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FREE READ µ INSOLPRO.CO.UK ´ Laura Lynne Jackson Help people come to terms with loss And she shares the deeply affecting lessons she has learned in her work teaching us what she has come to understand about the universe in order to help us live better lives in the here and now. Emotionally Charged Stories Of Hereafter ConnectionsThis is a weird one because I have no idea how this book fell into my lap I’m not super surprised because I buy and put a hold on so many books that sometimes I’m forced to read them uickly before I have to return them when they come my way I may have heard it recommended somewhere or it was on a list of sorts Regardless I had no idea really what I was reading when I started This book is the ‘true story’ of a psychic who learns of her powers and the ability to tap into messages left from people who have passed on They connect to her and tell her to tell their loved ones she is near to about personal stuff and usually they are messages of regret and love What’s usually explained as cold reading in skeptic circles her method here explained how she would reveal very personal details that no one would know or understand except the person she was “reading” for For example one man she mentioned a belt and said his father was sorry about the belt and he had no idea how special it was The man later revealed that indeed when he was younger he made a leather belt for his dad But his dad hit him with it when he got upset at him thinking it was some mindless hobby the boy was working on not knowing it was a special gift the boy was working on for him This episode hurt the man deeply and affected him all his life He never told anyone about it but here the author was telling him now how his father now realizes this and how sorry he was that it happened I find that hard to believe that she could cold read that personal episode Of course there’s no way to verify these stories But the feeling they give is just as uniue and special to read and ultimately makes it worth it What shocked me is how moving and emotional these stories were Even if you don’t believe them you can’t deny how emotional these accounts are and told with such a sensitivity that it really makes you believe I consider myself a believer in a lot of things and some of the stuff here was a stretch but I thoroughly enjoyed this journey and it helped me think about things in a new light which is what I’m always excited about This meshing Of new ideas and experiences is what helps me grow but seriously I teared up at some of these stories If they’re real and this author is the real deal then we have ZERO to be afraid of when we pass on Everyone in her readings speaks of so much love and light and how we need to focus on nurturing our soul and growing here on Earth with the purpose of living a life full of unconditional love for everyone and everything I always believe in this mission and so I can say I stand by the values and message of this work Bravo

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READ ☆ The Light Between Us Ö ❮Read❯ ➳ The Light Between Us Author Laura Lynne Jackson – For readers of Proof of Heaven this is the astonishing true story of a woman who possesses an extraordinary gift Laura Lynne Jackson is a psychic medium able to converse with souls from the other side For readers of Proof For readers of Proof of Heaven this is the astonishing true story of a woman who possesses an extraordinary gift Laura Lynne Jackson is a psychic medium able to converse with souls from the other side In The Light Between Us she. While a bit of a skeptic myself I inexplicably found myself drawn to this book one night only to read within the introduction that this book had found its way into your hands for a reason Okay Except the very first chapter entitled Pop Pop immediately had my heart skip a beat as I had just lost my Pop Pop in November As I kept reading the connections kept adding up from Laura Lynne growing up in the same town as myself her two first loves names being that of my brothers characteristics eerily similar as well to the icing on the cake learning I had attended the same high school as the author as if growing up in the same town wasn't weird enough This book brought tears to my eyes and opened my heart as I read about our loved ones leaving the physical world but their spirits remaining with us guiding us leading us showing us the way to fulfill our path that the universe has spread out for us After reading this book I feel comfort knowing that love is never lost Love only grows While I miss him beyond words can describe I look forward to connecting with my Pop Pop through signs he sends me from beyond and cherish the knowledge that I will see him again someday

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The Light Between UsTells her story of how she struggled with her abilities and even denied them for many years She explains how she ultimately found peace through a scientific understanding of her gift and discovered that The Light Epubshe could. I guess I was destined to read this book I bought as I passed my usual bookshop Bertrand but I had no intentions of buying anything that day I had just bought a few books two or three days before So I see this book which had probably just been published in Portugal and I just had to bring it with meWhen I sat in the car I opened it and read the dedication in the beginning and I found out one of the reasons why I had to get it Laura dedicates it to her Mother in a very touching way saying that her Mother was the root of everything in her life And That is exactly how I feel about me Mother who passed away less than one month ago It was a bit like a wink of Destiny to see those words that described the way I feltThen I read the book in around two days Story after story that Laura shares touched me particularly until at the very end when she includes nine pages of thankful words the name Delia is another wink at me Dad' name was DélioLoved the easy and genuine way in which Laura shares her life and her experience the very humane way in which she describes the fear of assuming her role publicly and the courageous way in which she conuered her placeLoved itMaria CarmoLisbon 20 June 2016