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Download ã The Giving Tree ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook è ❴PDF❵ ❤ The Giving Tree Author Shel Silverstein – Once there was a treeand she loved a little boySo begins a story of unforgettable perception beautifully written and illustrated by the gifted and versatile Shel SilversteinEvAdness aglow with consolation Shel Silverstein has created a moving parable for readers of all ages that offers an affecting interpretation of the gift of giving and a serene acceptance of another's capacity to love in retu. This book review is now available on my blog at

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Once there was a treeand she loved a little boySo begins a story of unforgettable perception beautifully written and illustrated by the The Giving Epubgifted and versatile Shel SilversteinEvery day the boy would come to the. I recently read this book to my little boy It's not the first time I've read it It's probably not even the tenth time But it's the first time I've read the book in a decade and given the fact that my memory is like a cheese grater I like to think I got a pretty fresh experience The result is this I honestly don't know how I feel about this book Even if you haven't read the story you probably know the gist of it A tree loves a young boy and gives away pieces of itself to the boy to make the boy happy On one hand this story can be taken as an open honest exhortation toward selfless Agape style love Love which asks nothing Love which gives everything On the other hand this story can be read as a horrifying condemnation of dysfunctional unreuited co dependance After reading the book I honestly don't know which it is On one hand taking this book at face value is probably a fool's game Silverstein was a twisted sarcastic bastard He wrote lyrics for Dr Hook Most notably Freaking at the Freaker's Ball And back in my misspent youth I discovered a poem of his in one of my Dad's Playboys It was called The Great Pot Smoke Off My point is dude was part of the counterculture He was full of mocking and meta And as such it seems odd that he would write something that seems like an obvious endorsement of Christ like selflessness and then that was itBut on the other hand when Silverstein was having fun with you he usually didn't pussyfoot around One of his earliest publications was Uncle Shelby's ABZ book Which looks like a kid's book but is clearly not Here's a piece from the page on Potty Training See the pottyThe potty is deepThe potty has water in the bottom Maybe someone will fall into the potty and drown Don't worry As long as you keep wetting your pants you will never drown in the pottyNot a lot of ambiguity here His tongue is pretty clearly in his cheek But when I read through The Giving Tree I don't see the author winking at me from behind the scenes The story seems to be straightforward But here's the thing even if the story is straightforward I don't know how I feel about it Is the boy selfish in the story Absolutely He's a little shit Yet he doesn't get one bit of comeuppance We kinda want him to but that's not what happens The boy doesn't seem to learn a lesson And neither does the tree That seems to imply there is no lesson to be learned here Let's be clear The tree is happy at the end of the book There's no ambiguity about that It's entirely possible that the tree has acted in its own best interest It's entirely possible that the tree if you'll forgive the expression is acting according to the LethaniEven after thinking it over for a couple days still I don't know how I feel about it That's a rarity for me For that reason I'm giving this five stars If you write a book that leaves me asking uestions If you write a book that people can have legitimate disagreements about If you write a book that people can still wrangle over after fifty years that's pretty clearly a five star book

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The Giving TreeTree to eat her apples swing from her branches or slide down her trunkand the tree was happy But as the boy grew older he began to want from the tree and the tree gave and gave and gaveThis is a tender story touched with s. Scrolling down it seems several reviewers resent this book's apparently heavy handed message about selfishnessselflessness I can totally understand why they find it upsetting or sappy Overbearing even But I don't agreeSome fascinating theories have been put forth about The Giving Tree It's deceptively simple on its surface yes But if this were truly just some hard and fast hippie dippy morality tale would its two main characters living natural tree growing human boy and their relationship have weathered such extensive interpretation over the yearsProfessor Timothy Jackson from Stanford University found on Wiki Is this a sad tale Well it is sad in the same way that life is sad We are all needy and if we are lucky and any good we grow old using others and getting used up Our finitude is not something to be regretted or despised however; it is what makes giving and receiving possible The you blame the boy the you have to fault human existence The you blame the tree the you have to fault the very idea of parenting Should the tree's giving be contingent on the boy's gratitude If it were if fathers and mothers waited on reciprocity before caring for their young then we would all be doomedAn admirable assessment from a theologian although as a wee grub my perception was different My own folks secular humanist scientists who taught me a recycle reduce reuse mantra at around age four introduced me to The Giving Tree around the same time we started reading The Lorax Another seminal doozy Perhaps due to their influence on my early development I came away from both books with a lot of very heavy persistent uestions concerning humanity's careless attitude towards ye olde Mother Earth Without uestion we're a species that generally takes and takes from the environment thanklessly and thoughtlessly Sadly this seems to be a trend that will continue until both we and the earth's resources are completely exhausted That is unless we can all somehow convince ourselves AND our kids to turn it aroundEver notice that throughout the course of the tale the little boy just wants things from the tree Only at the very end of his life does he actually need something from her a place to rest for a moment to be at peace Anyhoo Aspects of human behavior introduced to me in this book continue to flummox and obsess me in adulthood Rereading it now only reinforces my lifelong desire to give something back to our weary but still beautiful mother earth who seems to have no choice but to submit to our endless takingSilverstein fable is empathetic and open ended At its core it reflects humanity's short sighted often lifelong inability to distinguish want from need but it does not damn us for it