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The Shadows Between Us epub ¿ Hardcover read ☆ insolpro Á ➾ [Download] ➾ The Shadows Between Us By Tricia Levenseller ➳ – Alessandra is tired of being overlooked but she has a plan to gain power1 Woo the Shadow King2 Marry him3 Kill him and take his kingdom for herselfNoThat swirl around him to do his bidding Others say they speak to him whispering the thoughts of his enemies Regardless Alessandra knows what she deserves and she’s going to do everything within her power to get itBut Alessandra’s not the only one t 45 StarsAlthough I’m too much of a HUFFLEPUFF to be like Alessandra or to even have the guts to do half the things she does in this book The Shadows Between Us wooed me in all its SLYTHERIN gloryTired of being constantly overlooked Alessandra is determined to prove just how cunning and villainous she could be The plan is simple1 Woo the Shadow King2 Marry him3 Kill him and take his kingdom for herselfWhat could possibly go wrong? Nothing Except for one scenario she’s not at all prepared to faceIf that alone is not enough to sway you into reading this book I don’t know what will Ah well I guess my review will have to do the job But if you’re still not convinced I’ll leave it up to fate to match you up with this book Selling Points The ever so badass ueen Alessandra “I may be trying to win the heart of a king butI’m still being myself” Even though I was side eyeing her the whole time I was also fascinated by her There’s something about someone being unapologetically themself that—though you don’t always approve of their ways—you can’t help but admire them She’s such a breath of fresh air My sweet king Kallias “You are beautiful” he continues “But not so beautiful as to tempt me” He is the male euivalent of Alessandra He’s made of shadows and his power is really cool Albeit sometimes also very limiting He’s just the perfect dark broody love interest and he’s fifteen out of fifteen You’ll get this reference once you read the book The slow burn enemies to lovers “I think that when you care enough for someone you reach a point where it’s far painful not to have him at all than to have him and risk losing him You realize the risk is worth it Because happiness however short lived is always worth it” It was both excruciatingly torturous and delicious to read and I took great pleasure in it This book doesn’t hold a candle to TFOTA series but it’s special in its own way and the dynamic between Kallias and Alessandra reminded me of Cardan and JudeAt first I wasn’t sure about them bcs I thought Alessandra bonded better with one of the male side characters But as I got and of her and Kallias together I shipped them all the way I loved their back and forth banter Kallias when he’s being honest about his feelings and ugh that little grovel at the end Wonderful side characters “Aren’t we all drawn to friends in the beginning by trifling things? True bonds develop afterward when character is revealed” Initially I thought with how arrogant and awful Alessandra sometimes was she would find no genuine friendship But the female friendship in this book is actually pretty RAD I loved her friendliness with the other three male supporting characters as well She’s the kind of person who would go out of her ways to help you when you needed it even though she’s got an ulterior motive for doing it Flawless writing “Don’t be afraid of who you are Say what you wish Be who you wish Don’t try to be someone else” This book opens with such a shocking confession from Alessandra that I was hooked from the very first page The flow is seamless that I didn’t want to put it down In terms of pacing I thought it was draggy in some places But I fell deeper for this book as I read on Alas this book is perfect except for one thing How could you end me with only ONE single sentence on the very last page? I COULD REALLY DO WITH SOME EPILOGUE That’s not so nice of you I’m sulky now bcs I want SandrAllias Ignore my lame attempt at creating a ship name Also some might argue that this book is predictable lacks world building and that the romance ruins the whole “Alessandra with her wicked ways” narrative While I agree with these

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Alessandra is tired of being overlooked but she has a plan to gain power1 Woo the Shadow King2 Marry him3 Kill him and take his kingdom for herselfNo one knows the extent of the freshly crowned Shadow King’s power Some say he can command the shadows Was this book perfect? No Did this book deliver on everything I've expected from it? No Do I care? No Why? Because it was such a long time since I enjoyed YAfantasy book so much as I did enjoy this one As I previously mentioned I was sold when this book was labelled as Slytherin If only he knew I have my sights set a bit higher than thatYeah I was hyped when I started this book and the beginning was so good I had problems to remember to breathe and then I was close to hyperventilating It was everything my Slytherin heart wanted People are staringThat's the point isn't it?Alessandra was the kind of character I wanted I'm so over the shocked girls who have no idea why people think that they are pretty or don't want to be in the situation 'cause they just want a nice simple life Who are shocked by the evil people and don't get it why people are just so mean Finally a character who is very self aware has a goal is ambitious and does not care what it takes to get what they want Love it and I need books like this I also loved every single time Alessandra chewed up someone or schemed What I did not expect was to get characters like that in the book See that all the men who accompanied us on our outing are hangedThe King is just as ambitious And at that point I practically want to propose to this book Plus the fact that Alessandra has an obsession with pretty dresses which she creates for herself Which made me realise how rare it is for female characters to have hobbies besides reading and that the friendships are a surprisingly fun and great addition to the story are not helping to me not being obsessed There were several side plots which kept the story moving so I never really felt like nothing was happening So where did it go wrong? Because yeah I love this book but there are things which irked me to say the least First the main villain if you do not count Alessandra as the villain of the story was very obvious Plus the reason or explanation behind their actions was pretty easy to guess as well I'm not angry by it just disappointed Second Alessandra started great but then I felt like a bit of her disappeared The part which had a plan and was ready for everything view spoilerLike please if you get poison to kill someone and then change your mind don't just chuck it somewhere hide spoiler

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The Shadows Between UsRying to kill the king As attempts on his life are made she finds herself trying to keep him alive long enough for him to make her his ueen all while struggling not to lose her heart After all who better for a Shadow King than a cunning villainous ueen 45 ★’s The poets can say whatever they damned like A woman’s worth is not decided by what’s between her legs but by what is in her mind First and foremost I would like to address the people who say “ this isn’t dark enough to be Slytherin” and if you’re one of them I want to tell you—uite politely of course—to shut up I’m not even sorry because that is the very point of this book being Slytherin does not mean being a pure evil mustache twirling doll Being Slytherin means being ambitious selfish arrogant vengeful remorseless power seeking and demanding of lifeyes to all that; but it does not mean being incapable of warmth caring and protectiveness towards your numbered friends; it does not mean being senselessly evil and unfamiliar with reason; and it certainly does not mean being unable of letting go of a path which no longer seems practical to walkAnd that’s the first of the three whys to me declaring this book as my new fave So thank you Tricia for showing so accurately and immaculately what it actually is to be a Slytherin “I know what I’m doing And I’m going to keep doing whatever I wish because I am the master of myself” The second remarkable achievement of The Shadows Between Us is its romance and friendships— specifically in how it shouts to the the world that no a person does not have to change their personality to be able to have healthy relationships; say a Slytherin doesn’t have to become a Hufflepuff to love and care and be loved and cared for only develope to better versions of themselves with better understanding and acceptance without throwing their defining traits into the trashSo thank you Tricia for weaving this truth within these pages with colours and designs bold enough to be unmistakable “I lose interest in everything sooner or later Everything save you Because in you I found my match In you I found my eual” The third and last of Tricia Levenseller’s attempts which make this book stand out to me is undoubtedly her desire to effectively set fire to the common trope of “antiheroes turning heroes” within YA fantasy I simply cannot not fall in love with books that refuse to make remorseless selfish characters into remorseful selfless people going out of their way to help the poor; that’s not the only path for development within characters and please understand that because I’m effing sick of itSo thank you Tricia for giving the big eff you to the popular theme of changing morally grey characters to white flags of peace and generosity “I want the power to change things” I utterly loved this book; picking up my very first work by Tricia Levenseller I was expecting a fun romance oriented young adult fantasy lite with morally grey characters and that’s precisely what I gotbut even better managed than I’d dared hope It did not try to be something and embraced its romantic YA fun and frivolities while adding elements of comfortably LGBT characters and diligently written feministic themes plus much appreciated sex positivism all the precious for its perfect banter and humourous writing making me roll in laughter and cackle in delight on too many occasions The Shadows Between Us is a refreshing fun and funny gem providing our usual light YA read with a breath of fresh air away from the perfect honourable goody two shoes who seem to have taken over literature for decades and centuries No wonder it spoke to me on so many impossible levels as I happen to be part of a triad of Houses Gryffinslytherclaw each House at about 30%Make sure to check out my playlist at the end of this review—it simply slayed me and my reading experience Storyline It’s been a fun game Learning their secrets Seducing them Getting