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Ching – An unlikely hero A timeless adventure Book 1 of 6 in the bestselling Soulkeepers Series When fifteen year old Jacob Lau is pulled from the cruOf half truths and uestions Dr Silva's motives for helping him Don't miss these other books in The Soulkeepers Series Weaving Destiny Book 2 Return to Eden Book 3 Soul Catcher Book 4 Lost Eden Book 5 The Last Soulkeeper Book 6 Read the bestselling novel that readers call an utterly spellbinding elaborate and spectacularly written adventu Ever since he recovered from the car accident in which his mother went missing Jacob has been suffering from disturbing nightmares The doctors say it’s just his brain trying to recover from the trauma but something about them feels too realMiles from his home in Hawaii living with relatives that he never even knew existed the dreams still come to him night after night And now he’s having them about his neighbor across the street A woman who appears to float than walk and who doesn’t need shoes even in the dead of winterAlready an outcast at his new school all he wants is to find out what happened to his mom and go home But with no money and no leads there will be no uick escape for him from the small town of Paris Illinois And when he is pushed to the limits one too many times Jacob learns a secret about himself that makes him uestion who he really is and if his dreams are than just fantasyWith no one else to turn to Jacob is tempted to accept the offer of help from his mysterious neighbor Dr Silva But he has a feeling that she is keeping secrets from him and her help comes at a price One that even for finding his mother just might not be worth payingThe Soulkeepers is an utterly spellbinding elaborate and spectacularly written young adult novel by author GP Ching From its very first words – “Death lived up to Jacob’s expectations” – the story will pull readers in and take them on an adventure as Jacob discovers abilities he never knew he had and tries to uncover the truth about his mother’s whereaboutsThe story is eual parts paranormal mystery and epic adventure as Jacob learns about the importance of what he is and what his role is in the battle of good versus evil The Soulkeepers will twist and turn taking readers on a ride that will end way too soon in a place completely unexpectedAuthor GP Ching delivers a book that is uneuivocally uniue where both the story and characters are the stars Her writing is simply magical and will enchant readers with its easy flow and moments of humor – especially in the chapter titles The book talks of God and religion but in no way feels as if the reader is being preached to or as if being made to learn a lesson Each point has relevance and is key to the story’s developmentThe Soulkeepers is a must must must read It’s a story that will be enjoyed and devoured by readers who want to be completely swept away by an adventure who love a battle of good versus evil who need a puzzle to solve and who can find excitement outside of a love triangleOn the blog I give this book my off the menu 6 star ratingOn a personal noteHoly wow What a surprise I was not expecting to get as caught up in the story as I did When I finished reading this book I felt like I’d been on a huge adventure and it took me a long time to come back to reality I was so completely absorbedI am totally hooked on this book now which just better be turned into a series with a seuel coming out really really soon as I’ve only just begun to learn about Jacob’s abilities and desperately want to know about what is expected of him And there are other characters which I will not name that I really want to see have a happy ending even if it’s several books down the roadThe Soulkeepers does not read anything like a typical self published book If I hadn’t been told it was when I read it I might never have guessed It has that very polished finished feel that traditionally published books have where a content editor has gone through and eliminated the non essentialsEverything in this book felt necessary to the story which was detailed and elaborate and so well thought out And I was so transfixed by the story that there was one piece of the puzzle that I completely forgot about that really came back to surprise me at the endThis story is a definite standout and a breath of fresh air and there is no way I will be forgetting all the different elements Another thing I love is that it focuses so much on building the story itself rather than by creating drama by adding in heartbreak or a love triangleEven though Jacob is very well developed and definitely likable he is not nearly as much the focus as the story itself which is absolutely addictive And much to my surprise he is not my favorite character I actually have two but again I cannot say who or I will be totally spoiler yI am so glad the author approached me to read her book I will be buying this eBook for my nook so that I can read it again on whichever device I have with me at the timeNo uestion this book is not one to miss I just wish the second book if there is one planned will be out soon as I feel like after that long read everything’s just gotten started and I’m so ready for Favorite passage Jacob didn’t believe it He’d accepted that everything would end in black nothingness and for him it did What he didn’t expect was that the end was just the beginning

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An unlikely hero A timeless adventure Book 1 of 6 in the bestselling Soulkeepers Series When fifteen year old Jacob Lau is pulled from the crumpled remains of his mother's car no one can explain why he was driving or why the police can't find his mother's body Made a ward of his uncle and thousands of miles from home a beautiful and myst The Soulkeepers by GP Ching is one of those rare stories that seizes your attention from the start and never lets it go You uickly become wrapped up in this imaginative story and are transported into Jacob's world You experience all of his confusion and frustration first hand and you simply must know what happens nextThere is so much packed into this story; it is incredibly easy to get swept up into it I found myself gobbling up pages desperate to know about this new exciting and terrifying world that Jacob is thrust into The Soulkeepers has one of the most well developed plots I've seen in a long time; Ching does an incredible job crafting the different story elements so that they fit and flow together While there are definitely plot lines that are left open the story does a great job pushing forward Often times with series the first book is basically just glorified world building While the author does put a great deal of time and effort into this the story does actually move along at a decent paceIt is obvious that Ching also put a great deal of care into the creation of the characters Every single one of them is extremely dimensional they all have their strengths and weaknesses; their flaws and attributes Jacob has gone through a lot in his short life and it has left him jaded He has a hard time seeing the entire picture and finds it difficult to place his faith and trust in others This brings me to the character of Malini Malini is Jacob's one true friend in Paris and she helps him work through his issues What I love best about their relationship is that they both bring something to the table They balance each other out beautifully; she is often the voice of reason when he wants to act on impulseThe rest of the characters in the story are like Jacob dealing with their flaws The book really emphasizes the point that nobody is perfect; it's what you do after your mistakes that matters I thought this was an interesting theme and it made the characters a great deal lifelike and easier to connect withThe Soulkeepers by GPChing is an intelligent exciting and adventurous story that keeps you on your toesWe are treated to a new sort of young adult fantasy story that does not involve werewolves faeries or vampires Ching creates a new breed of heroes that readers are sure to love The characters although some possess fantastic ualities are all incredibly realistic This is a book that will surprise you; it roots itself in your mind and asks some very intriguing uestions about forgiveness trust and what it means to be a good person I would highly recommend The Soulkeepers it has everything a reader could ever want

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The Soulkeepers The Soulkeepers #1Erious neighbor Dr Abigail Silva offers to use her uniue abilities to help him find his mom In exchange she reuires Jacob to train as a Soulkeeper a gifted warrior charged with protecting human souls He agrees to her demands desperate for any clue to the mystery of his mother's disappearance But soon Jacob finds himself trapped in a web The Soulkeepers is guilty of stealing precious hours of sleep but it is so worth every minute spent and This story has an original premise beautiful scenery lovable characters jaw clenching action and a book load of mystery to keep the pages turning until the very end GP Ching’s writing is brilliant and some aspects of the The Soulkeepers are reminiscent of one of my favorite author’s work Anne Rice I enjoyed reading this book and recommend it to everyone