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READ & DOWNLOAD · INSOLPRO.CO.UK Û Michelle Harrison Ce goes missing and a talking cat turns up in her bedroom Midge searches Alice’s stories for a clue Soon he discovers that her The Other Epubsecret book The Museum of Unfinished Stories is much than just a story In fact he finds two of its characters wandering around townBut every tale. I believe this is suppose to be loosely based off of Alice In Wonderland But to me it felt like a mix of a bunch of Disney fairytales Like Alice obviously The Little Mermaid and than anything Sleeping Beauty The villain especially gave me strong Malificent vibes I also adored the cat She was my favorite character Very sassy lazy curious and a know it all 😆 typical cat Besides who doesn’t love talking cats in books She really added a lot to the story for meAnyway I found the story to be fun and easy to read I really enjoyed the characters and the plot I was even impressed with the writing This book just wasn’t the greatest thing I’ve ever read And I think part of that may be partially my fault I was comparing it to the authors other works And I definitely prefer her other books as opposed to this one But it’s still a fun read and I would recommend

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CHARACTERS î The Other Alice ✓ [PDF] ❤ The Other Alice By Michelle Harrison – What happens when a tale with real magic that was supposed to be finished never was This is a story about one of those stories Midge loves riddles his cat Twitch and ‒ most of all ‒ stories Especi What happens when a tale with real magic tha Has its villains ‒ and with them leaping off the page Midge Gypsy and Piper must use all their wits and cunning to work out how the story ends and find Alice If they fail a sinister finale threatens them all A rich and twisting tale of magic riddles and talking cats from a classic autho. So I really wanted to like this book as I loved the authors 13 treasures seriesThis book really fell apart for me with the magic aspect Too many things were explained as just magic without a plausible explanation It was if magic was used as a way to explain something the author couldn't come up with a better explanation for Example It was too uick and easy to say that Gypsy all the sudden had the ability to speak just because she had put someone else clothes on very convenient to give this character back her voice in the last portion of the book then have to find ways for her to communicate And the explanation of how Tabitha and Dolly switched bodies was too easily dismissed as magic Also half way through all the sudden its noted that Dolly and Dorothy are different people what did I miss The whole time I assumed they were the same person which turns out I was right Very confusing and poorly executed Aside from some confusing aspects and the convenient magic I just never really connected to the characters If it weren't for the back of the book stating that Midge was a boy I would've assumed the character was female All in all I can't recommend this book it was an interesting concept that just wasn't well flushed out in my opinion But I will continue to read from this author as I think her writing is clean and she does creepy really well which I find intriguing when used in middle grade books

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The Other AliceWhat happens when a tale with real magic that was supposed to be finished never was This is a story about one of those stories Midge loves riddles his cat Twitch and ‒ most of all ‒ stories Especially because he’s grown up being read to by his sister Alice a brilliant writerWhen Ali. I was hooked from the first page and 'The Other Alice' never let me goOh how long has it been since a fantasy novel enchanted me Made me want to start writing fantasy myself again 'The Other Alice' has the characters from fiction books come to life in the real world premise that's rarely been done well in my experience Oh my goddesses Michelle Harrison's expertly planned out and wonderful children's book did it justice so so well I didn't like '13 Treasures' but 'The Other Alice' drove the skeptic out of me; Harrison can execute her ideas in a way that's not just clever in writing but which succeeds in making me care about the characters and the perils they are inHere the idea is about the unfinished stories of the world and what happens if the characters of those stories want their ending and demand it of their writer who's abandoned them or is suffering from writer's block Or if the characters want to write their own destinies uncontrolled by an author who is like their god planning their whole existence'The Neverending Story' is one of my favourites and 'The Other Alice' reminded me of it in that it really pulled me into the fantastical atmospheric storytelling meta based world the author created; exploring narratives themes character archetypes and plot devices typical of the fantasy genre Dolls talking cat familiars fairy tale imagery libraries and the power of imagination reading and writing 'The Other Alice' is abundant with these magical gifts and The 'Inkworld' books really set the stage for the concept of bringing fictional characters to life and seeing how they live in reality pretty exciting stuff and full of story and character potential I mean who wouldn't want to actually meet their favourite characters or the characters they created themselves But on the other hand what happens when the villains of a story come to life as well In fact how would any character react and feel when they realise they are not real just figments of someone else's imagination put on paper in ink A fun wish fulfillment premise can easily turn dangerous This plot can be deconstructed in so many different ways and explored so thoroughly; there are no limitations In my opinion 'The Other Alice' achieves all of this beautifully making up for the setbacks of the 'Inkworld' series where a great idea cannot hide other flaws such as dry and unlikable charactersAnother recent novel with a similar concept is 'The Untold Tale' by J M Frey But this time it's in reverse Where a contemporary reader and fan of a fantasy book series is transported into that same world The book intends to bring light to and deconstruct the problematic tropes of the fantasy genre by contrasting them with real life subjects and issues I was loving and praising it at first However the ending of 'The Untold Tale' the last 90 pages completely botches everything it had been trying to do and is an utter insult which makes me angrier the I think about it All that hype all that promise; needless to say I was heartbroken Thankfully 'The Other Alice' didn't disappoint me even as I was expecting it to towards its end I grew fascinated as I read it but I kept my guard up staying cautious and was careful not to pass judgement until I had finished it And while the ending is rather rushed burnt out by its substantial build up to great potential the charm is never lostI could go on until twilight talking about the characters; such as the ardent brilliant teenage writer Alice Silver who possesses unlimited bouts of imagination; her eleven year old brother Midge who is the narrator of the book and with whom Alice shares her stories; Tabitha the sarcastic lazy tea loving talking black cat; and the deliciously evil serial killer Dorothy Grimes created from Alice's worst fears obsessively writing and no longer being able to differentiate fiction and reality any Another thing to adore about 'The Other Alice' is it doesn't talk down to its readers Aside from the darker elements the narrative structure is complex and multi layered like when it's telling stories within a story containing a variety of themes concerning free will wish fulfillment how much we can really know a person and their mentality one's place in existence and family I can picture 'The Other Alice' being adapted for the big screen A children's fantasy film layering in psychological components set pieces and subtexts with thrilling action seuences and emotional human touches throughoutI only wish it could have been longer so that it goes further with its ideas it could in a movie instead we get a slow build up and an abrupt ending But that isn't necessarily a bad thing for it demonstrates how no story truly ends as long as we keep reading them and connecting to the characters in their external and internal journeys spiritually 'The Other Alice' if nothing else taught me to keep on reading and writing The imagination is a powerful tool exciting and important and inspirational or dangerous depending on how it is used Right up there on the bookshelf with 'Harry Potter' 'The Neverending Story' and 'Daughter of Smoke and Bone' this other story about an Alice character is what I read fantasy for It is what I read books forEnchantingFinal Score 45