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The Truth Beyond the Sky The Epic of Aravinda #1 review ↠ 103 à ❮BOOKS❯ ✺ The Truth Beyond the Sky The Epic of Aravinda #1 ✰ Author Andrew M. Crusoe – Twelve years after his mother's disappearance Zahn makes his annual hike up to Zikhara Peak to sleep above the clouds oTwelve years after his Beyond the PDF #198 mother's disappearance Zahn makes his annual hike up to Zikhara Peak to sleep above the clouds only to be awoken by a monstrous roarHe watches as an extraordinary object thunders down from the sky and i. Epic sci fi adventure engaging and emotional Very moving and riveting story One of my top ten new reads I read ten a week

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Nd an ancient chthonic evil bent on consuming every star in the galaxy by tearing The Truth MOBI #10003 the fabric of spacetime itself Only the Tulari a stone that can heal these fissures offers any hope Unfortunately it's been missing for aeons. I obtained a copy of The Truth Beyond the Sky from its author This review contains light spoilersThe Truth Beyond the Sky by Andrew M Crusoe is a mythic science fiction epic heavily influenced by its author’s Hawaiian environment and elements of Vedic tradition It’s a multi layered story that not only draws from mythology itself but has a mythic uality to its telling without resorting to archaic proseThe Truth Beyond the Sky is on the surface the tale of Zahn a young man in search of his mother He is very much an outsider among his people while remaining very much a part of the land of his homeworld comfortable in isolation atop the mountain than at lunch with his peers His experience follows the Hero’s Journey template strongly and obtains a mythic resonance as a resultCrusoe manages to construct a wholly un Earthlike setting for his characters that he manages to showcase to the reader in such a way that they don’t feel lost His descriptions are at once both informative and evocative; he does a good job of showing rather than telling Importantly unlike many independent authors his manuscript is well edited and easy to read without any jars to knock you out of the narrativeAny flaws within The Truth Beyond the Sky are minor enough that after finishing none of them come readily to mind There is perhaps a small bit of needless repetition where we’re shown the same elements several times weakening their impact rather than strengthening it but this is minor and doesn’t mar the reading experienceOverall The Truth Beyond the Sky is a swift and compelling read It’s fun and I recommend it if you enjoy science fiction epics

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The Truth Beyond the Sky The Epic of Aravinda #1Mpacts onto the silvery beach below changing the course of his young life forever What he recovers is than a mere meteorite and Zahn is swept up into an adventure to the galactic core encountering a stunning pilot th density creatures of light a. Zahn sets out on a uest through time and space that he hopes will solve the mystery of his mother’s disappearanceThis is a great original scifi story with a well thought out universe During the course of the book the travelers find themselves visiting different worlds and encountering strange new beings There was never a moment where I suspected any race was copied from other scifi such as Romulans Klingons Everyone seemed to be original and fresh and I truly appreciated that in this storyI was immediately drawn in by the vivid descriptions at the beginning of the story The author has a knack for fully immersing a reader into the hero’s plight and I felt like I was hurtling through corridors of light alongside Zahn There is some techno jargon that I had to just accept and move past as I’m not a student of physics Just like with Star Trek I accept these moments and move on It does not get bogged down by this language and I felt it added nicely to the scifi effectZahn is your typical young guy who desperately wants to help He was a little easily convinced to travel alongside an unkown alien just as one might expect from a headstrong young man His father made sense in his worry and uestioning but he was unable to make his son see reason I felt both characters were very realistic in this sense My only complaint is that Zahn had to be attracted to the female Asha once she comes aboard ship Can’t a male and female work together without falling in love I get tired of the same old thing happening between major charactersOonak had to be my favorite character His first appearance was almost comical and brought a smile to my face Though he doesn’t uote logic his mannerisms and way of speaking reminded me of a Vulcan That’s probably why I liked him so much but he is an original and not a copy of Spock I also enjoyed that he drove his sentient ship through the power of his mindAll in all this is a great scifi adventure story It has new worlds to explore and it does not feel in any way that it copies from other major scifi franchises Star Trek Star Wars This story is new and exciting and I enjoyed the escape from my own world while reading itI was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review