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The Great GatsbyNational drink and sex the national obsession it is an exuisitely crafted tale of America in the sThe Great The Great PDF Gatsby is one of the great classics of twentieth century literatureback cov. This is a good book though it is so ridiculously overrated There are so many great books out there that will never get the attention they deserve They will be forgotten and their wisdom heard by only a select few who are willing to go looking for it So it annoys me when books like this are acclaimed by critics and readers alike as the best pieces of fiction in existence when they are not There’s so much out thereAnyway rant over The thing I like most about The Great Gatsby is the language the subtlety’s and the suggestions the things that are not directly said but are said nevertheless It’s a true feat of writing and at times it reminded me of a stage piece The dialogue does not give the answers but it is the character’s actions and movements so fantastically narrated that give the game away it reveals their internal worlds As such this is a book that can easily be skimmed over The plot is basic and relatively unengaging and conseuently I think an inattentive reader has a lot to miss here It’s all about illusions and false appearances just like real life The way people perceive us is not how we truly are and sometimes individuals actively work towards creating a desired appearance for the outside world It’s easily done with enough time effort and money What Gatsby creates for the outside is a dream an ideal life that looks perfectHowever scratch the surface and it is so very very clear that not everything is perfect His supposed “happiness” is hollow and dictated by the whims of society It is fickle egotistical and driven by status and all the silly little symbols that go with it His success is what society demands success to be; thus he positions himself into a place where he can chase his true dream In doing so Gatsby shows us that not everything is as simple as it appears and that society driven by such monetary values is a dangerous thing because everybody is so detached from what really matters in life The object of his affections for example I enjoyed The Great Gatsby though I certainly did not love it Its popularity baffles me to a degree I can think of books from the same era that deserve far attention Still I enjoyed reading it and I’m glad I finally did soFacebook| Twitter| Insta| Academia

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characters The Great Gatsby ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Æ ➮ [Ebook] ➩ The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald ➺ – Alternate Cover Edition ISBN 0743273567 ISBN13 9780743273565The Great Gatsby F Scott Fitzgerald's third book stands as the supreme achievement of his career ThisAlternate Cover Edition ISBNISBN The Great Gatsby F Scott Fitzgerald's third book stands as the supreme achievement of his career This exemplary novel of the Jazz Age has been acclaimed by generatio. Oh Gatsby you old sport you poor semi delusionally hopeful dreamer with ' some heightened sensitivity to the promises of life' focusing your whole self and soul on that elusive money colored green light a dream that shatters just when you are this close to it Jay Gatsby who dreamed a dream with the passion and courage few possess and the tragedy was that it was a wrong dream colliding with reality that was even wrong and deadly Just like the Great Houdini the association the title of this book so easily invokes you specialized in illusions and escape Except even the power of most courageous dreamers can be uite helpless to allow us escape the world our past and ourselves giving rise to one of the most famous closing lines of a novel 'Gatsby believed in the green light the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us It eluded us then but that’s no matter — to morrow we will run faster stretch out our arms farther And one fine morning —— So we beat on boats against the current borne back ceaselessly into the past' Dear Gatsby not everything I liked back when I was fourteen has withstood the test of time¹ but you clearly did and as I get older closer to your and Nick Carraway's age your story gathers dimensions and tragedy fleshing out so much from what I thought of as a tragic love story when I was a child turning into a great American tragedy¹ I hang my head in shame at my ability to still belt out an enthusiastic albeit poorly rendered version of 'Baby One More Time' when it comes on the radio provided of course that my car windows are safely upI blame it on my residual teenage hormonesJay Gatsby you barged head on to achieve and conuer your American dream not stopping until your dreams became your reality until you reinvented yourself with the dizzying strength of your belief Your tragedy was that you euated your dream with money and money with happiness and love And honestly given the messed up world we live in you were not that far from getting everything you thought you wanted including the kind of love that hinges on the green dollar signs And you almost saw it you poor bastard but in the end you chose to let your delusion continue you poor soulPoor Gatsby Yours is the story of a young man who suddenly rose to wealth and fame running like a hamster on the wheel amassing wealth for the sake of love for the sake of winning the heart of a Southern belle the one whose 'voice is full of money' in a book written by a young man who suddenly rose to wealth and fame desperately running on the hamster wheel of 'high life' to win the heart of his own Southern belle Poor Gatsby and poor F Scott Fitzgerald the guy who so brilliantly described it all but who continued to live the life his character failed to see for what it was The Great Gatsby is a story about the lavish excesses meant to serve every little whim of the rich and wannabe rich in the splendid but unsatisfying in their shallow emptiness glitzy and gaudy post war years and the resulting suffocation under the uselessness and unexpected oppressiveness of elusive American dream in the time when money was plenty and the alluring seemingly dream life was just around the corner just within reachBut first and foremost it is a story of disillusionment with dreams that prove to be shallow and unworthy of the dreamer while at the same time firmly hanging on to the idea of the dream the ability to dream big and the stubborn tenacity of the dreamer 'an extraordinary gift for hope a romantic readiness such as I have never found in any other person and which it is not likely I shall ever find again'This is why Gatsby is still so relevant in the world we live in almost a hundred years after Fitzgerald wrote it in the Roaring Twenties the present day world that still worships money and views it as a substitute for the American dream the world that hinges on materialism the world that no longer frowns on the gaudiness and glitz of the nouveau riche In this world Jay Gatsby poor old sport with his huge tasteless mansion and lavish tasteless parties and in your face tasteless car and tasteless pink suit would be perhaps uietly sniggered at but would have fit in without the need for aristocratic breeding who cares if he has the money and the ability to throw parties worthy of reality show fame Because in the present world just the fact of having heaps of money makes you worthy and therefore the people whose 'voices are full of money' who are 'gleaming like silver safe and proud above the hot struggles of the poor' people who genuinely believe that money makes them worthy and invincible are all too common Tom and Daisy Buchanan would be proud of them And wannabe Gatsbys pour their capacity to dream into chasing the shallow dream of dollar signs nothing 'They were careless people Tom and Daisy — they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together and let other people clean up the mess they had made' This book somehow hit the right note back when I read it when I was fourteen and hit even truer note now deeply resonating with me a decade short of a hundred years since it was written If you read it for school years ago I ask you to pick it up and give its pages another look and it may amaze you Five green light stars in the fog at the end of a dock

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Ns of readers The story is of the fabulously wealthy Jay Gatsby and his new love for the beautiful Daisy Buchanan of lavish parties on Long Island at a time when The New York Times noted gin was the. DAISY BUCHANAN IS A GIFT TO READERS EVERYWHERE AND THE HERO OF THE GREAT GATSBY FOR SURE NO UESTIONS FIGHT ME IN THE COMMENTS IF YOU THINK YOU’RE BOLD A Thinkpiece by MehttpsemmareadstoomuchwordpresscoI’ve known that Daisy effin’ rocks since I first read this book Fun fact my first read of this took place in the back of the family minivan when I was 13 on a roadtrip to like Disney World or something While thoughts of princesses and mouse shaped ice cream bars danced in my siblings’ heads I was reading about moral corruption in the Jazz Age All because I saw online that if a college interviewer asks what your favorite book is you should say The Great Gatsby And for some goddamn reason I was like Yeah it’s definitely urgent that I an eighth grade student be prepared to have a college interview at any moment I only ever had to do one college interview anyway because only one was reuired and of COURSE I didn’t opt into the non mandatory ones because CANYOUIMAGINE Guess what The interviewer did ask me what my favorite book was Guess what I didn’t say The Great fckin’ Gatsby I panicked and I think said All the Light We Cannot See because it was the first non embarrassing book that came to mind My life is just one mistake after anotherAnyway I loved Daisy then I loved her two years later when my English class read it and it was VERY clear that I was “““supposed””” to not like her and like fawn over Gatsby’s childish ass instead Which no Picture this fifteen year old me who has Just Decided she’s going to be cool now a process which involved wearing 15 layers of mascara and no other makeup neither an exaggeration nor a good look in a room of twenty fifteen year olds including cool ones all VEHEMENTLY AGREEING ON SOMETHINGBut I still stood up for Daisy Because I have PRIORITIESMy senior year of high school my morals and soul and ability to empathize were challenged by six students and a teacher in AP Lit But I won the award for being the best English student in my graduating class so honestly I think that’s an indication that I also won that argument And now here I am today prepared to make the same argument to you allAnd win ObviouslyBut let’s get into this Here is why Daisy is not only innocent to the VILLAINOUS charges that have been placed upon her but also the best character in this book and an absolute angeljoygift from the heavens Does that mean F Scott Fitzgerald is GodAlso this has literally all of the spoilers And is long But THOROUGH AND WORTH IT MaybeOne What was she SUPPOSED to doSo put yaself in Daisy’s shoes yeah Let’s take it allllll the way back You’re a teenage girl who is the hottest sht in all of Louisville This is a big deal apparently You have SIX DATES A DAY The phone never stops ringing You have nothing but optionsKidding kidding You only have one option really and that’s marrying a rich guy Don’t we love historical gender expectations I know I doSo then one day this guy who’s fiiiiine as hell shows up And you guys start hanging out all the time and he’s so charming and hot and you guys get along like a house on fire You have a really great kiss The guy’s a captain in the army and he implies he’s supes well off financially It’s perfect It’s the best case scenario for youThis guy’s Jay Gatsby by the way In case I haven’t made that clearThen the guy has to go off to war It sucks sucks sucks You two write letters back and forth but all the while your family is pressuring you Society is pressuring you Your friends are making backhanded comments about how you’re still unmarriedThe war ends Sweet relief Jay’s coming homeExcept no He’s at Oxford for some reason And he tells you he can’t come home And your letters get sadder and sadder because you’re out of time The war ended and you have nothing to tell your parentsSo those six dates a day start back upAnd then this guy pops up in town He’s reallyyyy rich And buff And a real society man And he’s not from Louisville he’s a way out You can see the world with him Best of all he’s obsessed with youThis guy is Tom BuchananSo what do you do You can’t do anything You have to marry himAnd when you get a letter from Jay “Too Little Too Late” Gatsby you scream and cry and try to stop the wedding but there’s nothing you can do Ya hafta marry Tom “Seems Okay” BuchananTwo Now That’s What I Call “Whoops”The OTHER fun thing you get to do in this life as Daisy Buchanan is have children whether you want them or notFor awhile you don’t mind Tom In fact you really love him for a bit He does nice stuff like carry you so your shoes don’t touch the ground and the honeymoon’s great etc etc So even though you don’t have one mother effin’ ounce of an option in whether you want kids or not when ya get pregnant you think maybe it won’t be that badAnd then Tom turns out to suuuuuck You have to leave these places you love where everyone is full on obsessed with you and you have friends and family and as close to a life as you can get you have to leave because Tom is fcking everything with girl parts and a ditzy 1920s accentBUT NOW YOU HAVE A DAUGHTER AND YOU LOVE HER SO MUCH AND YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT WILL BE FOR HER BECAUSE SHE’S GOING TO HAVE THE SAME LIFE AS YOU And all you can hope is that she’ll be a beautiful fool like Tom’s girls so she’ll be silly enough to be satisfied with life’s inability to give her much of anythingAnd Daisy might be beautiful but she’s sure as sht no foolThree Ho ly shit waitdoes life not suck Is there such a thing as a second chanceSo you’ve got this new life in New York and you’ve got a BFF from Louisville Jordan Baker and yes Tom is cheating on you but if he maybe just didn’t answer the goddamn phone during dinner for once you could just forget about it for literally one freaking secondAnd then GUESS WHAT Your old pal Nick Carraway is back A friend how amazing HURRAY And kinda strange Nick wants you to get a weird one on one tea party on with him but it’s like whatever Tom’s cheating anyway and you’re not interested in Nick like that but he’s a fun guy and you can just reject himBut waitholdupWHOA what a wild coincidence The guy who was lowkey the love of your life Jay Gatsby is also here How well coincidental You can play catch up and see his bougie ass house and whatnot And cry over the fact that he’s such a horrific asshole that he would leave you totally in the dust without contacting you for years and then all of a sudden appears and is like “I am very rich as promised I live right across the water from you I can see your house let’s get together here are all my fancy shirts I will throw them at you So glad Nick is here for some reason let's keep on not letting him leave”Plus life with Tom as mentioned is not extremely greatSo it’s like yeah perfect okay Let's get some Gatsby onFour No No there is not a chance of life not sucking Life is terrible and so we beat on boats against the current borne back ceaselessly into a gUY WHO IS JUST AS BADGUESS WHAT WASN’T A COINCIDENCE ANY OF THAT All along even the people you trusted most Nick Jordan Gatsby have been manipulating you There have been secret plans and lies and tricks and all of these things just to get you to fck a guyAnd if you think about it Gatsby is not nice or romantic or kind or fair to lil ol Daisy At all His expectations are insane He got to leave her and build a life for himself and live as he wanted and travel and make up this story and be wealthy and throw parties while she lived with a cheating husband And after all that if she wants admission into the life that being with him might give her she has to say no she wasn’t ever happy there wasn’t a moment she loved TomRidiculousAnd when she plaintively says “I love you now Isn’t that enough I can’t help the past” she’s just begging Gatsby to accept her How absolutely tragic Tom cheats on her Gatsby expects so much she’s never been fully truly without exception lovedFive Gatsby literally sucks oh my godDAISY IS JUST A SYMBOL OF GATSBY’S ABILITY TO CONUER THE SOCIOECONOMIC CASTE SYSTEM OF THE 1920S Like if he can “get” Daisy literally an object that’s not even enough He has to have HAD DAISY FOREVER Because then he’s beaten Tom the symbol of old money He’s so gross literally Here are 2 uotes on Gatsby’s “““feelings””” for Daisy which illustrate how much he sucks “It excited him too that many men had already loved Daisy It increased her value in his eyes”Her VALUE Like she is an OBJECT Because OTHER MEN were not enough so he is THE BEST MAN Daisy must’ve fallen short of “the colossal vitality of his illusion It had gone beyond her beyond everything He had thrown himself into it with a creative passion adding to it all the time decking it out with every bright feather that drifted his way No amount of fire or freshness can challenge what a man can think up in his ghostly heart”So he made her into this manic pixie dream IDEA of a person and we’re supposed to be mad at her for not living up to it Nah Nope Not going to happen Gatsby sucksSix It’s called the responsible choice you raging dingbatsSo AFTER she’s already been pressured by Gatsby to act as though entire swaths of her life didn’t happen she finds out Gatsby has been lying to her all along keeping the truth from her in order to protect this psychotic fairytale concoction of a totally goddamn made up story Like A Total Freak What the fck would you do If you were going to leave your shtty gross husband for what seems like a better life but really has always been a lie and a totally full on creepy one at that And what if you had a daughter who it’s made OVERWHELMINGLY CLEAR you love and worry about and she loves you too so much You’d just leave her in the care of that shtty creepy cheating disgusting husband who couldn’t care less and would not be at all above using her as a chess piece You’d leave her when everything you thought you knew was completely made up When it’s just been your dearest loved ones manipulating you all alongNo the fck you wouldn’t Daisy’s choices were protecting her daughter and sexy times with a con man There’s no goddamn choiceShe’s great and smart and responsible It couldn’t have been easy for her to stay with Tom who SUCKS She says to his face that he’s “repulsive” But it was the grown up optionTALK ABOUT A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE She is such a ueenSeven Oh I’m sorry I forgot THE LAW THAT MARRIED COUPLES ARE EXACTLY THE SAME IN LEVELS OF BAD NESS you foolsTom sucks We know this He’s a racist cheating bastard and he’s gross and he hits Myrtle He does plenty a’ terrible thingBut guess who is not automatically responsible for his actions Daisy btch She totally roasts him up for his Rise of the Colored Empires pseudo science racism She simply does not treat people in the same way Tom does She’s not him I don’t get the grouping of them both together like it’s her fault She’s totally trappedEight Do we know that she knows that Gatsby died Do we really really reallyyyyy knowWhen Nick calls her house she’s gone Like do we honestlyyyyyy think that the dude who picked up the phone is actually going to tell her he called Would you be rearing to go if a person you trusted who TOTALLY ACTUALLY MANIPULATED YOU hit you up after ignoring you for weeks like YOU ARE THE VILLAINHonestly there’s no real sign that Daisy knew he died but literally what did she owe him anyway He manipulated her lied to her treated her like an object and nearly ruined her life Totally made a terrible existence into full on garbàge Whatever manNine The car thingShe was traumatized Gatsby orchestrated the whole cover up He took the wheel he drove away he hid the car She had no clue the whole thing would go horribly wrong He’s the one who made all the choices in the aftermath DuhGod this was so long I’m tired And apologetic Toward you for having read a very long thing that I wrote and toward myself because I had to write itThis should certainly be enough to prove that Daisy Buchanan is a victim to her circumstances and otherwise noble and great and trying her goddamn best in a world in which everyone treats her like the beautiful fool she is totally notPlus her voice is full of moneyNow go off in your new happy life of being utterly enad with Daisy Buchanan pre reviewDaisy Buchanan Is The Real Hero Of The Great Gatsby A Thinkpiecewill be dropping my pièce de résistance soonthis is my attempt at a fun way of saying review to come and that review will blow your mind and make you realize that daisy is the best part of this book