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The Last Polar Bear Facing the Truth of a Warming WorldEir Last Polar Bear MOBI #183 warming and melting Arctic world is uncertain yet their fate is also a wake up call compelling us to act now to stem global warming Through Steven Kazlowski's unparalleled imagery the most critical environmental issue of our time is brought to life The Last Polar Bear places the reality of climate change in our hands Last Polar Bear Facing the ePUB #187 We see the plight of the polar bear an indicator species already feeling the detrimental effects of our reliance on fossil fuels as its icy habitat meltsOver the course of the last six years wildlife photographer Steven Kazlowski has photographed the polar bear in its wild habitat from Hershel Isl. So far I've just looked at the pictures They are exceptional photographs of one of the most charismatic predators in the world I never did get around to reading the text before the book was due at the library; however I would consider re reserving the book to actually read the text It was worth it to me to just peruse the photographs

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The Last Polar Bear Facing the Truth of a Warming World Free read µ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ð [Read] ➮ The Last Polar Bear Facing the Truth of a Warming World Author Steven Kazlowski – 200 full color images of the polar bear in its Arctic habitat taken over aAnd in Canada to Point Hope in Alaska The Last Polar Bear pairs his intimate images with anecdotes about his Arctic adventures as well as authoritative essays about the polar bear in the context of climate change Alaska based writers Richard Nelson Charles Wohlforth Nick Jans and leading USGS polar bear biologist Steven C Amstrup draw on decades of experience in the Arctic to cover the biological cultural and anthropological aspects of climate change Dan Glick long time correspondent for Newsweek addresses the history of climate change while Frances Beinecke president of the Natural Resources Defense Council and Theodore Roosevelt IV offer perspectives on activism and politic. A stunning collection of photographs accompanied by essays on climate change in the acrtic the Inupia people and the experiences of the photographer

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Full color images Polar Bear ePUB #9734 of the polar bear in its Arctic habitat taken over a six year period All star roster of top nature essayists including Richard Nelson Steven C Amstrup Charles Wohlforth and Theodore Roosevelt IV among others The Last Polar Bear Project is a book exhibit media and educational outreach campaign funded The Last PDFEPUBthrough the generosity of individual donors and foundations Scientists agree that by the end of this century the polar bear will be the first mammal threatened with extinction due to climate change The Last Polar Bear is the first book to fully document that story The continued survival of these magnificent white bears in th. This book combines stunning photography with essays to explore global warming and the threat to the polar bear habitat in the Arctic Each essay focussed on something different a scientific viewpoint but dumbed down so most of the rest of us who aren't scientists could read and understand it the viewpoint of the native population the Inupia an essay on polar bears an essay on how oil drilling has and will continue to affect the environment and In all of the essays there was some discussion on the Inupia as well as on the polar bears and other wildlife that is affected by global warming and the change in the Arctic water temperature and lack of ice during the winters The final essay consists of some things that we can all do to help protect the Arctic environment and as a result will also protect the polar bears and their habitat The essays were also interspersed with journal entries from the photographer The photographs are amazing but it kills me to see the pictures of wildlife with oil refineries in the background Very sad and scary situation