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The Love of Wicked Men S02E01 The Love of Wicked Men #21 Book Ò 99 pages ô Insolpro ☆ [Download] ➾ The Love of Wicked Men S02E01 The Love of Wicked Men #21 ➹ Brandon Shire – THIS IS A WORK OF SERIALIZED FICTIONSid Rivers and Jack Brandt are back but tTwo of The Love of Wicked Men is a continuation of their story It is also an erotic journey into the underbelly of the legal profession the corporate culture of profit at any cost and the secret world of industrial espionage IN THIS EPISODESid Rivers has reached the end of his rope He’s waited sixteen long months for Jack to return but he hasn’t heard a peep from the man Not one During that time he’s reorganized the firm he took from his father and started looking for a way to make his name But one morning the priv Full reviewage on Prism Book Alliance® Your heart can’t be protected It doesn’t listen to the mind games when conscious thought tries to rationalize the world It is independent and stubborn and infuriating at times But was it wrong?This is as close to romance as you’ll get in this story This start to season two of the The Love of Wicked Men series is a crime thriller including murder with deception loyalty in many forms dysfunctional families highly functional friendships which naturally breed humor and It begins with some cracking dialogue injecting tension and high stakes from the get go This is something at which Shire excels and continues in this story with this just as intense cast of characters their collective baggage desires schemes and those pesky morals that sometimes let their hearts try and call the shots SometimesIf you’ve yet to read something by Brandon Shire change that today Right now Whether you start with Season 1 Episode 1 of this series or you want something erotic like the Erotic Shorts series or big time emotions like in Afflicted I and II and Listening to Dust and many others choose one and run with it You’ll get those feelings we love to have while reading nose and heart deep in a book the characters and stories staying with you long after you’ve finishedFair warning there could be slight spoilers for Season 1 in this reviewNow back to this crazy lot Ok not really crazy that would be too easy to dismiss them all as nuts They’re complicated people living complicated lives with danger deep caring and just as deep scars doubts and desires strength and the will to survive in this world of theirs dominated by ruthlessness revenge and believe it or not hope This brings me to Sid Oh Sid You’re such a fantastic mix of all of these things And no matter how hard you try that heart of yours is doing its darnedest to derail all of your plans Right now it seems to be losing outJack is one tough cookie and a smart one He knows something is going on beyond the obvious behind the thick curtain of lies beneath the layers of hidden agendas He’s very good at what he does most of which takes place behind some of those same curtains Despite that his own emotions are threatening to muck up this latest life and death deal Though he does seem to have them in check than Sid For now Damn if that man didn’t know how to get under his skinThis tells you a lot about the major underlying current in this series Who said this? You’ll have to read to find out and what the ramifications might bePssst even I don’t know what those are yetSid and Jack aren’t the only characters returning from Season 1 We have Sid’s hated father his trusted admin Cheryl we have Shane and Raja oh my Jason yay Drake and Sweeny oh my dreaded Aunt Marion Wessman Lori ever the mystery and All are precisely woven into this story each adding their necessary ingredients to this intense dark unforgiving pie I gotta say who’da thunk that Drak and Sweeny would become the “stable” ones in this cast of creatures? ;Shire knows how to build and then unfurl a mystery I looooove when I honestly cannot see stuff coming I’m as surprised

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THIS IS A WORK OF SERIALIZED FICTIONSid Rivers and Jack Brandt are back but they’re still two sides of the same coin One is a lawyer with his own firm intent on growing his power and prestige; the other is a criminal with a lengthy record and a need to set his world in order When they met the first time sparks flew But circumstances pushed them apart Now circumstances are forcing them together again But will it help them to find each other and meet their goals or will it destroy them and everyone they care about? Season Woohoo Happy Dancing here Jack Brandt and Sid Rivers are back with a bang and boy what a great opening episode this was It looks as though the proverbial 'bad guys' of this series are a drug conglomerate who have been testing a new drug on young kids without really testing the killer stuff at all and needless to say kids have been dying What do they do?? Well they want Sid to save their as of course I can only hope Sid gets a conscience of some sort unlikely I know cos I'd line them all up against a wallJack meanwhile has re appeared after going underground for an extended spell Drake and Sweeny are still with him although their hacker Lori whom I'm still not sure I fully trust has departed for a less stressful life and has sent the guys a replacement for her skills We catch up with Jason Shane Marian and Sid's ailing father Jeffery but the unseen threat who tried to finish Sid in the last series Mark Wessman is strangely conspicuous by his absence although we discover things about him that do not bode well for the lives of both Jack or Sid but especially Jack cos Wessman positively hates him and will take any opportunity to kill himThere were some great uotes in this episode and I proudly repeat them here If you haven't given this series a look in before can I politely suggest you correct that error immediately Brandon's writing is brilliant Highly RecommendedThey're not looking for Boy Scouts to fight terrorists Jack The first rule is to match the barbarity and make them pay The second rule is don't get caught Wessman's company is good at both Jack looked away disgust written on his face That's one of the reasons I stopped working for your people When we become the barbarians we fight against we're no better than they areThat's treason as far as the government is concerned They'll put you in a black hole somewhere and forget you ever existed Shane chuckled Treason is a relative term and the label usually depends on how deep your pockets are But you already know thatSid Rivers was an open wound and he was drawn to it Not because he thought he could heal it but because it was so familiar to him He knew the loss the never ending guilt the sheer desperation of keeping people distant enough that the pain could never be repeated It was survivor's guiltYou've got nothing? Sid gasped How the hell could a pimp not have hustlers? He wanted to demand an answer but even slightly inebriated he knew what the response would be Roland's call boys were always in demand appointments were almost mandatory to get one of them There's a Republican convention in town and finallyI'm not the one you have to convince It's all those newscasters and talk show hosts who'll be asking how you let a couple of hundred kids die for your profit margin

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The Love of Wicked Men S02E01 The Love of Wicked Men #21Ate line in his office rings and everything changes He has a new case new clients and a means to make himself utterly unforgettable in the legal world Jack Brandt spots a man tailing him around the country Just as he’s about to capture him and force details from his mouth Shane shows up with a dire warning Sid Rivers is in immediate danger and needs Jack’s help to survive The Feds are sniffing around but so is Jack’s old nemesis And Mark Wessman will do anything to get Jack including using Rivers’ dead body as bai Though it's exciting to see Sid and Jack again their relationship has been back to the beginning