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The Rogues ReformThe House of SecretsRogues PDF or charge's happiness When she meets Jerome she dares to dream of love again But after learning his true motives that love comes to a test Can she forgive his past and reform his heart…to make it hers forev. This was a different sort of book for me while I have read many historical romances and several modern books in the Love Inspired series this is the first one I have read in the Regency period with religious overtones It works The author did not use religion to disrupt the plot it felt very natural I will be on the lookout for other books in this series

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Stead he finds himself drawn to her lovely governess Adele Walcott—a woman who holds the key to all of his uncle's secretsAdele's fortune is gone along with her marriage prospects Now she is devoted to securing her The. Was my review helpful If so please click yes on ThanksThe Rogue's Reform book one in Regina Scott's The Everard Legacy was such an interesting enjoyable and at times humorous readAs I read The Rogue's Reform I found myself really liking the characters My favorites were Jerome Adele Vaughn and Adele's motherI didn't really expect there to be a little mysterysuspense in The Rogue's Reform but there was There was even attempted murder which in my opinion added a little who done it to the story making it even of a great readA few things are left unanswered at the end of The Rogue's Reform making me want to read the next book in Regina's series The Captain's Courtship which released this month Plus I've grown to really like the characters and want to see what happens next in their livesOverall I really enjoyed The Rogue's Reform and recommend it if you like historical reads with romance It's greatI received this book from the author for my honest review I was not reuired to give a positive review only my honest opinion which I've done All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own

characters The Rogues ReformThe House of Secrets

characters ☆ The Rogues ReformThe House of Secrets 107 ¶ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ The Rogues ReformThe House of Secrets Author Regina Scott – Jerome Everard expected to inherit his wayward uncle's estate Instead all has gone to a secret daughter Only by disproving his young cousin's claim can JJerome Everard expected to inherit his ReformThe House PDF #203 wayward uncle's estate Instead all has gone to a secret daughter Only by disproving his young cousin's claim can Jerome regain his rightful property But in. So I ended up liking this one a lot than I thought I would It was a fun regency with a mystery woven in I had accidently started the second book first but soon realized that this is one series you would want to read in order I think each book focuses on a different couple but there is an overlapping story and mystery throughout the series I liked our main characters Jerome and Adele I thought they had a nice relationship I think I liked that even though Adele had some hard times in her past she stayed true to herself I would have liked a little information about her past relationship but maybe that will come out in other books I guess I wanted a confrontation of some kind with the man who had wronged her I thought that she had a good relationship with Jerome although view spoiler in the real world I think falling in love and marrying within a week is WAY too soon But in the fiction world and the time period I found it believable hide spoiler