pipes and ladders and vats and winking green lamps I leaned over to kiss her cheek but she turned at the last minute and caught me with her lips p131Also he writes women like nobody's businessOf course the collection isn't perfect In fact it pretty clearly illustrates where Barthelme is strong and where he's weak He's strong when he writes from a first person male perspective usually an older male who's somewhat educated a little disinterested with life but with an inarticulate yearning for something He's weak when he doesn't do this Some of the stories are written from a second person perspective and these work okay but they feel a little pointless Shopgirls is a nice idea but it's hard to tell if Barthelme has a point or he's just trying to be a little experimentally fancy and show off y And he certainly proves with The Autobiography of Rita Jay that he should stay very far away from the perspective of a female character He's brilliant when he observes a woman but he can't get inside her headAnyway readers interested in Barthelme might need a checklist of reading pre reuisites so I'll make it easy by spelling it out right hereYou best not be concerned with plot because in Barthelme's world going for a drive is about as plot heavy as it getsHelps if you're sympathetic to the plight of the common person because there are no extraordinary heroes here Don't expect to take sides You might not like or even find interesting the main character Barthelme doesn't shy from writing from the perspective of a pedophile so just go with it because everybody has some story to tellDon't come to Barthelme looking for outlandish settings in far away lands This is Southern American suburbia and it could if that isn't where you are just as easily be your neighbourhood starring your next door neighbourPoint is when Barthelme is good he's very very good He expresses something plenty of authors wouldn't even consider worth looking at because it might seem boring or pointless But he manages to look at what most of us glaze over with a curious and careful eye What he sees and records feels all the beautiful because you realise up until now you've missed it every time it's been right in front of youRay opened his mouth to repeat himself then laughed 'It's a great life isn't it? It's much better than anything I imagined or anything I did before ' He was making hand gestures slicing at the air as if cutting away underbrush 'With my first marriage and my second I didn't have a clue You get married have a baby you have a car have a job and everything just gets away from you lickety split' Then he put an arm around Judy's shoulders tugged her toward him 'Now everything's a lot better You want something you take it That's how we go bip bip bip' p 205

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