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READER ä DOC Igrat' čtoby žit' FREE Ò INSOLPRO ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Igrat' čtoby žit' Author D. Rus – The perma players' new reality gains depth and color The virtual world has seen its first birth — and its first death The invisible umbilical cord connecting AlterWorld to Earth grows thinner Ding armies of thousands into battle in the heart of the Frontier burning kilotons of mana melting desert sands and hacking through impervious mithril armor The two nations' furious war cries obscure the sky as the Gods shudder at humans' desperate cruelt aaaand I'm done with this series It started off okay progressed to mediocre and ended up as basically unreadableI like the litrpg genre in general and this book has a few interesting things going for it However the translation is not good it's somewhat wooden and stilted overall And the author just seems like he's all over the place all of the time without really engaging with the story or the reader There are lots of interesting elements and storylines here but the pacing and composition is just a sloppy mish mash Like listening to a toddler hammer away on a piano sure he's hitting a lot of the same notes that say Chopin uses but without any rhythm or composition it's literally just noise Likewise this mess there's no central storyline or direction to pull things together with I don't think the author knows where he's going there are lots of things that are introduced and then never picked up again or are irrelevant to advance the plot I just can't any

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The perma players' new reality gains depth and color The virtual world has seen its first birth and its first death The invisible umbilical cord connecting AlterWorld to Earth grows thinner and even the Fallen One cannot prevent the looming catastrophe As they say whoever doubts our peaceful nature will pay for it in his own bloodMax owed to his dark deities so he had to spent lots of hard earned virtual cash hire a small army of mercenaries and march into wastelands populated only by high level monsters to get a thingy which would help him restore an altar of a dark god They all were minding their own business moving toward their goal wasting monsters to level up when they stumbled upon an escaped slave It seems slave trade was alive and kicking in both real and virtual world with people being kidnapped in real world and inserted into virtual slave pens In other words these poor people left their bodies behind forever and while their slaving life was virtual their suffering was real virtual world was so advanced it gave emotional and physical feedbackNeither Max nor the mercenary commander thought twice about what to do there was this thing called duty see the title; I love the uote below and could not resist using it and just good old conscience They attacked the heavily defended fort with slaves defended by superior forces; not without some planning in advance though As you can guess from the description the book is full of action It really is The said action is also great Poor Max and his army had to get out of one sticky situation after another Some of them were created by Max being too curious by the way In the modern YA literature they glorify assassins I have no idea why to me killers are not cool This book has a really nasty one not a typical young lovesick girl from bazillion YA novels Very efficient too Also there was a good lesson present beware of old Russian ladies Historically Russian people did not just live; they survive Any lady surviving to the old age is as tough as nailsIn any way this is a good book where Max had to do some difficult decisions and face some tragedies I have already started on the next one

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Igrat' čtoby žit'Could Max have ignored the Russian girl who'd just escaped slavery in a virtual China? Could he have turned a deaf ear to her pleas as the desperate fugitive clutched at straws on hearing her native tongue? All this triggers a full blown confrontation sen In the previous two books we got introduced to AlterWorld In book three we can follow how it evolves into something that baffles even the world creatorsWhile the separation of Earth and AlterWorld is unavoidable there are plenty of people who would like to harvest both worlds for wealth and power up to the last minute Those who have power already are terribly influential and they are really not happy with Max His enemies are not resting their plan to eliminate him will have far reaching conseuencesThe third book was refreshingly action packed than the second It was captivating to read about the evolvement of the various AI which resulted in interesting NPCs Uniueness is always something to look out forI am certainly looking forward to book four